Do Whippets Like to Cuddle? (9 Tips to Improve Bonding)

Whippets are one of the most affectionate dogs there is and nothing sounds better than snuggling with the family! A Whippet enjoys being involved with family activities and is not shy to show that he cares for everyone. Although he has a constant burst of energy to run and gallop outdoors, staying indoors is not something he’d complain about. That simply means he’s got the time to bond with the family!

Photo from: rainthewhippet (IG)

He may not be the fluffiest of breeds, but he sure is capable of giving an immeasurable amount of love through his manners and actions. He will initiate special bonds and form relationships with everyone. Does he sound like the exact type of dog you are looking for? Find out more about Whippets being cuddly in this article!

Do They Love to Be Touched?

Whippets love being stroked and petted. Not only does this permit a strong bond between the Whippet owner and the dog but this also promotes relaxation! Although, of course, having physical contact with your dog must entail gentleness and care for he can be timid. This dog breed loves to please his owner and he can feel how much you love him from the way you pet him. Being nice while giving him a tummy scratch assures him that everything between you is fine. 

Being petted is highly preferred by dogs as this feels more personal. You can give all of the words of praise to your Whippet, but guess what, a pooch who gets to feel his owner’s hands on his back and head a lot of times will most likely reciprocate affection. 

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Also, do remember that every Whippet is unique by temperament or personality. Check the waters first before flooding him with belly rubs and strokes. If he seems to enjoy it and remains calm throughout the bond, then that’s the signal to keep going. If he feels uncomfortable, don’t worry and stop assuming that he doesn’t love you. Some dogs are wired to be independent and may not be fond of being petted. This can be reversed, however, if the Whippet puppy learns that being touched, cuddled, or carried are okay.

Where Do Whippets Like to Be Stroked Best?

Petting is a great sensation for your cuddly Whippet dog, but the area you choose to pet him determines how enjoyable the moment will be. Some of the dog’s body areas such as the back and the head can give more satisfaction and relief compared to other places. To maximize the experience during cuddling times, here are the dog’s best areas for a scratch:

  • At the base of the tail
  • Lower back
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Head
  • Tummy
Photo from: nina_tea_whippets (IG)

Please know that some Whippets will always have a different reaction when being petted. Just try and experiment with which areas work best for them when they are being stroked. Generally, some of the places you must avoid touching are the following:

  • Muzzle
  • Paws
  • Legs
  • Tail
Photo from: whippetosaur (IG)

The tail part is the one you should avoid at all costs most times, especially if the dog displays intense dislike when he is being touched there. It may get worse if the dog is unaware that he will be grabbed from behind. Remember that his tail is an extension of his spinal cord and is heavily touch-sensitive. 

Why Do Whippets Love to Cuddle?

Cuddling is more than just giving the message of love and care. For dogs such as the Whippet, Cuddling would mean security, emotional bonding, and attention.


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The feeling of touch is a sort of security for the Whippet. This reaffirms that you, as the pet owner, still love him and are still willing to take care of him. Since dogs may feel insecure, constant petting will prevent them from having separation anxiety. If you come to think of it, this family companion will most likely feel isolated and unimportant when ignored or left alone on his own for too long. Since he is naturally social, if he is denied pets and rubs, he may resort to running away or exhibit destructive behaviors.

Emotional Bonding

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Dogs and humans are alike in so many ways. This might explain why dogs have gotten closer to us for hundreds of centuries. For a Whippet, having an emotional bond with his family provides a soothing feeling that would make him feel better, thus making him more behaved as a pet.


Photo from: whippet.wallace(IG)

Whippets love attention! The moment he thinks of you as the only person whom he could rely on, he will do his best not to upset you. Hence, he may manifest attention-seeking behaviors such as asking to be petted even if you’re having a conversation with a friend. The moment you reciprocate the attention, he will be comforted and hopeful that you will continue to take care of him.

Why Does My Whippet Cuddle a Lot During Winter?

The Whippet’s physique is bred to appear skinny with low body fat and is not suitable to gain more weight. Aside from that, he has very short hairs covering his entire body which may not be enough to give him warmth during the cold season. With that, you may find your buddy cuddling over you more often than he did in the summer!

Photo from: shelbythewhippet (IG)

Even if he wears a coat or he is under a warm blanket, this cuddly dog will still look for his owner’s warm hugs and kisses.

When Is the Time Not to Cuddle Your Whippet?

It is not at all times that a Whippet will show dislike towards cuddling or petting unless he is uncomfortable due to different situations he is in. Despite it being occasional, it is still necessary to be mindful of the times when it is never a good idea to pet your Whippet. Teach a young child too how to avoid cuddling him during these instances:

  • During his mealtime
  • If he is highly stressed or anxious
  • If he is experiencing a lot of pain
  • He is growling
  • Without permission
  • If you are in doubt

9 Tips to Improve Your Bond With Whippets

Photo from: twelvepaws_whippetlife (IG)

Not all Whippets are in for a cuddle and on rare occasions, some may not even like being touched at all. The affection this dog breed may show is factored by a lot of different things. Although training him to understand that being touched is okay while he’s still a puppy, teaching it to an adult Whippet is still possible. Here are 9 tips you can do to improve your relationship with your dog:

  1. Touch, cuddle and pet your dog. If he isn’t used to this, enforce this slowly and consistently until he gets comfortable with you rubbing his belly or giving him warm hugs.
  1. Know his likes and dislikes. Knowing what your dog’s preferences are and letting him indulge with these such as his favorite treats and toys can make him feel that you are a source of nicer things in life. Identifying which makes him upset will also prevent you from making him feel uncomfortable such as strong scents and loud noises.
  1. Study his body language and facial expressions. If you understand that he feels anxious or scared, you will be able to pull him out of the situation immediately. When your Whippet puppy feels safe with you, he will develop a deeper trust and will become more open to receiving and reciprocating affection.
  1. Keep the peace. Whippets are non-confrontational dogs and they dislike loud or rowdy places. As much as you can, fill the house with tranquility to avoid giving your dog a bad impression of you.
  1. Play with your Whippet. Parents who play with their children develop a stronger bond and this may apply to your dog too!
  1. Train your Whippet. It can be frustrating if your dog does not listen to you. This may greatly affect your relationship with this breed as well! To prevent this, training your furry friend can make him understand what you want him to do which is always for the best.
  1. Give him high-quality food. Show that your Whippet is special to you! You can cook him his meals if you have spare time or give him a nutritious diet in the most delicious way!
  1. Spend time with each other. Spend time with your dog daily! A game of fetch, a walk in the park, or cuddling up in the house while it’s raining can give a big impact on your Whippet’s attitude towards you.
  1. Communicate. Be consistent when you train your dog. Be firm with the house rules and be patient when you teach him crate or obedience training. When a dog knows exactly what you want from him, this will minimize confusion and misunderstanding.

9 Ways Your Whippet Says He Loves You

Photo from: whippet_igtas (IG)

It’s not just the wagging of the tail that indicates your Whippet is excited to see you. There are at least 9 ways he may show that he appreciates you:

  1. He becomes alert and excited when he sees you.
  2. He starts to lean on you.
  3. He watches you leave. He will display an “I-wish-you-get-home-soon” look on his face.
  4. His eyebrows are lifting.
  5. Once you get home, he jumps on you.
  6. He sleeps with you in your bed.
  7. He stares at you in the eyes. By staring back, you can read exactly how he feels for you!
  8. He yawns right after he sees you yawn.
  9. He looks for warm cuddles after his mealtime.

The Whippet breed is a paradox. He has high energy levels to sprint outside, yet he is deemed to be a couch potato. Doesn’t it sound perfect though? Not only do you get a spirited companion, but you also get yourself a cuddle buddy when you are both indoors which is great during the winter season!