Do Pocket Beagles Shed? Ultimate Guide to Pocket Beagle Shedding & FAQs

Pocket Beagles might not have the fluffiest coats out of all dog breeds out there, but yes, they do shed still. Not in large amounts as you would expect, however, since his coat hair is too short and loose strands are far from noticeable.

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There isn’t any magic potion to stop your dog from shedding. Your house will constantly have its fair amount of dog hair on furniture, carpets, or wherever your Pocket Beagle is. 

Luckily enough, there are ways on how to manage this natural occurrence and keep you from inhaling unwanted dander. 

Anything and everything you need to know is here in this comprehensive guide. So, let’s go, explore the causes of your dog’s shedding and find ways on how to effectively deal with it.

Pocket Beagle Shedding Phases

Shedding does not instantly happen for Pocket beagles. Their bodies undergo a series of stages before they finally let go of their fur. For Beagles, there are four different phases:

  1. Anagen–  Also known as the ‘active phase’, this stage is when your dog’s hair grows and every hair follicle forms a new shaft.
  1. Catagen– This signals the end of your dog’s hair growth. During this process, each hair is cut off from the blood supply and cells that help hair grow. This phase usually lasts for approximately 10 days.
  1. Telogen– Telogen is a phase when every strand of your dog’s hair rests in the follicles but is no longer actively growing. This stage lasts from 3 months to a hundred days.
  1. Exogen – The final stage! Hairs are released from their respective follicles and eventually fall out. Its duration starts and ends from 2 to 5 months. 

Learning this process will help you understand that Pocket Beagle shedding is a natural cycle your pooch has to undergo. These stages are completed in a period and another whole new process begins which tells you that you should always ready your grooming supplies every time shedding occurs! 

How Much Do Pocket Beagles Shed?

Pocket Beagles only shed in fair quantities. Considering his miniature size, his moderate shedding won’t mean lots of hair fall inside your home compared to a Standard Beagle. 

This quality makes him even more ideal for those who have dog allergies. The smaller the dog is, the lesser portion of his coat he’d need to take off. And since he’s minute, you can easily control his whereabouts as well as maintain the cleanliness of most of your home’s areas and rooms. 

However, although owning this dog despite being allergic is doable, you still have to understand that this pooch might shed more than others. I highly suggest you scrutinize all your dog breed options to protect yourself from health risks.

Reasons Why Your Pocket Beagle Might Shed More 

Pocket Beagles have a dense double coat which makes them great hunting or farming companions. All-year-round, they all shed to some extent to promote new hair growth or to adjust to certain climates and weathers. 

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Although shedding is normal, there can be instances wherein your Pocket Beagle might shed more. If this happens extremely or unusually, it’s time to be concerned about your dog. But even if nothing odd happens to your dog’s coat yet, being knowledgeable about the possible reasons why your furry friend may shed too much will equip you for this potential scenario later on.


Stress & Anxiety. It isn’t just humans who suffer from stress or anxiety. Canines, who are fearful of going to the vet or doing anything that traumatizes them will exhibit how they feel by shedding more. They release epinephrine which triggers their bodies to let go a ridiculous amount of their coat.

Stress happens more in shelter homes or if you bring a new pet home.

General solution: 

  • Keep your dog preoccupied
  • Let him have his daily exercise
  • Give him a quiet environment
  • Minimize unnecessary changes in your home

Hormonal Imbalance. Pocket Beagles are prone to hypothyroidism wherein their bodies don’t produce enough hormones. One of the symptoms this endocrine disorder may cause to your pet is hair loss which commonly appears at the back of the rear legs, trunk, and tail. Also, the hair starts becoming dull and thin while the skin turns flaky.

General Solution: 

  • Visit your local vet so your dog gets a thyroid hormone replacement therapy

Other Health Problems. Bald patches and hair loss should alarm every Pocket Beagle owner that your dog might be suffering from more than just a change in his looks. Many underlying problems need to be targeted and hair loss is just an indicator of poor health. Potentially, your Pocket Beagle is afflicted by parasites, fungal or bacterial infections, kidney, adrenal, or liver disease.

General Solution:

  • Consult your vet and have your dog properly diagnosed so appropriate treatment can be given.

Allergies. Pocket Beagles can be hypersensitive to triggers such as pollens, foods, flies, or mites. Several signs and symptoms would tell you if your dog does have an allergy such as itchiness, swelling, sneezing, and a tendency to shed more. 

General Solution:

  • Bring your Pocket Beagle to the vet as soon as possible. Some allergies range from mild to severe and proper attention is needed to prevent the worsening of their condition. 

When Do Pocket Beagles Shed the Most?

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Since Pocket Beagles are moderate shedders that would need regular brushing, it is necessary that you also prepare your grooming tools during spring. It is in the course of winter when their bodies develop a thicker coat to sustain their normal heat and this eventually gets shed off once the said season is over.

Additionally, taking off their winter jackets would pave the way as a preparation for their summer coats. That means Pocket Beagles wouldn’t need as much hair when the warmer months arrive.

Pocket Beagles shed all year round. Their coats serve a special purpose in dealing with the temperature and two layers of them help protect their bodies from the environment.

The undercoat which is on the bottom layer serves as a great insulator of heat during winter and also adjusts to cool off the body in the summer. The topcoat or the guard hair, on the other hand, protects your Pocket Beagle from the harsh sun rays or insect bites. 

Basically, your dog will forever adjust to temperature and that’s something you also have to adjust to or deal with. If this poses a challenge to your health, reconsidering your decision of having a Beagle might also be an option. 

Ways to Stop Your Pocket Beagle From Shedding

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Rehoming your Pocket Beagle because of his shedding is the last thing that should come to mind! A dog’s shedding behavior can be overwhelming but there are several ways for you to combat this. All you need to do is be committed and dedicated to spending time and resources.

Remember, these suggestions may work for some Pocket Beagles and not for others. It is all about which technique works best for your dog. 

Regular Grooming

By using a quality bristle brush like the Professional Double Sided Pin, you are already collecting all loose hairs instead of waiting for them to land on your sofa or carpet. Regular grooming needs to happen several times a week during non-shedding seasons and switch to a more frequent brushing during spring.

Not only are you saving your house from getting filled by dog hairs, but you’re also improving your dog’s coat quality by spreading his natural oils throughout his body! 

This session will only take a few minutes for your Pocket Beagle. This is not going to be a struggle for you since he is highly likely going to enjoy your company.

Use of Deshedding Products

This is most useful during your Pocket Beagle’s shedding seasons. A high-quality deshedder will take down all loose undercoats without affecting the topcoat. Once you’re done teasing out the thick bottom layer of his hair, you can swap your deshedder tool for a regular dog brush to remove all residues. 

A great deshedder equipment your Pocket Beagle might need is the Dakpets Deshedding Tool. This is an item that guarantees at least 95% reduced shedding!

Diet & Supplements

Not many people have realized that investing in high-quality dog food can help in lowering a Pocket Beagle’s amount of shedding. A complete and balanced diet will improve your pooch’s coat, avoid bald patches, and prevent the onset of health problems that could trigger hair loss.

Start giving your dog the right meals right from puppyhood. Establishing a healthy beginning will save you from major problems with your companion in the future. First-rate kibbles are a good choice too. What’s best is if you pair his daily food intake with supplements like the Zesty Paws enriched with Omega 3.

Omega 3 helps maintain the skin barrier, restores moisture, nourishes the skin, and reduces skin itchiness (like allergies). People swear by this product’s effectiveness, but of course, you can inquire and see if your vet will approve this supplement regarding your dog’s needs.

Commonly Asked Questions

Should I Be Worried If My Beagle Sheds off Clumps of Hair?

All dogs including your Pocket Beagle will always shed off hair. However, it will be concerning if your dog starts taking off his coat in massive clumps which leave off baldy areas. In case this happens, contact your veterinarian right away. 

This is no longer normal and there might be a more serious health problem that needs immediate attention. Treating this as early as possible prevents anything from getting worse.

Can I Shave My Beagle?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t. The coat serves a significant purpose for your Pocket Beagle. Doing so will cause long-term damages to the quality of his hair which often no longer returns to its usual vibrancy and smoothness.

Many owners tried to shave off their Pocket Beagles with a belief that this could help in making them feel cooler during the hot days. However, these dogs already have a built-in mechanism that makes their bodies automatically let go of unwanted hairs. 

Moreover, Pocket Beagles don’t cool off the same way humans do. They cope with the hot sun through panting or by sweating out through their paw pads. 

To learn more about why it is a bad idea to shave off this dog’s coat, read it here on Can You Shave a Beagle?

Can I Use Any Shampoo for My Pocket Beagle’s Coat?

No, you have to use shampoos that are appropriate for your dog. Some pooches have sensitive skin and could suffer from certain allergies. If it happens to be your Pocket Beagle, hypoallergenic shampoo and other bathing products are recommended for use. 

Never go for cheap items which can potentially dry off your pet’s hair and skin. Remember that dry skin can lead to itchiness. If your dog can’t withstand the sensation, his paws will surely be scratching the area for comfort, therefore, making him lose more hairs. 

Final Thoughts

Pocket Beagles remain to be moderate shedders despite being a different version of the recognized Beagle breed. Although they regularly take off a percentage of their coats, it is undeniable that putting effort to manage his shedding is worth it. 

These dogs are loving, loyal, and cheerful creatures whose hunting backgrounds gifted them the perfect coat as a means for them to survive whatever type of environment they are in. 

Grooming isn’t challenging at all as this can be a great means to bond more with your puppy. With the right tools, you can definitely minimize the amount of his shedding!