Do Dog Farts Make Noise? 4 Reasons and More To Know

Dog farts can sneak out without a sound, surprise you with their noise, or even come immediately after your dog’s sneezing. Simply put, dogs are not too different from humans when it comes to farting. Flatulence, its proper medical term, is common to mammals, no matter what species.

While it’s totally normal for dogs to fart, things can come out of hand. If your pooch constantly passes gas, then something might be wrong. Know when it’s time to visit your local vet or find out what causes your dog to fart too often. All that and more if you dive deeper into this article.

Why Do Dog Farts Stink?

The stench that comes from your dog’s farting is due to the bacteria that break down the food to turn them into nutrients for the body. During this process, a smelly by-product is also released, which is called hydrogen sulfide. This gas is trapped, and the only way to let it out is through farting.

As they say, when it’s silent, then it’s deadly. Farts that don’t make noise can pass by your nose without any warning, and the best thing you can do is to either move away or pinch your nose tightly. 

The reason why silent farts smell worse than the loud ones is due to the fact that they travel slowly in the air. Meanwhile, loud dog farts disperse at a greater speed making the stench disappear quickly.

4 Reasons Why Dogs Fart a Lot

Though it’s natural for dogs to fart, getting to witness it too often can be a cause for concern. To know why this is so, here are the 4 reasons that can make your pooch pass gas too often than expected:

1. Poor Food Quality

Providing dog food that is high in filler content can cause digestive issues to your dog. Count all those harmful artificial preservatives in as well. In fact, a binding agent called the carrageenan can make things even worse and make your pooch suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease.

2. Sudden Change in Diet

Timing is everything too. You may still notice that your buddy is still acting like a fart machine despite switching to high-quality foods. The cause is no longer the diet but rather how you introduced the new food.

To avoid the gassy factor, slowly transition your dog’s old food to the new one. You can follow this formula below:

  • 1st week: 3/4 old food + 1/4  new food.
  • 2nd week: 1/2  old food + 1/2  new food.
  • 3rd week: 1/4 old food + 3/4 new food.
  • 4th week: Purely new food.

3. Eating Too Quickly

Dogs, especially Pocket Beagles, love to gobble up their bowls when it’s mealtime. While it’s normal for dogs to show such enthusiasm toward their food, this is what actually contributes to dog farts. The faster they eat, the more air they take in. What dog parents like you can do about this is to purchase them a slow-feeding bowl so they’d take their time during mealtime.

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4. Food Intolerance

Some dogs may show intolerance to certain food like dairy. Aside from the usual loose stool and indigestion, food intolerance can also cause a dog to become gassy. Have your pooch checked by the vet so you’d know which foods trigger your dog to fart often. 

However, this can still be quite challenging to determine. A study suggests you follow a diet elimination or test meal. You gradually remove certain ingredients and find out how your dog feels afterward. 

7 Foods That Make Dogs Gassy

Providing meals to your dog should be a result of thorough planning with the help of your vet. While it’s crucial to know what ingredients should be included, you also have to be aware of which ones to never include in your dog’s diet. 

If you wish not to smell the deadly stench coming from your dog’s rear, make sure you never give them any of the following:

1.  Peas.

2. Beans.

3. Soybeans.

4. Spicy Food.

5. Cauliflower.

6. Dairy Product.

7. High-Fat Food.

4 Ways to Make Dogs Fart Less

Of course, the battle against flatulence in dogs doesn’t just end by excluding certain food from their bowls. Put in more effort, so the air inside your home stays fresh and smells pleasant. Here are 4 ways to keep your pooch from farting too much:

1. Improved Diet

Up the quality of your dog’s meals, and this will help them in the long run. Always check the label and ditch the product if it contains a high amount of fillers, MSG, and other unwanted ingredients. 

Instead, look for those which have the following:

  • Meat.
  • Fruits.
  • Vegetables.
  • And omega fatty acids.

2. Regular Exercise

The AKC suggests that every dog parent should strive to keep their dogs active. Pooches who move a lot during the day fart less than couch potatoes. So, if you find your four-legged companion relaxing on their dog bed, think of an activity that would encourage them to participate.

3. Added Supplements

Aside from giving high-quality dog food, you can also add in a few vet-recommended supplements that would help in your dog’s proper digestion. Treats with activated charcoal carbon will help mellow the smell of your dog’s fart, while prebiotics would generally aid in good digestion.

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4. Keep the Trash Away

Some dogs may end up scavenging for food in your trash can. Keep it closed and dog-proof, so your pooch won’t end up diving their head in it and result in consuming foods that cause flatulence. 

When to Visit Your Vet

If you’ve followed all the steps, from providing the best diet down to keeping your dog fit, yet the constant farting noises still occur, then it might be your cue to see the vet. The doctor will be able to detect the real reason behind your dog’s farting routine and provide a solution to treat it.

Do Dogs Know They Farted?

Dogs are aware of the stench they have caused. As much as we dislike inhaling the unpleasant smell, so do they. Their noses are sensitive, especially those breeds that belong to the scenthound family like the Otterhound, so once there’s a bad smell, they’re more likely to walk away and transfer to a more breathable space.

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10 Dog Breeds That Fart a Lot

All dogs will fart at one point. Yet, it’s to be noted that some breeds will fart more often than others. Despite the adorable, cheeky faces of these dogs, they have within them a deadly weapon that can be expressed without ringing the alarm. 

To inform you, here are 10 dog breeds that are fond of passing wind:

1. Pug.

2. Boxer.

3. Beagle.

4. Mastiff.

5. Pit Bull.

6. Bulldog.

7. Rottweiler.

8. Boston Terrier.

9. Golden Retriever.

10. German Shepherd.