How Much Is a Cane Corso? 6 Factors That Dictate the Price

A puppy of this breed is usually around $900 to $3,000. The average price is about $1,400. Depending on the quality of the dog, the price can either go up or down, so make sure you know what you are looking for in a dog. 

Cane Corsos are wonderful Mastiff canines that are highly suitable for families. They are protective, fearsome, and yet, they can show affection to people that matter to them. By having at least one Cane Corso, you can somehow eliminate a huge portion of your worries regarding your home’s safety. To be more guided about the pricing of this dog, this article will provide you with all the information you need!

The Different Prices of a Cane Corso Puppy

Cane Corso puppies are sold differently. This is because, in certain aspects, one can be more preferred than the other. With that, it is already expected that there will be a variation of prices set for each pup that is being sold in the market. Let us take a look at the estimated cost according to the quality of each Cane Corso:

Pet Quality Cane Corso

This refers to Cane Corsos who do not pass the breed standards. Pet quality dogs are often not allowed to mate. There is nothing wrong with having a pet quality Cane Corso, though. It is just that aiming to achieve the set breed standards is always a priority. If an owner does not follow what’s written in the agreement which states that he has to spay or neuter the dog, this action can be considered a breach of contract, and the breeder will have the right to reclaim the said Cane Corso.

Typically, the asking price starts at $900 and may even go up to $1,200.

Show Quality Cane Corso

Fully registered Cane Corsos are the best fit for owners who want to have their pets in dog shows. They are not just suitable as family pets but they can also be bred, so this is a plus for people who plan to start a breeding business! Since this offers a lot more perks, the show-quality Cane Corso comes at a more expensive price.

You would usually need to spend $1,200 to $2,400 for this quality pup.

Rescued Cane Corso

For a more rewarding experience, adopt a Cane Corso! Those from the rescue homes are just as good as the ones you would usually buy from a reputable breeder. With thousands of dogs that end up in adoption homes, you can certainly find the Cane Corso that matches well with you and your lifestyle. Moreover, you will only have to splurge $250 to $500 for an adult Corso dog. 

6 Factors That Dictate the Price of a Cane Corso

Photo from: jasoncorey411 (IG)

You might be wondering why the price for every Cane Corso puppy changes from time to time. Well, this is due to some factors that largely impact the price of puppies. Every prospective owner should be aware of what these are as well as what they want from a dog so they can spend their money in the best way there is.

Breeder’s Reputation

You can expect novice breeders to charge people at a lower price for each Cane Corso puppy compared to those who are highly experienced in the breeding industry already. You can usually find reputable ones registered in the American Kennel Club (AKC) and being part of such a prestigious organization means you have higher welfare practices. 

The more expensive and of high standard the breeding is, the breeder is given the right to charge more to compensate duly his efforts to put out there, healthy Cane Corso pups. 


As you would notice, puppies are more expensive than adults. By the time they are 8 to 12 weeks, they will be commonly sought after by potential dog owners. The moment these young Cane Corso pups exceed the 8 to 12 weeks window and they still aren’t sold, breeders will adjust their prices. If the dog is already a year old, then anticipate its cheaper cost.

Coat Color

The traditional or accepted colors of the Cane Corso include black, gray, fawn, red, plus brindle. On some occasions, you may see a blue one which is very rare. Due to it being unconventional and not accepted by the breed standard, Cane Corso breeders will set a cheaper price for it. 


If the breeder can prove that the Cane Corso puppy belongs to a line of a Corso that won shows, the price will definitely increase. This is a huge green flag since show breeds have the best temperament, so going for a puppy who has a superior lineage can almost guarantee you that he’ll grow up with the best character.


If you are going to visit every dog breeding facility and pose as a buyer, you would observe that breeders will advertise more, their male Cane Corsos than female ones. Although there isn’t much difference between the two except for their prominent distinction in size, breeders simply prefer not having their female dogs bought so they will have more puppies to sell in the future.

Location & Demand

If you plan to buy your Cane Corso puppy in a certain state with a high cost of living, then prepare to spend a few hundred dollars more. Breeders need to maintain their breeding facilities and that means covering their renting costs, electricity, and more. The demand would also be another factor. If there are loads of people who want a Cane Corso and yet the supply is low, the figure for a pup will soar. 

How Much Would It Cost to Own a Cane Corso in His Lifetime?

In the first year of having your Cane Corso, you are most likely going to spend $4,500 and this will lower down to just $1,900 in the succeeding years. With those figures in mind, you would expend at least $25,400 throughout his average lifespan of 12 years!

Below would be the areas where you might need to spend on for the sake of your Cane Corso pet:

  • Grooming
  • Training
  • Insurance
  • Food
  • Vet Bills
  • Miscellaneous Items

Is It Worth Buying a Cane Corso?

Of course, it is! Cane Corsos are one of the best breeds you can have. He has a unique appearance that anyone can instantly fall for. His eyes are deep and attractive and his other features would put you in awe, especially the size! Aside from being an affectionate, loyal, and laid-back dog, you can also guarantee that he will be the best buddy your kids will ever have. He may be intimidating to strangers, but his image is a plus point in keeping bad people away from your loved ones.

He may be a bit more pricey than other dogs out there, but a Cane Corso might just be your best buy. By having one from a trusted source, every single dollar you spend just to take home a puppy will be worth it!