Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking? 7 Easy Tips to Stop Them from Barking

Dogs are adorable and loving pets that will melt your heart whenever you see them. They can make bad days better and dull days even funnier. However, there are instances that your loving and loyal friend will annoy you due to their constant and loud barking.

Understandably, dogs will bark. It’s their way of communication and for them to express their emotions and thoughts. Unfortunately, there are situations that their barking will get in the way. Like when you are already asleep, and your pooch starts barking loudly. You thought it would just stop, but no, it didn’t. Instead, it kept on barking, and you wonder when it will stop? Or will my dog eventually get tired of barking?

The answer is,

No, not until you figure out the reason behind those excessive barking. Eventually, it will stop, but it will bark again if you don’t address their needs or concerns at that specific moment.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

There are a lot of valid reasons why your dog will incessantly bark. However, it is important to note these things so that, as a pet owner, you can resolve them right away. 

Here are the reasons behind your dogs excessive barking behavior:

1. Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is a serious reason and has to be given extra attention because it is a dog’s anxiety and will cause unwanted behavior when not addressed properly. Basically, Separation anxiety happens when the dog is overly attached to a person and is left alone by it. Dogs are most likely to get attached to their owners and will be stressed out to see their owners go. 

Consequently, the separation anxiety experienced by your dog will lead them to bark or whine non-stop, literally non-stop, until their person comes home. In addition, they will destroy your slippers or furniture at the home when left alone.

2. Boredom

Yes, dogs will experience boredom and loneliness too. Because they are created to be pack animals, they should be in the company of other dogs like wolves. And because of boredom, they will bark incessantly to get your attention or whenever they see something that sparks their curiosity.

3. Fear

Your dog might be experiencing fear that may cause uncontrolled barking. Most likely, they are barking because of something they think might harm them. Possibly, they are trying to warn people that what they see will endanger you and the family.

4. Excitement

Another reason why your dog has to bark constantly is because of excitement and happiness. Barking is their way of expressing their feelings, and you shouldn’t deny them this happiness. It will be evident because they will wag their tail while barking.

5. Food

Dog’s will bark when they want some of your food, especially if they are hungry and might have forgotten their meal. They will bark excessively because, just like humans, we get angry when hungry.

6. Need to Poop

Well-trained dogs in potty and pooping will not just do it anywhere. They will bark excessively until they go outside and do their business. So you have to listen to their barks, not unless you want a mess in your home.

These are the reasons that you have to know to provide the appropriate action.

7 Easy Tips to Stop Them from Barking

Since you’ve known the reasons behind those barking, here are the training tips you can do to stop them from barking.

1. Go to Your Veterinarian

Pet owners should adequately address separation anxiety; thus, the expert opinion of your vet is necessary and should be followed.

Here’s what you can do if the situation is so that your dog will stop the barking when you are away. 

A. Treats

Separation anxiety happens when you leave your dog alone, and you can lessen the stress they feel by giving them a treat whenever you leave home. 

B. Toys

Make sure this toy is different from their other toys because you will only have to use it whenever you leave home. Make it a fantastic toy by putting some peanut butter on it.

C. Don’t Greet Them.

Your dog will bark as a form of greeting; thus, you have to make your coming home as normal as possible like you have just gone to the bathroom or in your bedroom. So ignore them a bit and go near them a while after.

D. Leave Your Laundry Near Them.

By doing this, you can calm your dog by allowing them to smell your scent. However, give them the clothes you used at home because they might be ruined when you come home.

2. Play With Them

Boredom for dogs will lead them to bark excessively, and they will not stop not until you go to them and give them their needs. So here’s what you can do:

A. Provide Entertainment

You can lessen the boredom by giving them a toy or allowing them to roam in the backyard and play. By allowing them to play, you can tire them out at night, ensuring no bark disturbance at night.

B. Daily Exercise

Give them exercise, especially the active dogs; they need the exercise on their system. They will live on running, swimming, walking, and chasing. If you are busy, hire a dog sitter for your dog’s well-being.

C. Mental Exercise

Another thing that you can keep your dog from boredom is through mental exercise. You can allow your dog to find their toys or by allowing them to choose which cup contains the treat. Also, you can identify colors or, better yet, give them a task to do, like picking toys on the floor and placing them on the table. 

3. Check The Source

If your dog was outside, then you should check the source of the bark. It could be a person, or they might smell someone roaming around the house. Your dogs can save you; thus, you should check your dog and see where they are barking.

When you find an insect or something that sparks their curiosity, remove it from their sight to stop the barking.

4. Let Them

If they see their favorite person, they will keep on barking if they see it. This could be true for their dog friends too. If this is the case, you just have to let them because it is their way of expressing how happy & excited they are. However, there are situations where you have to correct them.

5. Ignore them

If you can do this, then do so, especially if what they’ve been barking on is the food. Behavior like this shouldn’t be tolerated because it will drive them to think that it is okay to whine until they get what they want. 

Ignore them and give them the food when they are quiet and well-behaved. In this case, they will be trained to be rewarded when they keep quiet and behave. If you can’t stand the barking,  because your dog is barking for one hour and you give in to the request. Then, the next time they want to eat, they will bark for an hour as well because they think that will make you give them the food. Be patient with the training sessions because it will be worth it in the end.

6. Familiarize Your Dog

There are objects, animals, and people that will trigger their undesirable behavior, which is barking, what you can do, especially if the cause is always around. Then you have to train your dog to get used to it. For instance, they will bark on your new pet cat; then, you have to introduce and train them to not bark at your feline.

Incorporate this training session with treats whenever they see the pet and not bark at them.

7. Teach Quiet Command

An ideal time to train your dog for this is when they are still a puppy. Puppies are more receptive to learning commands and training. So when you get a puppy, train them right away with the quiet command so that you can just easily command them to be quiet when they are older. 

Here’s what you can do to make this a  successful training:

  •  Go to a quiet place and train your dog there. First, tell them to “speak” which means they have to bark. If they start to bark then, wait for a minute and then tell them to be quiet. While teaching them a quiet command, put a dog treat on its nose and allow them to smell it. If they stop barking, then do it again until they get used to the command.

Can a Dog Hurt Himself Through Barking?

Yes, excessive barking can hurt their larynx or voice box. It can cause inflammation and permanent damage. Dogs that will experience laryngitis will experience the following symptoms:

  • Coughing
  • Hoarseness
  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Difficult Breathing

When following symptoms happen, go to the nearest vet clinic to be provided with proper medication for this.

For owners to prevent this from happening, you should identify the bark source and do what you can do to help your pooch.

List of Dog Breeds That are Naturally Barker

These are the dog breeds that are Barkers. Barking was engraved on their DNA; thus, acquiring these dogs will only mean that there will be constant barking.

  • Beagle
  • Pomeranian
  • Chihuahua
  • Siberian Husky
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • German Shepherds
  • Golden Retriever

Despite dogs being annoying barkers, you can’t deny the fact of how useful and cuddly they are. So always find out why they have to bark and restrain yourself from shouting at them. In addition, giving in to their whines could be easy, but it will continue to happen. Therefore, you should do the long-term process of training them so that you can have a peaceful life.

By training your dogs, you can also prevent disturbing your neighbors and the people around you.