Cane Corso vs Lion: Who Would Win the Fight?

The Cane Corso and the lion are both ferocious and fearless in their own right. If they encounter each other and they end up fighting, both of them have their chances to win it. Factors like strength, experience, size, fighting skills, and more will ultimately make a lion or a Cane Corso victorious.

A growing Cane Corso displaying his intimidating physical appearance.

However, although we acknowledge how strong the Italian Mastiff is, he cannot kill a lion in most cases. This wild king of the forest is one of the efficient hunters there is and he remains an unmatched animal when it comes to winning fights based on strength and intelligence. 

Would a Cane Corso Fear a Lion?

Cases are relative. For the most part, Cane Corsos that are tasked to protect livestock are well-trained to drive off predators, the lion included. The presence of another animal that is as large as a full-grown Mastiff indicates risk and that can somehow cause fear within the dog’s mind.

One of the reactions the Cane Corso may show toward something it may fear is preemptive aggression. He’ll bark towards the subject in an attempt to stall it away. Often this behavior will make us think that a Cane Corso does this to exhibit his courage, but it’s the other way around at times.

Meanwhile, it’s possible too for this dog to be valiant whatever foe he stumbles across his path. It depends on how high his confidence is.

Size Comparison

No doubt, both animals are capable of assault and size would largely determine the outcome of their brawl. Let’s compare their proportions.

Cane Corso

A typical Cane Corso measures around 23.5-27.5 inches in height and 88-110 pounds in weight. They were bred to exhibit a strong, stocky build with well-formed muscles all around its body. The head is broad and heavy and the muzzle is deep and strapping.

Gender-wise, males are larger than females.


You’ll appreciate how large lions are when you see them in person. Their appearance screams incredible proportions as they can reach 55.2-68.4 inches in height and weight that is at least 270-570 pounds. Males are also more sizable than their counterparts as nature would often dictate. 

As we know, the greater the mass, the stronger its force is going to be.

Two adult male lions in a field.

Hunting Skills

Both Cane Corsos and lions are exceptional hunters, but which one is better at it?

Cane Corso

With this breed’s history in hunting wild boars and other large animals, underestimating his capabilities would be unreasonable. The American Kennel Club (AKC) classifies this as a working dog due to its certain talents that are very useful even up to today.

If trained, the Cane Corso can go after incredible and dangerous creatures. The more Cane Corsos there are in the pack, the higher the chance of them defeating a lone lion if it’s the subject of their pursuit.


Lions are natural hunters. Females, however, do 90% of the hunting, but males can hunt too. It’s part of their routine to survive the wild conditions of the savanna. Since they are born to hunt, they stand a much better chance when it comes to fighting a Cane Corso, no matter how trained it is at hunting, if they’re that desperate to fill their stomachs.

Strength and Ability to Fight

It’s undeniable that they’re exceptional when it comes to strength and fighting skills, but one has the edge over the other. Let’s determine who that is.

Cane Corso

Effortlessly, this dog can pounce on anyone. Even pinning an adult human is easy for him provided he has reached his full size and weight. They won’t be fit to hunt after large animals if they don’t have the necessary amount of strength needed in the first place. 

When it comes to fights, they’re not the last on the list. Male ones are high on aggression levels. They’re extremely sensitive to anyone who trespasses their boundaries. Due to their intolerance to unfamiliar people or animals, fighting would most likely be their ultimate resolve to prove their dominance.


There’s no accurate number to measure how impressively strong a lion is. He can take down wildebeests, giraffes, and even elephants. He’s, by far, the only one who can deal with such a massive behemoth mentioned last on the list. 

When it comes to feeding their cubs or providing resources for the pride, lions work together to make a kill. 

Bite Force

The bite force is a measurement that would help us indicate how severe an animal’s bite is. Both the Cane Corso and the lion have breathtaking results.

Cane Corso

Used as battle dogs in the past, it’s not surprising if they have at least 700 PSI when it comes to their bite force. As a rough estimate, at least 218 pounds of pressure is enough to cause a tibial fracture to a healthy adult. Imagine if it goes up to 700!


Depending on the size and age of the lion, the least number he can produce is 650 PSI which is much lower than the Cane Corso’s. Despite that, if we take into consideration his other features and skills, his disadvantage when it comes to bite force wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Aggression Levels

Aggression and dominance are evident in both subjects, but which one is more likely to show belligerence?

Cane Corso

As a guard dog, becoming territorial is normal. He likes people and other animals away from his master’s property and getting that respect builds part of his pride and ego. When his boundaries are challenged, hostility may show. Even others, especially of the same sex can put him instantly in a bad mood if he’s not socialized properly.


Lions are wild for a reason. They can never be docile nor be away from their true nature. Lions are only forbearing toward their family, and in rare cases, other animals or babies if the lion happens to be high on maternal instinct. 

With the rest of the animals or even humans, lions would only show violence.

What Are the Chances of a Cane Corso Meeting a Lion?

If you and your Cane Corso live in a city, the chances are low. Meanwhile, if you frequent mountains, grasslands, savannas, or jungles for leisure activities with your dog, lion encounters are highly probable. It’s also possible for a lion to end up in a community if the place is nearby lion territories.

Realistically, the lion would win most fights with a Cane Corso, no matter how healthy and capable the dog is. The canine’s only chance to secure victory is when the lion is old, young, sickly, or outnumbered.

Can a Cane Corso and a Lion Become Friends?

Maybe. Friendship is a human concept and we don’t know much about the animals’ perception of it. They may exhibit behaviors we deem amiable, but such may not be the case. They can be acquaintances though, and form genuine relationships with each other, but to label it as a friendship is mostly a baseless assumption.