Do Silky Terriers Like to Cuddle?

`They very much do!  Silky Terriers are naturally affectionate, hence they will not complain if they are always wrapped around with warm hugs from their owners. However, it is not at all times that they like this display of affection. Being cuddly is just one of their best-known traits and the others may show at certain times.

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This explains that Silkies have their schedules. They have time for things that matter to them. Mornings may be spent waking up their owners by licking their faces and followed by random things that will catch their attention. If other four-legged friends are around, these silky dogs may also spend time playing in the yard or running after small animals like squirrels. They are truly mischievous!

A successful relationship with Silkies is based on how much the owners love dogs. It is important to know that they love to be on your bed, follow you in the kitchen, or even sit in the shotgun of the car. Their adorable personalities require a commitment to love them for who they are. 

If you think the Silky Terriers are what you are looking for, check out this article and get to know them more. Enjoy!

Do They Love to Be Touched?

It depends on what manner they are touched. Although Silky Terriers like being adored, being fussed over by their owners is not their thing. This is because independence is a strong Terrier trait and being treated like a baby is sometimes a no-no. Since The Silky is the result of crossing a Yorkshire Terrier breed to a native Australian Terrier, the combination of temperaments proves to be interesting especially when it comes down to bonding.

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Innately playful, the Silky Terrier dog will always be excited with games. One thing to take note of, however, is that if it is around kids, overseeing the play should be considered. Kids tend to play rough without understanding the need to be gentle around these sensitive little dogs.

Be warned as well about touching Silkies that do not recognize you. You can’t always know if these pooches have been trained to act friendly around new people. Even though training dogs is something that is being encouraged for owners to do, you can never know if a Silky pup or an adult dog has undergone such a thing. 

Before you try to approach a Silky pooch, it is better to ask for permission from the owner first to know if the dog is friendly. If the owner is not around, Silkies will show body and verbal language to communicate if it is a friend or a threat if ever someone approaches.

Silky Terriers Body Language: Do They Like Being Held?

Being held can be a scary experience for Silkies especially if it comes unexpectedly. When they get lifted from the ground, the manner may be too rough for them which may cause pain or discomfort. Putting in mind that Australian Silky Terriers can be stubborn, they may wriggle out of your arms to get out from a position that may limit them from moving.

Knowing that all dogs react differently when they are attempted to be held, owners should be able to determine the body language and communication of the canine.

This pet’s breed, just like some of the dog breeds, can tell their owners if they want to be pampered. Usually, they would move their bodies near you for easy access and give you the soulful puppy eyes as a way to beg to be picked up.  Other signs may include soft whining, barking, pawing, leaning against you, or getting inside your space whilst making direct contact. 

Once held, Silky dogs will permit soft petting such as at the chin or the back of the neck. Also, Avoid rubbing or brushing its coat too hard to avoid hair loss.

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Meanwhile, other dogs who do not like being carried a lot have keen senses to anticipate an approaching owner who plans to do it. The common signs that your hair pooch wants to be left alone are when it retreats to its hiding place, barks, leans away, or snaps before your outward reaching hands.

Reasons Why Your Silky Terrier May Dislike Being Held

Being held would mean being subjected to an unpleasant experience for some Silkies. These fluffs may think that their owners are planning to trim their nails or that if held by kids, they would experience discomfort. 

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These dogs are intelligent, so being held may be associated with the negative experiences they have had or develop conflicts such as the following:

  • Some Silkies who don’t like to be carried in the arms for too long may go restless and want to get down.
  • Silkies tend to show signs of approach-avoidance conflict. They may seem like they want to be picked off the ground by their favorite human, but then as the person approaches, they scram away! 
  • Although Silky dogs like to bond by being held with warm hugs, how it is picked up should matter. 

Tips to Improve Your Bond With Your Silky Terrier

If you happen to have a Silky who is not used to receiving affection by being around the arms of a coddling owner, you have to know that it can be given basic training on how to enjoy the pleasant bonding. Of course, time and patience are immensely important and they often result in a worthwhile experience.

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It has to be slow and patient training to ensure that your adorable Silky Terrier is at the right place and would not be threatened. You can split the task of holding your Silky pup into smaller functions and ensuring that it gets a positive experience out of each step. This is known as counterconditioning:

  • Learn the proper manner on how to pick up your Silky. Training videos are widely available online which you may find helpful.
  • The basic training of picking up the Silky and holding it to your arms must be split into small progressive steps. 
  • Clickers are very useful to mark each step and providing your dog with treats after can reinforce the positive behavior.
  • Repetition of the steps is highly encouraged before jumping on the next one. This enables your Silky to get used to the process and therefore not forget what it just learned. This won’t pose a hard process for Silkies are quick learners!
  • Put all steps together until you have finished the action!

How to Better the Experience With Your Silky Terrier

Showing affection through cuddles and warm hugs are just a few things any dedicated owners can do to create a warm and loving atmosphere and at the same time maximizing a happy experience for your happy-go-lucky pooch. The other way to which you can show care towards your Silky is through providing the other aspects of its needs. When these are met, this little canine knows how to reciprocate its love using its language!


This amazing breed is healthy generally, yet that does not mean it won’t be prone to certain diseases especially that they may have genetic predispositions. Once this dog feels something is wrong with its body such as experiencing crippling arthritis, having itchy skin or an abnormal symptom, or liver disease, it usually goes to its trusted owners for comfort. The Silky would oftentimes permit to be petted or rubbed to ease their discomfort. 

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It is highly suggested that they must be brought to the vet right away to treat symptoms or be given preventive medication. If left ignored, you will most likely be unable to witness the same loving and fun behaviors from your pooch. Since this small dog lives between 12 and 15 years, the life span may also be shortened, hence attending to its health issues must be done swiftly.

Quality Time

Although a Silky Terrier may show independence, it can’t be denied that it will still seek its family’s attention. This Terrier, puppy or adult, is extremely social and is an affectionate companion. Being left alone in the house is not a good idea. If left unsupervised, this dog may cause a ruckus in your front yard due to its strong chase instincts or do mischief around the house.  

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Silky Terriers are the happiest when they are around their favorite persons. If there is one thing they wish to be granted, it would most likely be around you at all times. The more enough quality time there is between you and your spunky Silky Terrier, the more it gets used to your love language such as cuddling. 

If there are young children in the house, make sure that when they are around your dog, they are capable of treating them with gentleness. It is still better to expose your dog to older, well-behaved children. 

Exercise and Diet

Exercising with your dog is a great way to bond too! Taking your Australian Silky Terrier for a walk or a jog in the park helps it develop trust in you. You may also incorporate a few dog sports or games of fetch which will surely excite them! 

Having exercises with your pooch also helps in preventing any disease. Of course, exercise must complement a healthy diet. Going for the recommended dog food that can improve its skin and health whilst avoiding hair loss will help your dog to live a robust life. You will be surprised how loving this breed is when properly taken care of!

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The treats you give should prevent any dental disease as well for your puppy or adult dog. Although crunchy kibbles help lessen plaque, they are purely ineffective near the gumline. These may cause the formation of tartar and could harm the teeth.

Also, do remember to only feed your Silky Terrier on a schedule. As much as you can, do not be tempted to give it easy access to food to avoid weight gain no matter how cuddly it may get.

Are Silky Terriers the Right Dog for You?

Do you have so much love and you are looking for the best fit to share it with? Do you think you have what it takes to take a new responsibility? The Silky Terrier might just be the most wonderful companion in your life! If this energetic breed’s quality of being affectionate and social sounds good to you, there are lots which you can adopt.

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Many unwanted puppies in the shelter homes are waiting for you to adopt them. Living with this tiny dog with a glossy coat can boost the quality of your life. Not only will you welcome a tiny furry package in your loving house, but you’d also get the opportunity to join the Silky Terrier club where you can meet interesting individuals and hear heart-touching stories about their dogs!

If in case, there are no Silky pups available on your nearest shelter homes, if you resort to buying from a breeder, make sure that he’s reputable and that the dog is free from abnormal symptoms, frequent ear infections, teeth abnormalities, or misaligned teeth, patellar luxation and any disease. 

If everything lights a green signal for you, go ahead and get your Silky Terrier!