Beagle vs Golden Retriever: A Side by Side Comparison

Two breeds that are often considered as a pet in most households are the Beagle and the Golden Retriever. Their pleasant disposition and excellence in being wonderful pets appeal to many dog lovers who are seeking a lifetime companion. Both dogs are smart and sweet by nature, but it is going to be your needs, lifestyle, and preference which will ultimately determine the right dog for you.

Each canine is unique in its way. To guide you in choosing the right family addition here is a compiled list of their differences and see which dog transcends the other. 

Breed Origins


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The start of the development of the modern Beagle often points us to England. However, the place where it came from is quite vague due to the lack of records. Some of the Beagle enthusiasts speculate that he started to appear in Greece in the 5th century BC since dogs of the same size and perhaps structure used to exist. The Talbot Hounds assumed to be the Beagle’s ancestors, later on, came to England through William the Conqueror.

Importing these dogs sculptured the road for the actuality of the Beagle breed which became famous very quickly both in the Royal family and for the commoners. Eventually, Americans brought back home several dogs of this kind and improved their quality and appearance. 

Golden Retriever

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Dudley Majoribanks, the first Lord Tweedmouth, developed the Golden Retriever breed in Scotland. His enthusiasm to actualize a great retriever dog with a superb nose required a great number of significant events before he finally achieved his goal. The parents of this amazing canine are the Nous which is a rather dark dog and a Tweed Water Spaniel. 

Only the yellow puppies were kept in the litter to continue his breeding program. Unsurprisingly, Tweedmouth’s breed garnered the appreciation of many dog lovers which, in the end, became recognized by prestigious kennel clubs all over the world. 

Size, Appearance, Coloring


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The American Kennel Club recognizes two kinds of Beagles: the 13-inch Beagle that does not exceed 13 inches in height at withers; and the 15-inch Beagle that can stand up from 13 to 15 inches of the same measurement. The weight varies greatly on the dog’s height which may be anywhere between 20 pounds below and 30 pounds.

This scenthound has a wear-and-tear look capable of endlessly chasing after his prey. His ears are wide and floppy which will bounce merrily as he springs out in the yard. Sometimes, people mistake him as a Foxhound, but if you look at his size, the Beagle is like a mini-version of it. His eyes are mesmerizing and influential while his tail is straightly erect with a white tip. He comes in various colors such as the tri-color of black, white, and tan, considered to be the most popular of all. 

Golden Retriever

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The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized dog known for its symmetrical appearance, sturdy physique, and dense, lustrous coat. His legs commensurate his body length which makes him a very attractive dog based on looks. His height varies on his gender and may range from 21 to 24 inches, ideally weighing anywhere between 55 to 75 pounds. 

This sporting dog displays a strong sense of eagerness, confidence, and alertness and can flaunt many coat colors such as:

  • Light golden
  • Cream
  • Golden
  • Dark golden



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Beagles are compact dogs that like to display their merry and sometimes, naughty attitude. Try to throw a ball either at a spacious area or outside a fenced yard and this little canine will sprint unexpectedly faster than you can imagine. His curiosity level peaks most times of the day as well and would crave for his daily adventures either just at home or wherever you go in the park.

On top of that, he is very affectionate and clingy toward his owners. Generally, he is friendly when it comes to visitors and even strangers, but just like many other dogs, trust takes some time. 

Golden Retriever

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Goldies have an even temperament paired with a sweet, loving nature. He will do well with young kids and other house pets as he is hard-wired to work and please his owners. Let him play with your kids and you’ll surely notice him being gentle with them. Despite his canine claws and fangs, he will never use them around delicate ones as long as those around him are nice when dealing with him. 

Although this gentle breed is not often associated with aggression, this can still be exhibited if he has been abused or neglected. 



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Beagle owners need to outwit their dogs for temporary obedience. One very effective method is through luring them with treats and rewards. Even though this incredibly works wonders, remember that this dog is smart too! Don’t permit him into thinking that his obedience will always mean receiving some snacks. Praises and pets can be incorporated to moderate this.

To make your Beagle a well-rounded dog, socialize him while he’s still a puppy. Getting exposed to different faces will create a more tolerant attitude and letting him become familiar with common smells in the environment will make his sense of smell sharper. 

Golden Retriever

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Golden Retrievers are used to working with their owners for retrieving games. With that plus his eager to please attitude, this intelligent dog can easily learn tricks imparted during a training session. If you are a first-time dog owner, you will barely have a hard time with this yellow canine. Despite being naturally trainable, Golden Retrievers, puppies or adults, still need to be raised well and stimulatingly trained to make the most of their heritage. Avoid using punishments to correct bad behaviors, but rather praise and rewards. 

Activity Level


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Whether you live in the countryside or the city, your energetic little Beagle would still require at least an hour of exercise each day. You can divide the time into activities like a short walk in the morning and a more vigorous drill late in the afternoon. Since this Beagle breed likes to be accompanied, you can bring him to doggy daycare or parks so he can mingle and play with other pooches. 

Golden Retriever

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Bred to be a working dog, it is no longer new knowledge that the Golden Retriever has a big amount of energy reserve in him. Typically, a 40 to 60-minute release of energy is necessary to avoid unwanted behaviors such as hyper jumping or chewing on furniture. Not only does he need physical work to maintain a healthy body, but a Goldie would also need mental exercises. This is when training comes into play. 

Living Condition 

Either you live in a house or an apartment, Beagles and Golden Retrievers won’t usually have a hard time adjusting to a certain lifestyle. Provided you are capable of taking them for a short glimpse of the outer world where they can briefly stretch out their bodies and meet new friends, they will do just fine. Just make sure that your Beagle puppy or Golden pooch is trained well not to bark excessively to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

As for the weather, both can survive moderately hot or cold seasons. Anything extreme can cause problems such as hypothermia if either one of them is more used to hotter conditions.



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Do Beagles need grooming? Yes, they do, but not as often as other dogs would need. Just by regularly checking on his ears, teeth, and trimming his claws, you are already saving up a few bucks instead of paying a vet if infections occur. Take note that the Beagle moderately sheds the entire year, so keeping a good quality brush will keep your house from accumulating large amounts of dog hair. Stroking his fur and spreading his oils throughout his coat can be done once or twice a week. As for the baths, wash him every 3 weeks to avoid his dog odor. 

Golden Retriever

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Apparently, the Goldie’s coat is not high-maintenance. That, however, still requires constant care such as brushing especially during the times when he heavily sheds. Bathing is frequent for him which can take place every week. Other grooming necessities every dog should have are needed by your Golden pooch as well. This includes trimming of the heels, feet, and ears, and a twice per week brushing of the teeth!

Health Issues


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Getting a healthy Beagle can guarantee you more than a decade of great companionship as long as he gets a consistently high-quality life. Unfortunately for this dog breed, certain health issues may still strike him especially if they are left unchecked. The most common cause of Beagle deaths is cancer. Others could be trauma such as getting hit by a car or health conditions that may develop over time. 

Obesity, cherry eye, epilepsy, and allergy are usually associated with Beagles.

Golden Retriever

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Having a Golden Retriever might mean periodic visits to your nearest veterinarian’s office. Although he can be a healthy breed, Goldens remain prone to hypothyroidism, hip and elbow dysplasia, heart disease, and various eye problems. The good news, however, is that most of the health problems can be treated through medications and if the conditions have been detected earlier. 

Litter Size

When it comes to litter size, there is an obvious difference between the two breeds. A pregnant Beagle can only give birth to an average number of 6 Beagle puppies. One thing to be aware of is if a dam has a small litter, chances are that it will have the same size for the next litter.

Meanwhile, a female Golden Retriever can have anywhere from 4 to 12 pups. The size of the litter mainly depends on how big the dog is and how much she is capable of carrying.

Life Expectancy

Both Beagles and Golden Retrievers considerably have long life spans. Beagles can live anywhere between 10 to 15 years while the Golden Retriever can reach up to 13 years of age.

Breed Popularity

The friendly and curious Beagle captured the hearts of many dog lovers worldwide! This led the distinguished AKC to recognize him as the 6th popular dog breed out of 197 registered types. As for the Golden Retriever, perhaps it is no longer a surprise that he garners 3rd place in the ranking. His mellow attitude and compatibility with children sure are ideal for many families out there!

Fun Facts


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  1. The ears of a Beagle help him have a sharper sense of smell.
  2. Snoopy from Peanuts is a Beagle!
  3. Beagles are the “Goldilocks” of dogs due to their low aggression.
  4. Beagles are escape artists.
  5. They often see other pets as ‘friends’.

Golden Retriever

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  1. He consistently tops the chart of the most popular dog breeds in the US!
  2. He is a natural athlete.
  3. Goldens love to play in the water!
  4. He is an excellent therapy dog.
  5. He is the 4th smartest breed!

Which Is Better: The Golden Retriever or Beagle?

Spending a bit of your time with a Golden Retriever or a Beagle before taking one to your home will help you decide which between them is better. However, if you come to think of it, both dogs are great not just for hunting but as well as being a lifelong companion, so neither is a bad choice! 

What are your preferences and what are you looking for in a dog? Surely, only you can answer that right after knowing their unique qualities and differences!