About Us

Pawcited is a website for new and seasoned pet owners who want to learn how to care for their pets. It was created by pet lovers for pet lovers. We simplify the vast amount of info available about pets into bite-sized “pawfect” nuggets of wisdom that are easy to digest. We bring the information to you in a simple, easy-to-read format so you can easily apply it to your life with your furry friend.

Our readers are just like you: They are pet lovers who want the very best for their animals. Like you, they want their pets to live as long as possible and stay as healthy as possible. That’s where we come in. We are here to help them with this vital information. We believe your pet deserves the very best care and we want to give it to him/her! We Are Here To Help You At Pawcited, our goal is to provide as much useful, FREE info as possible on all aspects of caring for your pet.

Our Writers

Hannah Owen

I resides in the beautiful Texas, where I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my life with a diverse pack of pups over the years. From the mischievous rescue mutts to the dignified purebreds, each furry friend has taught me valuable lessons about loyalty, compassion, and the boundless joy that dogs bring into our lives.

My journey with dogs has led me to become a dedicated advocate for their well-being. Whether it’s exploring the latest in canine health, decoding the quirks of different breeds, or delving into the mysteries of dog behavior.

Rosalyn Adam

A passionate pet writer who prefers to remain anonymous (she doesn’t even have a website) had this to say about herself: “I am a ‘pet-aholic.’ I love animals and I love to write… sometimes it’s as simple as that.” When she isn’t writing or adopting shelter pets, Rosalyn enjoys traveling, reading, watching old movies and hanging out with her friends and family.