Do English Mastiffs Shed? 5 Tools to Use in Grooming an English Mastiff

That adorable English Mastiff puppy that runs around the house will soon become a ginormous shedding machine! Regardless of having been blessed with genes that make his body produce only short hairs, the coat around him will be released and replaced with a new one sooner or later. 

Although shedding regularly occurs, take note that this doesn’t just happen on this particular breed. If you are looking for a dog that doesn’t shed, there isn’t one, unfortunately. All dogs have to take off their fur at one point since hair growth is a continuous process.

Albeit the great English Mastiff breed sheds, know that it’s okay! This can be easily dealt with as long as you use the right tools and follow all measures listed here.

How Much Do English Mastiffs Shed?

Despite having a short coat, the English Mastiff remains to be a moderate to heavy shedder. This strongly disproves the misconception that short-coated dog breeds equate to low shedding rates. 

The coat of this dog is composed of two layers which are the guard hairs on top and the undercoat on the bottom. The guard hairs are what you would typically see when you look at the Mastiff and these remain on the skin more or less throughout the year. It is the undercoat which he would release more often depending on the season.

Additionally, when the undercoat gets blown, expect to see individual hairs sticking on your clothes, carpets, and furniture. These may be quite challenging to get rid of, but the use of the right equipment can save you from drowning in dog hairs at home.

The Peak Seasons of Shedding

Aside from the fact that the English Mastiff sheds out regularly every entire year, two specific seasons will make him shed more- spring and fall. Once spring comes, the English Mastiff’s mechanism to shed more will start as a preparation for the warmer months. He would need a lighter and thinner coat to regulate his body’s temperature. 

While his body is fully adjusted and ready to face the summer, it is still not advisable to expose him to extremely hot or humid weather. English Mastiffs overheat quickly despite their history of fighting in outdoor battles. Keep your dog indoors with limited exposure outside to prevent heat exhaustion, heatstroke, or worse, sudden death.

On another note, fall is also a season every Mastiff owner should look out for because heavy shedding will occur once more. The light coat the Mastiff has gotten to combat the summer months will be released to give room for a thicker coat to grow. 

This new set of hairs will primarily protect your English Mastiff from the cold making him appear fluffier!

2 Ways to Reduce Your English Mastiff’s Shedding

We get your struggle. Dog hairs everywhere can be quite annoying! This is especially more so for people who suffer from dog allergies. But fret not! There are various ways to combat dog shedding. Follow the precautions listed below and you’ll see a significant reduction of dog hairs:


Many suggest that doing this weekly would be enough. Others would recommend doing it more often or even daily. The truth is, the frequency of brushing your dog’s coat depends on what works best for him. If you can, make brushing a daily ritual to prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from getting trapped on your Mastiff’s coat. Most especially, the amount of loose hairs on his body is significantly reduced.


With the size of the English Mastiff, taking him for a bath might sound like an overwhelming task. However, washing him regularly can also lessen the amount of hair fall he would produce. By using the appropriate canine shampoo that won’t dry out his skin, every strand that is about to be shed off is loosened up more. 

Photo from: monicaarauz22 (IG)

Follow this up with a good brush by going all over his body and by following the growth pattern of his coat. You’ll be surprised when you see a great number of hairs sticking on the dog brush.

5 Tools to Use in Grooming an English Mastiff

There have been a lot of available dog products in the market that will help you in managing your dog’s coat no matter how unruly it can be. However, not all of them are of high quality that can do the work needed to be done.

As a result, people who opt for cheaper and low-grade grooming supplies either end up witnessing no results or even see themselves in a worse position regarding their Mastiff’s coat. 

With that, we are taking matters into our own hands! We will lay out some of the primary things required to maintain your English Mastiff’s coat as well as where to get them.


Nothing is better than using a slicker brush like that from Hertzko. By going for the most excellent dog brush that is easier to clean without bending off the wires, you will save yourself from getting frustrated and even from spending too much time taking off all the collected dog hairs!

Remember, this is a tool your grooming box should never lack. It helps greatly in grooming and promoting healthy skin and coat for your English Mastiff.

After-Bath Brush

Brushing can’t only be done when your English Mastiff’s coat is dry. An after-bath brushing will remove all remaining debris stuck on the coat. Moreover, healthy oils will be evenly distributed in your Mastiff’s entire body preventing his skin from getting too dry which might lead to infections.

Going through your Mastiff’s coat also prevents or fixes his hair from getting matted and knotted. These are very painful when they get worse so running down a brush to detangle his hair will keep him from a bad experience. 

If you are wondering which brush should you go for given that there is a plethora to choose from, why not choose Safari’s Coastal Rubber Brush? Not only does it remove hair fall, but it also adds sheen to the coat and gives a relaxing massaging experience your English Mastiff will surely enjoy!


Despite the large size of the English Mastiff, this dog is famous for being too cuddly! If this is the case for your Mastiff, you can take his affectionate nature to your advantage. The moment he lays on your lap, try to reach out from your drawer a deshedding glove from Aufew

This pair of de-shedder will mimic the real sensation he usually feels when you pet him but the perk is that, while you run your hands on his body, all his trapped and loose hairs are taken off. It is made up of silicone and can be also used for other activities like washing your car or cleaning your toilet (although we recommend that you just use this for your dog). 

Lint Roller

Even though you have perfected the “art” of grooming your English Mastiff as an attempt to reduce his shedding, you have to be aware that some of his hairs will fly and rest somewhere like in your drapes, clothes, or furniture. Surely you can never use a brush to remove these remnants and using a regular broom won’t do the trick either as this will only lift off the strand up to the air.

To make sure your family members, visitors, and even you are free from these residues, a lint roller should be used often at your home. The bestselling ChomChom Roll has pleased thousands of families in the US. It can be reused as many times as you want with a designated chamber where all dog hairs are collected. 


Skin conditions can alter the shedding rate of your English Mastiff. In some cases, these are caused by poor health or other external factors such as the use of strong canine shampoo. Those that are of low quality often work harshly on the skin, taking off all moisture, and leaving the dog feeling dry and itchy. The result- abnormal shedding.

To prevent this from happening, go for hypoallergenic and mild shampoos that are canine-appropriate like the all-safe and natural Rocco & Roxie dog shampoos. These products have several essential oils that help lock in moisture on your dog’s coat and skin.

Otherwise, consult your vet for the best shampoo depending on your Mastiff’s coat and skin condition. 

4 Factors That Can Cause More Shedding

Now that you know which tools you should ready in case your English Mastiff sheds, you might be surprised if one day, your dog sheds more despite your effort to reduce its rate. When this happens, there are possible underlying factors that contribute to this abnormal occurrence which you should be aware of.

Health Problems

Hypothyroidism is one of the most common autoimmune diseases that can strike a dog no matter how massive the breed is. If your English Mastiff’s parents have a history of this disease or develop it later in life, hair loss will show as part of its symptoms.

Typically, your Mastiff’s hair will start thinning. Lack of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones will largely affect the development of the hair. When a strand falls out, regrowth usually won’t occur unless hormone levels are normalized. Your dog’s vet will recommend thyroid pills that would need to be taken daily.

Food & Nutrition

Food plays a huge role in your dog’s overall health. Investing in high-quality meals packed with full nutrition will not only boost his immune system but also promote an excellent coat and skin, therefore, preventing the possibility of him getting bald patches and infections that are heavily related to abnormal shedding.

Ensure that your English Mastiff has no micronutrient deficiencies and his diet is composed of rich Omega-3 fatty acids which he can get from salmon and tuna. Adding supplements will also boost his health more so talk with your vet and see which would work best for your colossal canine.


You should know that if your English Mastiff suffers from a certain illness, there is a possibility that his shedding will occur abnormally. Ask your vet about the side effects of every pill or tablet he recommends so you’d know what to expect once your dog takes it.

Certain medications are, at times, the culprit for your pet’s hair loss. Some include:

  • Long-term or high doses of steroids
  • Flea medications that are topically applied
  • Injection vaccines may sometimes cause hair loss in the injected area.


Stress usually happens when your English Mastiff is not preoccupied. When boredom strikes or sudden changes at home occur, he will tend to over-groom himself and this can lead to alopecia. Another possible cause would be that his body will produce certain chemicals that will trigger an abnormal amount of shedding.

To avoid this, play with your Mastiff regularly and make sure he feels loved and secure.

Do English Mastiffs Shed Less Than Other Dog Breeds?

It depends on which dog breed you compare your English Mastiff with. Certainly, the Poodle and the Portuguese Water Dog will shed lesser amounts than him. If his possible amount of shedding worries you, you might have to look for other options like the ones mentioned.

Nevertheless, take into consideration that your Mastiff’s shedding is mostly influenced by his diet & health. If you ensure that he’s in his best state, you’ll probably have a more different experience regarding his dog hairs.

To wrap it up, it’s not that hard to get rid of pesky dog hairs. However, due to his massive size, you might need a larger shampoo and an extra hand to help you wash him clean. As long as you are equipped with all the grooming tools he needs, guaranteed, there will be little to no more hairs lurking on your couch!