Can You Wash a Dog With Baby Shampoo

There are instances in our lives that we became a person that won’t leave anything to chance. We always need to have a backup and a plan B whenever something goes wrong with the current one. It is an essential hack to survive and you can always apply it when you are taking care of your dogs. Your pooch will have its grooming needs and oftentimes it would be hard to buy their supplies. Luckily, there are human products that can be used as an alternative whenever you run out of dog supplies.

If you run out of dog shampoo, you can use the baby shampoo that you have around your house as a replacement because they have a mild composition of ingredients. These ingredients found on baby shampoo are safe and not harmful because it was designed not to harm any babies. 

However, you still need to research the baby shampoo that is safe to use for your dog. There are instances that your pooch might have sensitive skin or an allergy that can be triggered by using any shampoo. It’s important that you know the condition of your dog first before applying any baby shampoo on them.

Ingredients Found on Baby Shampoo That Is Safe To Use

You must read and understand the list of ingredients of the shampoo bottle first. You don’t use a product without knowing its benefits for your dog. 


The ingredient can be found on the baby shampoo because glycerin provides moisture to the baby’s delicate skin. It is soothing and will prevent dry skin.


It is an essential ingredient for shampoo because it is a film-forming agent that will maintain the thickness of the substance when used. It’s important that this ingredient does not make your dog itchy or causes irritation when applied. 


This ingredient is a cleaning agent for any baby shampoo. All sulfates were found in any cleaning product but the ones found on baby shampoo are all mild and low in irritation.


The ingredient Hexyl Laurate helps to smoothen and moisturize the baby’s skin. Same with the ingredient Isopropyl Palmitate.


It is one of the ingredients for babies that will help the product from getting any bacterias or mold growth.

There are thousands of ingredients found in any baby shampoo. You just have to be more meticulous in researching the products so that your dog will be safe and also avoid emergency visits to the vet. 

What’s the Difference Between Normal and Baby Shampoo?

The difference between both shampoos is the ingredients that determine the product reactions to users. Baby shampoos are created with mild ingredients while adult shampoos are created with harsher substances because adult skin or scalp can take it. In terms of using the product on your dogs, it is more recommended that you use baby shampoo than regular human shampoo. Some dogs have sensitive skin and you must use a shampoo that will not cause skin irritation. Mostly, baby shampoos are created with natural ingredients. That’s why it’s safer for dogs.

Can I Use Any Baby Shampoo for My Dogs?

Again, you still need to check the ingredients. However, there are trusted brands like Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo that are safe to use on your furry friends. Also, try avoiding shampoos that are scented or with fragrance cause they will most likely contain a substance that is irritating for your dog. Choose scented free, clear, and natural baby shampoos because any added color or scent can cause dryness or itchiness on canine skin.

Should I Use Baby Shampoo Now Rather Than Dog Shampoo?

It may be tempting to keep on using the baby shampoo because it is less expensive but dog shampoo was created specifically for dogs. Thus, it would still be better if you use shampoo for dogs when you have the capacity and chances to buy it. Baby shampoos are your safest alternative but they shouldn’t be the only product that you’ll be going to use. Invest in a good dog shampoo that won’t give allergies and irritation but will only clean your dog’s coat and body while bathing.

Dog Shampoo Ingredients You Should Avoid

Watch out for the following ingredients because they will cause skin irritation to your dog. It’s better that whenever you are in the pet shop you look for the following ingredients. If you find them on the dog shampoo, then don’t consider buying that one. 


This ingredient is somewhat safe but you just have to be careful because when mixed with other chemicals like citric acid it can be harmful. The mixture may create a benzine chemical that causes leukemia and health disorders in the blood. It’s better that you avoided this so that no health issues may occur. 


It would cause skin irritation and can be found in a lot of products. It is a detergent, surfactant, and emulsifier in a powder form that whenever you exhale it would poison the organs in your body. You have to be careful in using products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate because it is toxic in the eyes as well as in the environment.


The cleaning agent would cause allergies when it is in the mixture of dioxane. Because it is a chemical that can be acquired in coconut oils. Many products use the term “natural and vegan” when they are using products.


Another surfactant, cleaning agent that would cause skin irritation. It may also worsen the effect when mixed with dioxane and ethylene oxide.


Cocamidopropyl Betaine is another chemical that can cause allergic reactions in dogs as well as skin itchiness. It is also a surfactant and it was used so that a product can produce a thick and foamy shampoo for dogs.

Does Baby Shampoo Kill Fleas?

Baby shampoo was not just a good alternative to shampoo for dogs but this product can also kill parasites like fleas on your dog’s coat. You won’t be needing to buy another product for fleas because the contact in baby shampoo can suffocate the fleas. Make sure that you leave the baby shampoo for 10 minutes into the dog’s coat so that you can ensure that the ticks and fleas are weakened then you can rinse off the dog ensuring that the parasites are all washed out in the drain. Pet owners can surely benefit from this product especially if the baby shampoo is available in the house because of the existing babies.

Gentle baby shampoo is safer to use than any homemade dog shampoo recipes that involve dishwashing liquid like Dawn. Johnson & Johnson is one of the baby brand shampoos that can provide moisture and healthy skin to your pooch. In choosing a safe alternative shampoo for your dog, always select the one that has no fragrance and has mild ingredients. Also, take note that after bathing, always dry and brush their coat so that it remains shiny and healthy.