Best Dog Rescues in New England [A Dog Adoption Directory]

Various dog rescues found in New England are acknowledged for their passion for saving the lives of unwanted dogs. New England comprises six states in the United States: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island. 

You can find several dog rescues in all these states combined, but this article narrows them into 10. This is to make your search for a new dog much easier. Yet before you bring a pooch home, ensure that your family and home are prepared to welcome a new addition.

Stick to this directory until the end to find out what dog rescues you need to consider visiting. Included are their information and contact details in case you want to make an appointment with them.

10 Dog Rescues in New England Where You Can Adopt a Dog

New England covers a vast land. It also shelters thousands of dogs in various dog rescues and animal organizations across the states. Although there are dog breeders everywhere, adopting is a noble choice.

Not only are you saving and transforming the life of a fido, but you’re also making room for a new rescue. Take note of dog rescues to function through private donations and collaborative volunteer efforts. Therefore they don’t receive any funds from the government. 

Yet, despite this overwhelming duty to give hope to canines, these dog rescues persevere, and they can only do so much until you lend them a hand. 

If you’re ready to adopt, the next big step is to know where to adopt. Below are some of the dog rescues you can consider visiting:

1. New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc.

The Massachusetts-based New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc. is the United State’s largest animal rescue organization dedicated to the Old English Sheepdog. 

Since its conception in 1994, the NOESR has successfully saved an estimated 2,000 dogs of the said breed. 

You must make an appointment with them if you adopt one of the Sheepdogs. This is because their fidos are fostered in private homes. This setup rehabilitates their rescues in non-stressful environments rather than kennels. 

While in foster care, the foster family will assess the dog’s behavior and how well it gets along with kids, cats, other dogs, and other pets. The canine is also temperament-tested, groomed, and checked by a licensed veterinarian.

If the Old English Sheepdog is intact, it will receive a spay or neuter surgery. Aside from this, it will also be ensured to be up-to-date with its vaccine shots, flea and tick treatments, heartworm treatment, and other medical services required for its well-being. 

How to contact New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc.:

Website: New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc.

Address: 49 Stonehedge Road, Lincoln, MA 01773

Phone: (781) 819-0131

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Twitter

2. Worcester Animal Rescue League

The Worcester Animal Rescue League is another Massachusetts-based organization founded by women who initially focused on saving abused farm animals. 

Later on, this organization expanded its horizon and gave unwanted cats and dogs several opportunities to live happy everyday lives. 

The WARL is driven by many volunteers. They are the caretakers of all the rescues that end up under their care. They are also educators who tirelessly promote responsible dog ownership in their community.

Should you make an appointment to visit them, expect to see dogs of various breeds. Moreover, you may have to shell out $350 for puppies. $225 for dogs ages 1 to 10 years and $100 for dogs over ten years. 

How to contact Worcester Animal Rescue League:

Website: Worcester Animal Rescue League

Address: 139 Holden St. Worcester, MA 01606

Phone: (508) 853-0030

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

3. Our Companions Animal Rescue

If you are located in Connecticut, Our Companions Animal Rescue is an excellent dog adoption course you need to consider. They are on the move to eliminate pet homelessness. This is done through the following methods:

  • Training
  • Education
  • Prevention

The aim is to do the right thing and give justice to the animals that have been abused, maltreated, and neglected. They care for pets, such as rabbits, cats, and dogs, regardless of size, age, or health condition. 

Their sanctuary covers 47 acres of rural land. This is where the animals are provided with intensive care regarding health and behavior. These dogs are set for their forever homes as they recover from their traumatizing past.

How to contact Our Companions Animal Rescue:

Website: Our Companions Animal Rescue

Address: 34 Sanrico Drive, Manchester, CT  06042

Phone: (860) 242-9999

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

4. Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut

Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut has a mission to save dog lives locally and from the south. Their focus is dogs that are strays, abandoned, homeless, neglected, abused, and maltreated. 

They have a transport service responsible and behavioral training program beneficial for rescuing, evaluating, and rehabilitating animals. If you adopt from the PLRC, the staff will maintain close contact with you to guide you during your dog ownership.

Fill out a dog application form through their website once you’ve decided which of their available dogs you’re planning to adopt. They typically respond 24 hours after viewing your request. On another note, all adoptions come with one-month free health insurance.

How to contact Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut:

Website: Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut

Address: 1026 Tolland St, East Hartford, CT 06108, USA

Phone: (203) 992-7225

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

5. Give a Dog a Home Rescue

Next is a dog rescue in Maine: Give a Dog a Home Rescue. This is a non-profit organization that helps pets in need by providing the following services:

  • Adoption
  • Sheltering
  • Education 
  • Spay/neuter
  • Community Outreach

Composed of dedicated volunteers, the GDHR is committed to taking in as many dogs and cats as their resources can. 

To add, it’s not just American citizens who can adopt from them. Those in Canada can also contact GDHR if they spot an available adoptable dog suitable for their family. 

How to contact Give a Dog a Home Rescue:

Website: Give a Dog a Home Rescue

Address: 187 Downs Road, Sebec, ME 04481

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

6. Harvest Hills Animal Shelter

Harvest Hills Animal Shelter is situated in the state of Maine, too. It contracts with 19 towns in the west to accept neglected, unwanted, and stray cats and dogs. When space is available, the HHAS accepts owner surrenders, not just in Maine but also in New Hampshire. 

They are accommodating in saving lives since they are keen to provide a safe place for these animals, especially those almost euthanized. This also includes those that do not pass the standards of most shelter admission policies. 

If you are keen on adopting any of their dogs, puppies have an adoption fee of $450, and adults are priced at $300. These fees cover the initial expenses made for your puppy while it’s under this rescue’s care. 

How to contact Harvest Hills Animal Shelter:

Website: Harvest Hills Animal Shelter

Address: 1389 Bridgton Road, Fryeburg, ME 04037

Phone: (207) 935-4358

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook 

7. Mary’s Dogs Rescue & Adoption

Mary’s Dogs Rescue and Adoption, located in New Hampshire, was established in 2011 and became a non-profit organization in 2016. 

For the record, the MDRA rescues an estimated 600 dogs annually from shelters that will otherwise euthanize these dogs. By then, they put in a lot of effort to find these canines suitable, loving, and permanent homes. 

Get to meet their various adorable dogs, which are mixed breeds. Some of them are very young and would need more training, while others have specific needs you have to take note of. Be sure you’re ready to become a dog owner when you adopt, in other words. 

If you’re unsure about the real commitment dog ownership entails, you can also try fostering. 

How to contact Mary’s Dogs Rescue & Adoption:

Website: Mary’s Dogs Rescue & Adoption

Address: 984 1st New Hampshire Turnpike, Northwood, NH 03261

Phone: (603) 608-3374 

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

8. Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance

Hearts and Tails Animal alliance was started by a group of long-time volunteers who met a black dog in Puerto Rico. Seeing its situation has prompted them to take action. After all, this is just one case among thousands to millions of dogs in shelter homes. 

This New Hampshire-based animal welfare organization has created individual profiles for their available adoptable dogs. Take time to read their assessment for each canine to thoroughly determine which ticks all the boxes for your lifestyle and preferences. 

To further your impact, you can also become one of their volunteers or their new foster parent. Donations are also welcome. This helps supply the primary and medical needs of their dogs. 

How to contact Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance:

Website: Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance

Address: P.O. Box 593, Goffstown, New Hampshire 03045

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

9. Little Rhody Rescue 

Based in Rhode Island, Little Rhody Rescue is a non-profit organization with a quarantine facility striving to provide safe homes for underprivileged dogs.

This charity group was started through the initiative of like-minded friends who share the same passion for dogs.

On a different note, all their animals are pulled out from Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee high-kill shelters. That said, if you’re adopting from Little Rhody Rescue, you’re practically rewriting and transforming the lives of the lucky fido.

How to contact Little Rhody Rescue :

Website: Little Rhody Rescue 

Address: 31 C Cooper Rd | Glocester, RI 02814

Phone: (401) 692-1117

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Twitter

10. Riverside Rescue

Riverside Rescue was formed in 2003 in Vermont due to the immense need for a local animal rescue. Eventually, it became a non-profit organization and has made a lot of difference in the lives of the animals they rescue. 

They have made it clear that the sanctuary for animals will remain a no-kill area for dogs and cats of any breed. After all, no pet deserves to be euthanized just because it’s unwanted. 

If you’re planning to adopt a puppy, the adoption fee is $275. Meanwhile, canines seven months to 6 years old are priced at 250. Seven years and older fidos, on the other hand, come at a fee of $175. 

How to contact Riverside Rescue:

Website: Riverside Rescue

Address: 236 Riverside Avenue, Lunenburg, VT 05906

Phone: (802) 892-5300 

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

All these dog rescues based in New England pass our standards. Feel free to return to this detailed directory if you’re looking for legitimate dog adoption sources.