Are Bullmastiffs Good Apartment Dogs? 7 Tips to Consider

Absolutely! The Bullmastiff breed, despite its size, can do well in an apartment-style living. Although he exhibits an athletic appearance, this dog has low levels of energy making him perfect for your apartment.

If you have been searching for days for the right dog breed to bring to your place, the Bullmastiff might just be what you are looking for! However, do check with your landlord first if he approves of this, before anything else. 

Get To Know the Bullmastiff Breed

Photo from: todd_the_bull (IG)

There are countless reasons why the Bullmastiff is great for apartment dwellers, especially for those who have a liking for the said breed. Unlike the other Mastiff-type dogs, this one is not extremely massive. Aside from his proportions, there are various more things that’s good about the Bullmastiff and details you’d have to be aware of in owning one. 

Need for Exercise

The Bullmastiff won’t be complaining if he’s kept most of the time inside your apartment. But, as a responsible owner, exercise must still be encouraged for this low-energy breed. You can just take him out for a walk for an hour in the morning and let him play off-lead in a secure area in the afternoon for another hour. 

Mainly, this is for keeping his weight down and avoiding him from developing bad behaviors. Once this need is fulfilled, you’ll get to see a happy and loving pet who would ask for a cuddle, totally forgetting how huge he is!

Training Requirement

Although the Bullmastiff isn’t a loud breed, once he barks, your neighbors would instantly hear the noise. For most of them, it can be annoying, so train him to keep the tone down and not woof easily at the sight of a bird sitting on the porch. 

It’s also critical that he gets to socialize with other animals. Usually, this has to be done at an early age so gets accustomed to having other pets around him without showing aggression. If your apartment is big and has wider spaces, you can bring home another pet or dog to boost his socialization skills.

Level of Maintenance

Thanks to his low motivation to get active, maintaining the order and cleanliness inside your apartment is easy. The breed also boasts of its short but dense coat which sheds at a very low rate. He’d only need a bath every 6-8 weeks or when necessary and a brush every once in a while. 

Putting aside these lovely perks, there is one thing that might concern you- his drooling. This can be triggered mainly by food, so dealing with his slobber can be somehow manageable. You can place a bib on his neck to catch the drips and use a towel to wipe off the excess saliva hanging on his jowls. 

7 Tips for Apartment Dwellers Who Own a Bullmastiff

During these days, an apartment or condo-style of living has become more commonplace. They are cheaper than houses and are easier to clean and maintain. For those who are switching from a house to an apartment, your Bullmastiff would need a few things to aid him in adjusting to the new set-up.

  • Scout for areas where your Bullmastiff can play. Living in an apartment could mean limited outdoor time for your dog. He’d need a park or any turf locations near you where he can play or interact with others. If he’s not in for a game, encourage him to take on a stroll with you instead.
  • Keep your apartment clean. It can be frustrating if a smaller space gets worn out by various unpleasant smells and dirt caused by your Bullmastiff. Try as much as you can to ensure that your apartment is a desirable environment for both you and your dog. Clean him as often as needed depending on his lifestyle.
  • Keep him trained. Encourage your Bullmastiff to become a good neighbor for others. You can start by ensuring that he understands basic commands so if he lets out unnecessary noises, you can stop him immediately. Also, with proper training, getting to come across your neighbors in the hallway with your pet won’t be a concern for others. 
  • Desensitize your Bullmastiff from loud noises. While it’s great to own a place at a cheaper cost, an apartment-style living would also get you to experience the loud noises in the city such as trucks and sirens that would pass by at any time of the day. To keep your Bullmastiff from negatively reacting to such sounds, stay calm and positive so he’ll imitate your response and not find the hubbubs as threatening. 
  • Establish boundaries. Even though the apartment is much smaller than a house, your dog shouldn’t take it as an excuse to cross the line. He should still sleep on his bed or avoid getting into the top of the kitchen counter. By setting boundaries, good behavior is encouraged.
  • Get him used to being alone for some time. Bullmastiffs who have separation anxiety can cause havoc inside your place. Not only that, but he’d also most likely end up disturbing the peace inside the building. Prevent this by taking measures that would ease up the stress he’d feel such as installing interactive pet cameras in your apartment. Consult a canine behaviorist or your vet further on this. 
  • Keep your Bullmastiff cool. This Mastiff-type dog is prone to overheating. Make sure your apartment is air-conditioned to keep his body temperature normal, especially during the hot weather. If the sun is scorching outside, limit his exposure. Take him out early in the morning or late in the afternoon instead. 

Puppy-Proof Your Apartment 

Photo from: delgorgnegre (IG)

One of the utmost priorities of dog owners is to ensure that nothing would harm their pet, mainly when they have to leave for an errand. Puppy-proofing your place will eliminate the chances of an injury or accident happening. Here are a few simple tricks to keep your Bullmastiff safe:

  1. Provide one space for your Bullmastiff. Having him confined in an area that is easy to clean is ideal. You can make use of child gates or fences to close off specific locations you wouldn’t want him to end up in.
  1. Hide all harmful objects. Cables, batteries, or any objects he could swallow and choke on have to be kept in places out of his reach. It could be disastrous to go home in an apartment with an unconscious dog lying on the floor, so prevent this by doing this precautionary measure. 
  1. Keep the pantry closed. Never compromise on this one. There are certain foods your Bullmastiff should never eat such as chocolate, macadamia nuts, avocado, or grapes. If you are out and about, lock this area to eliminate the chances of him ending up in the pantry.
  1. Leave him with toys he’d enjoy. It is not advised to leave your Bullmastiff bored and alone. However, if you’ll be out for only a quick period, leave out some toys that could preoccupy him. Otherwise, boredom could strike and he’ll resort to comforting himself by chewing out your furniture, shoes, and couch pillows.