Best Dog Rescues in Eugene, Oregon [12 Adoption Places]

If you live in Eugene, Oregon, and you’re planning to have a dog, visiting their local dog rescues would be a good start.

Thousands of dogs are waiting for their forever families. There’s a good chance that one of them is meant for you. 

Each dog rescue may go by different names, but all have the same mission: save all dogs in need. To participate in this goal, go through our list of best dog rescues in Eugene, Oregon. We’ve also provided their contact information if they house the dog that caught your eye. 

12 Best Dog Rescues in Eugene, Oregon

1. A New Leash on Life

A New Leash on Life is a dog rescue that offers transportation. It also acts as a food bank for pets that need meals. This Eugene-based group has, by far, rescued 11,023 dogs and has donated more than 1.6 million pounds of food. 

They work with multiple partners in various areas to keep the other organizations thriving. Indeed, their deeds are helpful as some function as non-profit charities with financial assistance coming only through donations.

You can check out their partners and adopt a dog that you like from them. They may have specific protocols or requirements before the adoption is approved, but they’ll guide you on that.

How to contact them:

Website: A New Leash on Life

Address: Eugene, Oregon 97404, 155 Division Avenue

Phone: 541-606-4898

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

2. Greenhill Humane Society

Greenhill Humane Society houses all pets that need saving, such as cats, bunnies, and dogs. This rescue center ensures each animal under their care is provided with therapy and proper rehabilitation to avoid causing negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, and stress.

If you come and visit Greenhill, you’ll witness how the staff treats each pet. Talking about their dogs, they’re always provided with interactions, exercise, and affection on top of their essential needs.

To note further, Greenhill reserves euthanasia for cases such as aggression or contagious disease that any level of treatment can’t resolve. 

How to contact them:

Website: Greenhill Humane Society

Address: 88530 Green Hill Rd., Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: 541-689-1503

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram

3. Wiggly Tails Dog Rescue

Wiggly Tails Dog Rescue is partnering with PetSmart charities. That means you can visit adoption events, as they have several adoptable dogs that might click perfectly with your preferences and lifestyle.

On another note, Wiggly Tails is a non-profit dog rescue that’s volunteer and foster-based. They pull out dogs from California high-kill shelters and welcome owner-surrendered dogs.

It’s heartbreaking for these canines to feel unwanted and not understand why they’re in these situations. Save one by adopting one and save more lives by donating any amount. Wiggly Tails Dog Rescue will be able to impact more dog lives through your help.

How to contact them:

Website: Wiggly Tails Dog Rescue

Address: 1580 N. Park Ave Eugene OR 97404

Phone: 541-654-4259

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

4. Northwest Dog Project

Established in 2014, Northwest Dog Project has always come to the rescue of all unwanted dogs, especially those that face lethal euthanasia. They believe that dogs shouldn’t be eliminated, as aggression or other issues are usually the results of irresponsible ownership.

They get the dogs evaluated, trained, and socialized until they’re ready to be adopted. Additionally, Northwest Dog Project boasts of its more than 20-acre forest with a large fenced outdoor yard. Their dogs receive around 40 minutes of the daily hike, with more opportunities for other enrichment activities.

If you want to welcome a rescued dog, you’ll have to fill out their adoption form. They’ll also check out your home and determine you and your preferred dog’s compatibility.

How to contact them:

Website: Northwest Dog Project

Address: 30764 Koinonia Rd, Eugene, OR 97405

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

5. Luvable Dog Rescue

Luvable Dog Rescue started in 1999 and went by the names Luv-A-Bull and Luv-A-Little Dog Rescue and Sanctuary. They focus on saving dogs with little to no chance of being adopted. Most of them even come from high-kill shelters. 

They have a 55-acre wooded sanctuary where dogs can actualize what it’s like to be happy, well-treated, and free. They regularly socialize with humans and other canines to encourage them to become even friendlier and fit as family companions. 

One great thing about Luvable Dog Rescue is that they have a “sleepover” program. You can take home a dog for a whole week and see if it’s truly the right choice. However, you should still carefully consider what pooch to bring home to avoid too many trials and errors. 

How to contact them:

Website: Luvable Dog Rescue

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

6. Lucky Paws

Another extraordinary dog rescue is Lucky Paws, they moved to Oregon in 2009. They also pull out dogs from high-kill shelters and get them spayed and neutered before they get adopted.

Other medical treatments such as vaccination and parasite treatments are done. If the dogs have any health concerns, Lucky Paws ensures they receive the proper treatment. 

Their adoption process starts by filling out their application form. Contact them first before conducting a visit. This is because their dogs are in foster homes rather than in their physical facility. 

How to contact them:

Website: Lucky Paws

Address: 1814 Q street , Springfield, OR, 97477 

Phone: 541-246-8070

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Instagram

7. S.A.R.A’s Treasures

Shelter Animal Resource Alliance or S.A.R.A’s Treasures is another Eugene-based non-profit organization. They also advocate for dog lives and highly frown upon the practice of euthanasia. 

Every companionable pet is also provided with high-quality food, love, and attention. These are all part of the rehabilitation process, so they’re fully equipped once they’re adopted.

Once your prospective dog is healthy, this rescue group requires you to start applying for dog adoption. What follows after is a brief but packed interview to let you understand better the needs and personality of your dog. The last step would be paying the fee, which covers the vet expenses primarily.

How to contact them:

Website: S.A.R.A’s Treasures

Address: 871 River  Road, Eugene, OR 97404 

Phone: 541-607-8892 

Email: [email protected] 

8. SévaDog Family Rescue

SévaDog Family Rescue is another not-for-profit organization that saves dogs from all walks of life. Their rescues mainly come from other local humane societies, owner surrenders, and California and Washington State rescue partners.

Experience the magical ambiance once you visit this licensed facility. Every dog does have a story to tell, and you’ll know one fully well once you’ve chosen which rescue dog to take home with you.

SévaDog Family Rescue is a top choice as they put value and importance on ensuring the dogs get the care and life they deserve.

How to contact them:

Website: SévaDog Family Rescue

Address: 90558 Alvadore Rd. Junction City, Oregon 97448 

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

9. Alpha Paw Leader of the Pack

Alpha Paw also serves within Eugene, Oregon. They have various dogs that are up for adoption. Scan through their adorable faces and learn more about their characteristics and personality by clicking on their profile.

Rest assured that all the dogs have received all the necessary treatments, from vaccinations and sterilizations to flu preventive treatments. Make sure that the dog you’re about to get suits the type of home you have and your personality. 

This is because Alpha Paw has all kinds of dogs. From large to small ones like the Chihuahua, the ages also vary a lot. The staff will be there to help you out, especially in finding your perfect match.

How to contact them:

Website: Alpha Paw Leader of the Pack

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

10. Unbreakabull Rescue Allies

Thinking about getting pitties and bullies? The Unbreakable Rescue Allies have many dogs of this kind. They have years of experience, so they can adequately rehabilitate the dogs they rescue. 

Though there’s a widespread misconception about these dogs, Pitbulls and bully breeds are actually some of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever have. They just need the right owners who are up for training them to become good doggos. 

The Unbreakable Rescue Allies currently have no available website yet, so contacting them would be encouraged. Check out their dogs and take time to know each of them.

How to contact them:

Phone: 458-215-9426

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

11. Public Animal Shelter

The Greenhill Humane Society operates the Public Animal Shelter. What the shelter does is to provide shelter, food, and other basic needs to all unwanted dogs, may they be stray, abused, or neglected by their previous owners. 

The ultimate goal is to find them their loving homes where they’ll be placed permanently without any chance of rehoming. Though the PAS is heavily linked to Greenhill, it’s still part of the list of best dog rescues in Eugene, Oregon.

They work hand in hand with other dog advocate groups to ensure that the city becomes dog-friendly, with fewer to no more dogs roaming without proper food and treatment. 

How to contact them:

Website: Public Animal Shelter

Address: 300 Country Club Road, Eugene, OR 97401

Phone: 541-682-5111

12. Little Critter Crew

The Little Critter Crew is a dog rescue where you can adopt small dogs. They highly prioritize giving nothing but the best for your pets, and they’re there to help you out.

If you have spotted a small dog companion from this group, you don’t have to worry about it becoming unavailable soon. They don’t function on a first-come, first serve basis. In fact, they value the compatibility between the dog and the potential adopter.

Aside from adopting here at Little Critter Crew, you can also extend a helping hand through donations. Every dollar helps, more so if the whole community works together.

How to contact them:

Website: Little Critter Crew

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

How Much Would It Cost to Adopt a Dog in Eugene, Oregon?

Adopting a dog in Eugene, Oregon, usually costs about $55 to $600. But that’s just based on how much the Oregon Humane Society charges. In other dog rescue centers, the fee may be lower or higher, depending on the cost of living in the area. 

The age of the dog factors well into the adoption cost you have to pay upfront. Senior dogs are the most affordable, and the fee reduces the younger the dog is. Still, with this adoption fee range, what you pay is considerably lower than the price breeders ask for.

Adoption fees are the last requirement before you get approved for adoption. This covers all medical treatments and other needs of your big or small dog before they’re ultimately sent with you home. 

Why You Should Adopt Dog Rescues in Eugene, Oregon

You’re helping in curing the societal problem when it comes to pet overpopulation if you adopt a dog, more so in Eugene, Oregon. Thousands of dogs are yearning to feel how it’s like to be loved again by a family, and they’re always ready to commit their loyalty to anyone who picks them.

If you’re living in Eugene, it’s better to adopt from your local dog rescue. Do so without second thoughts and save a life today.