Cane Corso in Hot Weather: How Hot is Too Hot?

The big, tough canine of Italy, the Cane Corso, can only tolerate a certain degree of temperature. With his size and short coat, being under the sun for too long can cause either temporary or irreversible damages, so it is advised never to leave him out during the summer. Mild to moderate temperature is ideal, so that would mean not seeing him struggle from a 32-degree celsius room or area. 

Still, each dog reacts to heat differently and we will tackle more about it regarding the Cane Corso through this article. After all, caring for a pet doesn’t just involve feeding and bringing him to the vet. Providing the right environment is also crucial in raising such a magnificent Mastiff breed.

Is a Cane Corso Prone to Overheat?

Yes, he is. Large dog breeds, the Cane Corso included, cannot regulate their normal body temperature as excellently as smaller dogs would. In fact, it is suggested that owners stick to moderate levels of exercise should they want their Cane Corsos to sweat off. Aside from subjecting this impressive dog to activities, another major factor that can cause him to have a rise in body temperature is the weather.

Do keep in mind that due to the short fur of the Mastiff, he will strive well in hot, humid conditions. After all, the cycle of hair growth includes the adaptation to various seasons or climates. In the spring, a lighter fur develops, and that lessens the chance of a Cane Corso getting toasted. However, having direct contact with the harsh rays of the sun is intolerable. 

How Does a Cane Corso Cool Himself?

You’ll catch your pet panting furiously to cope with the heat. Unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat through the skin. Instead, they have merocrine glands which are located in their paw pads and that’s where they perspire to keep the body temperature at a normal degree.

Additionally, panting can be a sign that your Cane Corso is having a hard time breathing. It could also mean that he is severely dehydrated, thus immediate attention would be required. Be wary of the changing temperature and don’t forget to place a bowl of fresh water that can be easily accessed by him or let him find shelter from the harsh sunlight inside your home. A shade will keep him from experiencing heatstroke!

Can a Cane Corso Be Kept Outside?

It highly depends on which part of the world you live in. Some countries or states in America such as Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Hawaii experience scorching temperatures, therefore, keeping your Cane Corso outside won’t seem like a good idea. However, if the outside atmosphere is bearable and is not super hot at all, placing him outside won’t be a problem. 

Of course, you’d need several things before you can ultimately let the Cane Corso live outdoors. First, he must have a shelter so he can take refuge in it if it rains or if it gets too hot. Second, having many trees around will help keep the surroundings cool, so a yard filled with those is ideal. The Mastiff must also be regularly fed and provided a bowl of clean water. 

How Does a Cane Corso React to Hot and Humid Weather?

During the first few minutes, no change in behavior will be observed. However, upon further observation, getting exposed longer to higher temperatures can lead to him having a heatstroke. This condition is considered serious and would require professional help. There are potentially loads of unseen problems that may develop such as kidney failure, intestinal bleeding, abnormal blood clotting, or swelling of the brain if no care has been provided.

Generally, the symptoms a Cane Corso may exhibit during a heatstroke episode are the following:

  • Excessive panting
  • Excessive salivation
  • Nose bleeds
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Foaming in the mouth
  • Head tremors
  • Seizures
  • Collapse
  • Hot skin
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

6 Ways to Keep Him Cool During the Summer

As true dog lovers, we want what’s best for our pets. Providing them with a comfortable lifestyle and place is one of them. After all, it is dreadful to send our puppies to the vet to get treated for a condition that would have been entirely avoided if only precautionary measures were applied. So, what should you do to ensure he does not suffer from the heat? Here are 6 ways to keep him cool during the summer:

Tone Down His Activities

As we all know, Cane Corsos are always up for games and fun activities as long as they do it with their owners. They show bursts of energy when they are in the mood to play or exercise and what’s a better place to do all these than outdoors? However, if you notice that the weather outside is extreme, make sure that you make some changes to the to-do list of the day. 

Avoid letting him play vigorously. Instead, a simple and quick walk around the neighborhood might suffice his thirst for adventure. Anyhow, another option would be to let him out early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

Provide Free Access to Clean Water

During the summer, the first thing we need to do is to keep ourselves hydrated. The same thing applies to the Cane Corso breed, so it’s just reasonable that you give him enough water. Simply bear in mind that the water must be changed several times a day and that it should be clean for the sake of your dog’s well-being. 

Provide a Space for Him Indoors

Another best way to help a Cane Corso combat the hot weather is by keeping him indoors. This will guarantee that he’s safe from experiencing the dreaded heatstroke. Of course, being indoors does not have to be boring for the energetic Cane Corso. Plan certain indoor games your loving pet would enjoy such as finding the treats or purchasing an interactive Furrvorite toy to keep the dog preoccupied. 

Let Him Enjoy the Pool

Yep, you read it right. Cane Corsos also love playing in the water! You can have fun water activities or teach him how to swim. Of course, supervision is necessary and the dog must already know how to get out of the pool by himself. There should be a ramp to help him out on this. 

Ideally, the pool must be placed under the shade of a tree to effectively promote a cooling sensation in the midst of hot weather.

Purchase a Cooling Vest

Keep the heat from disrupting your dog’s normal body temperature by getting the SGODA Cooling Vest! Some boast of a feature wherein you can place an ice pack inside. As it melts, the dog will feel cooler than ever. This would also mean longer playtime!

Keep Him at a Healthy Weight

The Cane Corso may have severe breathing problems during hot weather if he’s overweight. So, helping him shred the extra pounds does help a lot. Always check your dog’s weight and give him a healthy diet. Avoid overindulging him with treats or you’ll end up seeing a chunky dog that sprints inside your home after a minute outside under the sun.