Cane Corso vs Jaguar: Who’s the Underdog?

Although we acknowledge how strong a Cane Corso is, hands down, the jaguar still has the advantage in a 1 on 1 fight. The world’s third-largest cat has agile hind legs and powerful forelegs to wrestle the prey down on the ground. Simply put, cats are just better built for a fight.

This may not be convincing to some, especially those who own a Cane Corso. With varying opinions from Mastiff lovers, it’s best to truly put to test the capabilities of this dog and the jaguar. 

Would a Cane Corso Fear a Jaguar?

Not really. The Mastiff of Italy has long been bred to be brave. For centuries, the canine has been reputed to be one of the most powerful protectors and guardians, but bravery is not another word for competence.

A trained dog of this breed is quick to ward off predators if he functions as a guardian of the livestock. His utmost priority is to keep everyone safe and he takes this duty seriously and diligently. 

Moreover, he was, in a way, exposed to facing a few vicious beasts of the wild like the lion, so his heightened courage shown these days just makes sense. Still, his valor doesn’t equate to being capable of defeating a jaguar. Nonetheless, the dog will not easily back down when faced with a threat.

Size Comparison

Mastiffs are known for their size and the Cane Corso being one gives off an incredible impression. However, knowing that a jaguar is a large wild cat, it’s just necessary to know about their differences. 

Cane Corso

An adult female Cane Corso and her contrasting brown eyes.

The American Kennel Club states that a Cane Corso is measured at around 23.5-27.5 inches in height at withers. They have not set out an exact range of weight, but a Cane Corso reaches the breed standards if his mass is proportionate to his height.

Usually, a Corso can be over 100 pounds with males being typically larger than their female counterparts. 


A fully grown jaguar scouting his area.

The proportions of a jaguar vary widely, but it remains a fact that this beast is enormous. Some of them have a recorded height of around 27-31 inches and a weight that can be anywhere between 80-250 pounds. 

Once they have reached their full size, their environment and need to exert effort keep them in shape. The unpredictable wildlife also keeps them at an alert mode to sprint or pound whenever there’s a chance.

Hunting Skills

To be deemed a successful hunter, a predator mindset needs to be instilled first. To know which between the Cane Corso and Jaguar is better at it, let’s assess their hunting skills.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso has a predatory instinct. This can be encouraged or mellowed down depending on what he’s honed for. Historically, people found his size and skills useful for hunting. 

In a team, this dog needs firm direction to channel his prey drive. His sense of smell can track down a rabbit’s hole quickly or the scent of a fleeing lion.

His massive size and power can do serious harm to anyone and due to how extremely dangerous he can be, only experienced owners can properly tame him for a good hunt.


Described to be cunning and patient, the jaguar has a technique of his own when it comes to going after its prey. He’s an excellent stalker in the animal kingdom. Instead of running after a deer, he would sneak close to it and create an ambush.

He’s also capable of climbing, although not his favorite activity. In a rare moment, he can end up with an unwary baboon meal up in the tree. 

Strength and Ability to Fight

It’s no question that both animals are tough and rugged for any brawl, but one of them stands out more.

Cane Corso

As a dignified and smart dog, he can calculate each situation well. The Corso isn’t quick to react without assessing thoroughly the event he’s in. However, once he finds it necessary to show a harsh response, a fight may be inevitable.

A well-trained dog like he is can win any duel fair and square unless he is matched with something more skillful than him. Of course, he isn’t the most vigorous animal out there, but it can be ignored that he has the right force and strength to defeat a good few predators. 


With his raw power, a jaguar is a threat to almost anyone, your Cane Corso included. He has a unique way of killing his opponent and let’s not even mention his brute force.

To keep it direct, this wild cat is so strong that his brawn is enough to drag a horse in any direction that he wants. Even if he’s taking a dip in the river, the jaguar can also kill hazardous prey like the caiman.

Bite Force

Perhaps, teeth are the most important asset of these animals. Aside from chewing on food, dogs and wild cats can use these as offensive weapons. 

Cane Corso

A Cane Corso’s bite can reach a maximum of 700 PSI which is higher than the lion’s average bite force. Its level can go high or low depending on how menaced he is by his opponent. When he bites, it isn’t just the flesh that gets torn apart but as well as the tough muscles and bones.


Jaguars have a claim to fame. Their jaws are remarkably strong and are probably the strongest in comparison to all big cats in the wild. The grip and the snap can go around 1,500 PSI which is about double that of the Cane Corso. 

Their jaws, teeth, and fangs are what they always use to strike down an enemy. Jaguars will usually suffocate the animal on the neck or bite right through the top of the head, piercing both the skull and the brain. 

Aggression Levels

Each animal shows different aggression levels. While some can be taught not to show it when it’s unnecessary, others, especially the jaguar, can’t. 

Cane Corso

A Cane Corso can be hostile, but that occurs when his family’s security is being jeopardized by someone. This also happens when owners fail to train him into knowing which behaviors are acceptable or not.

Nonetheless, a trained Corso knows how to live with people and animals around him. If there’s no need to react negatively, he wouldn’t show an attitude that can cause displeasure to his loved ones. 


Surprisingly, the jaguar is not an aggressive animal. He wouldn’t attack people out of the blue unless he’s provoked, surprised, or if he sees one of the cubs being taken away. This doesn’t mean you can make friends with him though. 

Can a Cane Corso and Jaguar Be Friends?

A Cane Corso and a jaguar can become friends, but the chances of that are low. It’s probably because a rare case has defied the usual assumption that dogs and wild cats can never be friends. A Jack Russell and a Jaguar have become an unlikely pair. They would eat, sleep, and nap together.