Can I Bathe My Dog at Night? Tips and Top Questions Answered

This is by far, one of the most commonly asked questions of new dog owners. Since their pets’ cleanliness is a priority, it is just reasonable to know whether it is alright to give their four-legged buddies a wash at an odd time.

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Active pets who spend most of the day playing outside in the dirt or muddy areas should be right away cleaned before they jump off to their doggy beds. To answer the question, yes, it is alright to bathe your pets at night as long as you properly do it. Make sure you don’t leave him with a wet coat, because even we, humans, don’t like to sleep with wet hair!

Find out more on how to get things started when it comes to bathing your pet. Of course, the first thing you should always do is ask your vet regarding your pooch’s needs before you start running the water in the tub.

When Is the Perfect Time to Bathe My Dog?

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Generally, the most ideal time to indulge your pet in a good wash is early in the morning. Dogs who have thicker fur will benefit more from this schedule since this would mean having a longer time to dry off before the evening stroll. 

However, regardless of the coat quality and denseness, a dog who needs to be bathed needs to be bathed instantly even if it’s during nighttime. Evaluate the kind of lifestyle you give your dog and you can act out based on your discretion regarding when it should have its coat cleaned. It is not ideal to leave your dog dirty because his coat can become the breeding ground for bacteria and infections. 

Nevertheless, pooches who like to stay clean can be washed every 6 to 8 weeks. 

Can I Bathe Him Every Night?

It is alright to bathe your dog every night as long as it causes no adverse effects to your pooch. However, what commonly happens is that frequent washes dry off the skin and coat and the constant stripping of the natural oil pushes the body to produce more of it. Eventually, this leads to a greasy look for your dog. 

Even if your pooch loves to play in the water often, it does not automatically and necessarily mean that he would need it every night. If your four-legged pet is a healthy one and is free from any skin conditions, vets suggest that your canine won’t ever need a wash.

In fact, aside from skin issues, the only legit reason why your pooch might need a wash is if he is dirty. Other than that, owners just aim to keep their houses clean, free from any dog odor, or remove dust and dirt from their pets’ coats. This can be a concern, especially during cuddle time. 

So, if you have been giving your dog a bath every night, it could mean that you’re overwashing him. Keep it to a minimum frequency and you’ll find out that it’s more beneficial to your dog’s health rather than place him in the bathtub every night. 

Top 4 Spots Where You Can Clean Your Dog at Night

Washing your buddy at night can be done in different spots depending on which one you have at home. Of course, the size of your pet will matter and those who have smaller dogs have a bit of an advantage.

Small pooches like the Chihuahua, Toy Poodle or Pugs can just be plopped on the sink or in a small laundry tub.  Just place a sink stopper and let the water flow and fill the sink at the desired level. 

Dog tubs are an option too! Some of them are portable and can be used wherever. Some pet and grooming stores rent out dog tubs which are good news for owners who want to try out how convenient it is to own one. 

Your bathtub is another great spot for bathing your pooch. Large canines such as the Mastiff will be washed thoroughly in this larger area. Avoid leaving your dog to wash himself to avoid accidents from happening, especially that the materials in the bathroom are slippery and the dog’s paws are not built for smooth surfaces.

Outdoor wash in the yard is also a good choice. With a garden hose ready to wet your dog, washing will be over in just a short period. This is more ideal for doggies who are truly dirty. Make this an occasional experience as well. Night washing outside is not a very pleasant experience for some canines due to the temperature and for some others, a hose shot at them can scare them off. 

7 Bath Mistakes Dog Owners Do

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Before you lead your dog to a good night wash, be wary first of what the common mistakes other dog owners do when giving a bath to their dogs, so you can avoid doing them to your companion. Insufficient knowledge can lead to serious concerns which may eventually totally affect the dog’s health.

Here are the top 7 mistakes you should know about:

  • Wrong water temperature. Too cold or hot baths can create a bad impression on your pooch which will make him resist future washes. Instead, go for a lukewarm temperature so his body’s heat remains normal. If his bath time takes place in the evening, the cold atmosphere plus a cold bath can be extremely uncomfortable, more so if it’s wintertime. 
  • Using a harsh spray. Your dog can be sensitive to sounds. A spray that hits him directly can scare him off, so instead of letting the water touch his fur, you can start by letting it hit the back of your hand while caressing his coat. You can eventually take off your hand once he’s calm.
  • The wrong type of shampoo. Dogs have a different pH balance compared to ours, so they would need a canine shampoo. Never try to use any kind no matter if it’s labeled as an “all-natural” shampoo. Talk to your vet so he can evaluate the condition of your pooch’s coat and recommend a much more suitable product for his skin and coat.
  • Poor product application. Simply putting the product all over his coat and leaving it there for a couple of minutes won’t make him clean. Massage the product on his skin and fur thoroughly for better results.
  • Poor brushing technique. Brush your pooch before and every after bath only if you brush him thrice a week regularly. 
  • Leaving his coat damp. After a bath, your next priority is to keep your doggy as dry as possible. This is even more important if the bath takes place during nighttime. Use clean and dry towels and gently squeeze to get off the remaining water on his hair. 
  • Bathing your dog too often. Dogs are groomers, so you don’t have to wash them more than once a month. Consult your vet for the best schedule for your pet’s bath while taking into consideration your dog’s physical health and more. 

Tips on How to Give Him the Perfect Wash at Night

Whether your puppy is used to having himself bathed at night or something came up and you have no choice but to move his bath time at night, it is just vital that you make each session a positive experience. How can it be done? Well, there are various tips and steps on how to properly clean him:

  • Brush your dog first before he takes a bath.
  • Use lukewarm water only.
  • Converse with your dog using your soothing and calm voice. 
  • Only use dog shampoo.
  • Rinse him well after product application.
  • Blow-dry your dog. Only use those that are designed for canines. 
  • Don’t forget to reward your dog for behaving the entire time!

What if My Dog Hates Water?

It’s no surprise that some pooches dislike being in the water, but you can do something to make him enjoy it. While treats are a good way to associate bath time with a rewarding experience, pets and affection will do as well. If the dog tries hard to escape the shower scene, lots of encouragement will be needed. 

The most effective way to get a dog happy with the sight of water is by letting him have bathing sessions while he is still a puppy at a consistent period whether it be at nighttime or daytime. The earlier he gets accustomed to it, the easier it will be for you to convince him to get a good wash.