Are Whippets Affectionate? (8 Ways Whippets Show Their Love)

The short answer is yes. Whippets desire a strong and genuine bond with anyone, so he will most likely try to get close with kids, other dogs, and even strangers! He loves to be included in family activities where there is an opportunity to cuddle, play, and hear the sounds of laughter and joy. If there is anything he despises, that would be being secluded.

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You can simply just tell by the way a Whippet looks that this dog is far from dangerous. Although, of course, any canine’s build can harm anyone, but when it comes to this dog breed, the chance of getting snapped on is extremely low. 

Both recurring and first-time owners know that understanding the nature of a dog is necessary before bringing him home especially if the potential dog owner has small pets and minors in the family. Just like any other dog breeds, the Whippet’s temperament is mainly determined by several factors. Keep reading this article to find out more about his affectionate nature!

Personality & Traits

The Whippet dog is a descendant of the Greyhound breed. With that, he enjoys loads of inherited positive qualities such as high intelligence, athleticism, as well as affection. The Whippet breed is deemed as a great choice for families for these reasons. They enjoy being around kids the most, especially the females as they can have the same level of playfulness and fun and they can adjust easily to different lifestyles.

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Some adult Whippets may be sensitive and would not prefer staying in a noisy environment while others may exhibit outgoing personalities. Whichever kind of character they show, all Whippets are sociable and would want to be with you all the time. They may not have the fluffiest kind due to their short coat, but they sure do love to be petted and loved.

On another note, even though this breed is non-aggressive, the moment he spots a smaller animal, his high prey drive will automatically make him chase after it. It is almost in any canine’s genetic makeup to hunt, so if you have other pets such as rabbits and cats, you have to let your Whippet puppy grow and develop a friendship with them. 

In that way, he won’t see them as prey, but rather their companion. This may take time, but the results will be astounding. Seeing him play with your cat would be a pleasant sight!

8 Things a Whippet Does to Show His Affection

Connecting with humans on deep levels is almost natural for the Whippet breed and these can be shown in many ways mainly through his body language. In fact, the American Whippet Club has written a publication to confirm this connotation. This is why Whippet owners guarantee that having a pet of this kind is the best decision you’ll ever make. 

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The English Whippets continue to maintain a very good reputation as family dogs hence why their popularity in the US soars higher each year. If you are already considering getting a Whippet puppy, you might want to know how he would show his affection to you, so here are four things he’ll do to show you some love:

  1. He Leans on You

When your dog leans on you, it is a great indicator that he trusts you. This often happens when you give him a good scratch on his back. Expect two sets of big soulful eyes looking back at you as you do this. Whether you’re sitting on the couch or you are standing near the kitchen counter, once your Whippet dog spots you, he’ll slowly walk towards you and place his paw against your leg to get some attention. 

  1. He Gets Excited When He Sees You

The intensity of his excitement varies on how long he hasn’t seen you in a day. If you have an eight-hour workday and he sees your car approaching, he will instantly get excited to meet you. He’ll check and bark through the window and eventually run towards the door to personally greet you. 

Once you’ve opened the door, this dog becomes high-spirited and would jump in an attempt to get close to your face to lick you as a way of greeting. This also indicates that he has missed you!

  1. Wagging Tail

You can read the mood of the dog just by how his tail moves. The tail can tell you if the dog is upset, anxious, threatened, excited, or happy. If you have developed a genuine relationship with your Whippet, every time he sees you or whenever you spend time with each other, you might notice that his tail wags in circular motions. This means that your dog is delighted to be around you. The rotation speed of his tail varies on the level of his excitement.

  1. He Grins at You

Of course, dogs don’t smile the way humans do! Nevertheless, they have a unique way of showing that he’s happy seeing his owner. Due to his intelligence, he knows exactly how to express his emotions in a variety of ways. So how does a Whippet smile? Generally, he will have a broad and exposed mouth while his tongue usually sticks out. His breathing rate is slow and calm. You may notice that his gaze will be deeper and more meaningful as you look back at him. 

If your Whippet does this, it simply means that he is attached to you and he appreciates you for being his loving owner.

  1. They Follow You Wherever You Go

Whippets like to be surrounded by companions. They also tend to have unwavering loyalty to their owners, so anticipate the moments that they will want to be around you as much as they can. Some owners have shared hilarious stories about their Whippets following them anywhere in the house even to the bathroom! That just shows that you are on top of the list in their busy schedules.

  1. He Shares His Toys With You

It does not necessarily mean that he wants to play with you. Rather, he wants to give to you one of his sentimental possessions as if he’s asking you to value it as much as you value him.

  1. They Lick You

This is what often occurs between mother dogs and their puppies. It is one way of ensuring that everyone is clean and feeling secure. If your Whippet shows this behavior, he delivers the message that he cares for you and sees you as the pack leader. It is a sign that he wants to get your attention or, in some cases, communicates that he is under stress and needs some comfort.

  1. He Feels When You Need Support

We all experience having bad days, but these times can be made better with the presence of your Whippets. It is amazing how they can sense the sadness in the room even if you try hard not to show that you’re upset. Even if you sit on the couch with a long face, your Whippet might just silently walk and jump on the couch and lay his head on your lap. 

Are All Whippet Dogs Affectionate?

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By nature, yes. Whippets are expected to have a calm and affectionate demeanor with an even disposition which makes them a dog suitable for most if not all families. However, it is important to take note that the way your Whippet pup becomes is greatly affected by how you nurture him. This includes how he is being treated, what kind of environment he lives in, and what kind of people surround him. 


If your dog is raised well, it is a guarantee that he will behave well in the future. Dog owners know that being gentle with the dog prevents the pooch from developing bad issues such as anxiety and insecurity later on. Playing dominance and using punishments as means to correct his misbehavior are highly discouraged. Whippets respond better through positive reinforcements. 


Although the Whippet dog breed is labeled as a couch potato, he actually enjoys sprinting outside. Giving him the access to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities will surely give a great impact on his personality. It is not a good idea, after all, to confine him in an area where his movements are limited. So, if you want to see your Whippet enjoying the day, let him play outside in an enclosed area. He will appreciate this as much as you’d love receiving his affection in return.


Whippets love tranquility. If they are surrounded by kids, ensure that they treat these pooches nicely. Even though the Whippet breed loves receiving affection, he can’t stand rough play that might lead him to snap or accidentally hurt those he should protect. Whippets, just like any other dogs, can also sense if their owners are arguing. In some cases, owners have shared that their Whippet will do something to distract them to try to alleviate any tension at home.

How to Show Love to Your Whippet

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If you are a Whippet owner, you can think of countless ways to show your pooch that you love him. These can either be extraordinary like throwing him parties or doing the basics which are to hug and cuddle him. In other words, you can do whatever you think your dog might appreciate! Here are some ideas you can follow:

  1. Rub his ears. By doing this, you are stimulating the dog’s body to produce endorphins which lessen pain and stress and replace them with a sense of pleasure.
  1. Give him a soft look and talk softly to him. Dogs love hearing their owners’ soothing voices. Also, affectionate Whippets who will make eye contact with you will feel more special if they see the same look on your face.
  1. Have fun moments together! A walk in the park, a quick game of fetch, or whatever fun activities you can do with your dog, your Whippets will surely have the fun of their lives.
  2. Snuggle with them. Not all dogs like to be hugged, but being cuddled is a different thing. Since Whippets have a pack mentality, they will not complain if their owners share their warmth with them in a comfortable position.
  1. Give him the touch of love. Touching your dog releases oxytocin for both parties. Give him some extra petting during a grooming session or a gentle massage as you watch your favorite show on television! 

How Much Time Should I Spend With My Whippet?

Whippets would need at least 2 hours of daily interaction with their owners which can be divided into several chunks of time over the day. Unlike other dogs, Whippets don’t like being left alone for too long as this may give him separation anxiety.

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As a dog lover, try to maximize all the interactions you make with your Whippet. As your companion, all he could ever ask for is to love and be loved in return!