Ambullneo Mastiff vs Cane Corso: A Comparison Guide

Some of us are heavily into hardy dogs that come in a package like the Ambullneo Mastiff and the Cane Corso. With their qualities, either of them might fit your description of a “perfect house dog”. 

It’s good to have a pet at home. Aside from the sense of safety a dog can provide, the companionship that goes along with it is priceless. 

For families that are looking for a new addition and are initially eyeing both canines, here’s a comparison guide to help you decide which puppy to take home with you.

Breed Origins

Ambullneo Mastiff

The Ambullneo Mastiff is a relatively new breed that emerged in South Carolina in the 1980s. If there’s any breed that has an intricate lineage, that would be no other than the Ambullneo. Primarily, this dog was a cross between the English and the Neapolitan Mastiff. The offspring were then mated to a game-bred Pitbull.

Almost immediately, the sexually mature-resulting offspring were then bred with the Bullmastiff. The experimentation did not end there. The puppies are then bred to the puppies that were born out of crossing an American Bulldog and a Bullmastiff.

The outcome would then suggest that the final puppies are 57.5% Bulldog and 42.5% Mastiff. This cross is what we then call the Ambullneo Mastiff. 

Cane Corso

The Italian Mastiff known as the Cane Corso has a lineage that can be traced back to ancient times. He’s a proud descendant of the great Roman war dogs hence why he was there fighting battles in history too. The fall of the Roman empire led him to switch societal roles and he largely became a farmhand and property guardian.

The territorial trait is heavily embedded in his genes, yet this doesn’t prohibit him from being companionable. As it is with other dogs, the Cane Corso almost went extinct. However, Dr. Paolo Breber and his skillful breeding program paved the way for this breed’s massive reproduction.

Size, Appearance, & Coloring

Ambullneo Mastiff

Photo from: rhinomastiff (IG)

A marked Ambullneo Mastiff with cropped pointy ears.

As a natural guardian, the Ambullneo prominently possesses certain characteristics that can menace anyone. He’s got an impressive height of around 21-29 inches and a weight that reaches the scale of 110-150 pounds. 

At times, an Ambullneo can be seen with cropped ears for a more threatening look, but if the natural ones are kept, they are similar to the Golden Retriever. The neck is sturdy and the muscles are powerful and hefty. The streamlined body is smooth even up to the rear with its tail dropping as low as its hocks. The colors vary a lot from gold brindle to solid black.

Cane Corso

A cropped brindle Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a large dog that can reach over 120 pounds in weight. The ideal height is anywhere between 23.5-27.5 inches, but some other Corsos can go beyond that range. 

Sturdy, powerful, and muscular. These are what best describe the Italian Mastiff. Commonly found in his black coat, the breed also comes in other natural colors like black, fawn, gray, brindle, and red. Other owners found beauty in cropping his ears, but medically, this is not only necessary but painful to the pup.

Be sure you can handle such a large dog, considering how big his head is, and let’s not even mention how strong the jaw can be. 


Ambullneo Mastiff

As an intelligent dog, the Ambullneo Mastiff requires an assertive owner. However, as he’s a sensitive one, be aware of your tone of voice when dealing with him. Keep it low but firm to earn his respect.

Due to how powerful he looks, some would think he’s hard to handle. Not really. The Ambullneo loves to learn and explore new things. Anything that’s reasonably interesting will keep him engaged and entertained.

As he’s mainly tasked to guard a home, socialization is a must. This prevents him from instantly lunging at anyone, more so toward your guests, whom he deems unfamiliar. Once trained, bonding will come off as a natural response.

Cane Corso

The primary task of an owner is to ensure that the Cane Corso grows up well-trained and behaved. Invest in activities that would help mellow his aggressive and territorial nature. While he may not be suitable for smaller kids and pets, a family with older children would do well with him. 

Having him around comes with a form of security. While males love to navigate the yard, females prefer to be at home with kids or their puppies. 

Exercise Needs

Ambullneo Mastiff

For a more accurate exercise plan, you should bring your Ambullneo Mastiff to your local vet and have him assessed. This is because age, health, and activity level are what factors into his lifestyle.

Generally, though, this dog needs plenty of drills with an abundant and accessible source of water and shade. His area needs to be fenced to keep him from running off. Always balance his physical and mental stimulation as both are important aspects of his well-being.

Cane Corso

At least two hours of exercise is required daily. Be careful not to let him jump from higher places, especially if the Corso is still a puppy. Let him have meaningful experiences whether the sessions are done in a park or your yard. You can incorporate training with exercise to keep him mentally boosted too. 

The allotted time has to be divided into smaller sessions to keep him from over-exhaustion and overheating. Take small breaks in between too to keep him hydrated.

Grooming Requirements

Ambullneo Mastiff

If you’re after a low-maintenance breed, the Ambullneo might be the right choice. His coat is short and it sheds little making it enough for his entire body to be brushed once a week. For his baths, consider doing it every three months using mild dog shampoo to keep his skin from drying. Keep the nails trimmed too to avoid furniture and floor scratching.

Cane Corso

It’s not hard to maintain a Cane Corso too. He’s not as fancy as other breeds like the Poodle that require regular cuts. Simply use a bristle brush and run this all over him weekly and you’re done. Washing him takes place every 6-8 weeks, but if he frequents a muddy swamp, then bathe him immediately. 

Health Problems

Ambullneo Mastiff

As with all Mastiff breeds, the Ambullneo Mastiff is also prone to hip dysplasia. Maintaining his right weight even until old age will greatly benefit him, considering how heavy he’s expected to be. Highly strenuous activities are discouraged as this can cause severe harm to his joints, so keep things mild and moderate. 

Cane Corso

While the Cane Corso is a healthy breed, it’s still unavoidable for him to acquire certain issues. Be sure to have him checked by a vet regularly so early signs and symptoms can be diagnosed and treated. The common complications the breed may get are bloating, eye issues, allergies, and luxating patella.

Breed Popularity

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has sorted out the popularity ranking of the following breeds:

Ambullneo Mastiff: Indefinite (Not yet recognized by the AKC)

Cane Corso: 32nd