Best Dog Rescues in Nova Scotia [A Dog Adoption Directory]

Nova Scotia, located in Canada, is a pet-friendly province with some of the best dog rescues prospective adopters may want to visit. It’s even more ideal if you’re a local from here looking for a fido to introduce to your family. 

Adopted dogs are some of the most wonderful pets you’d ever meet, and what makes them special are their heartbreaking stories. Most of them have been surrendered by their owners who can no longer take care of them, abandoned, abused, neglected, or left unclaimed. 

If you’re sure about the adoption process, ensure that your family and home are ready for a four-legged companion. By then, you should know where to source the dog you’re about to adopt. 

10 Dog Rescues in Nova Scotia Where You Can Adopt a Dog

The dog rescues in Nova Scotia are run by volunteers, aided by foster families, and driven by private monetary donations. 

They’re mostly non-profit organizations, receiving no financial support from the government. Yet, their work has reached several milestones, some even unprecedented. Adopting a dog from any dog rescue makes room for another dog to be saved.

Ready for the whole commitment that comes with owning a dog? 

Below lists the 10 best dog rescues found in Nova Scotia:

1. Fly With Me Animal Rescue

Fly With Me Animal Rescue’s main objective is to get their rescued dogs to their forever homes. They rescue about 50 dogs each month and post these adoptable animals regularly on their social media pages. 

When you apply to adopt one of their dogs, an application form must be filled out in detail. This is to ensure that you can take care of a dog, especially the one you’re expecting and hoping to get. 

They typically respond within 48 hours, so patience is key to having your prospective dog. While waiting for a reply, you can read their success stories or purchase items through their shop to show your support for their rescued fidos. 

You also can volunteer if you want to get more involved or donate to help cover the cost of transportation, fostering, and rescuing dogs from all kinds of situations. 

How to contact Fly With Me Animal Rescue:

Website: Fly With Me Animal Rescue

Address: 225M – 2021 Brunswick St., Halifax, NS, Canada B3K2Y5 

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

2. Kings County Animal Shelter (SPCA Nova Scotia)

Kings County Animal Shelter has a history that dates back to 1990. With their dedicated effort to providing a home for the homeless animals in the area, they finally opened in June 2009 with complete facilities and supplies to maintain the well-being of their rescues. 

Since then, they’ve always been at full capacity, with one animal finding its forever home and another that replaces its space. 

Aside from this, the KCAS also provides a low-cost spay and neuter program. Doing so helps alleviate pet overpopulation and avoid accidental litter.

If you decide to adopt a dog from here, adult dogs have a $400 adoption fee, while puppies are $650. This cost covers getting your dog spayed or neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas and parasites, microchipped, and vet-checked.

It also comes with an 8-week trial of pet health insurance. 

How to contact SPCA Nova Scotia:

Website: Kings County Animal Shelter (SPCA Nova Scotia)

Address: 1285 County Home Rd, Waterville, NS, B0P 1V0

Phone: 1-844-835-4798

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

3. Bide Awhile

Bide Awhile is a no-kill shelter. That said, euthanizing animals is a practice they strongly discourage unless it’s the best alternative to severely ill and behaviorally challenged animals. 

To ensure that there are meager chances of their animals getting returned, Bide Awhile’s adoption process will take a while. They ensure that the dog and the potential adopter match well since this is where the success of their relationship lies. 

If you’re ready to commit to the lifetime needs of a dog, you can freely check to Bide Awhile’s list of adoptable dogs. Once you start the adoption application process, you should have a brief interview with an animal care attendant.

Booking an appointment to visit the shelter and the adoption fee of $220 for dogs are also necessary. 

How to contact Bide Awhile:

Website: Bide Awhile

Address: 67 Neptune Crescent, Dartmouth, NS, Canada, Nova Scotia

Phone: +1 902-469-9578

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

4. Greyhound Pets Of Atlantic Canada

Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada has successfully placed over 5,000 retired Greyhounds across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island. 

GPAC also partners with several groups in Spain that rescue Podencos and Galgos so they, too, can have an opportunity to have transformed lives. With their dedicated volunteers, these dogs abroad are brought to GPAC, where they have higher chances of getting adopted. 

Although all of their current Greyhounds and most of their Podencos have been adopted or reserved, you can keep checking their website in case they have new rescues or arrivals. 

How to contact Greyhound Pets Of Atlantic Canada:

Website: Greyhound Pets Of Atlantic Canada

Address: PO Box 301, Superstore Mall, Lower Sackville, NS, B4C 2T2

Phone: +1 902-889-2214

5. Misfit Manor

Misfit Manor is an all-breed rescue that takes in animals regardless of age. This shelter primarily focuses on serving pets with special needs; hence if you are particularly looking for a special fido, this would be a top recommended choice. 

When you adopt, you’re sparking hope in these dogs, which are often overlooked due to their low chances of getting adopted. However, they’re equally as fun-loving and loyal to their owners, only that they require extra care and attention. 

Go through their gallery that lists their dogs. You’ll be guided by their labels that will help you identify the status or progress of every dog. Some may need more time on the dog rescue in case they need surgery, treatments, or behavioral training.

How to contact Misfit Manor:

Website: Misfit Manor

Address: 4357 Prospect Road, Kentville  NS, B4N 3V8

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

6. Coastal K9 Rescue Society

Coastal K9 Rescue Society is on a mission to save homeless dogs in the area. It doesn’t matter what their situation is; those that were abused, maltreated, or neglected have a spot at this dog rescue

They’re immediately provided with intensive care, special treatment, and genuine love as part of their rehabilitation process. Once they’re physically, emotionally, and behaviorally ready for their new family, these dogs are put up for adoption. 

If you’re interested in adopting, their dogs come with an adoption fee of $700 for adults or puppies unless otherwise stated. Senior dogs, on the other hand, are only $350.

How to contact Coastal K9 Rescue Society:

Website: Coastal K9 Rescue Society

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

7. Good Bones Dog Rescue 

Good Bones Dog Rescue is composed of experienced and trained volunteers who work together to rescue dogs in the area. Upon admission, the fidos receive health and temperament testing immediately before being placed in foster care. 

While in their foster parent, vetting and rehabilitation are continued. This is where they also receive thorough socialization and proper training. Since their care is the focus, the foster program ensures these dogs don’t develop undesirable behaviors like anxiety

If you’re interested in adopting, one of the requirements they require is that you must be at least 22 years old. You must also be able to provide for the dog you choose. If you’re renting out, permission from the landlord is necessary. 

Meanwhile, for the adoption cost, adult dogs are priced at $500. This covers the costs of vet services the dog has undergone, and this helps the rescue center thrive financially in supporting their saved fidos.

How to contact Good Bones Dog Rescue :

Website: Good Bones Dog Rescue 

Address: Dartmouth, NS, Canada

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook and Instagram

8. Save A Life Canada

Save A Life Canada has an expanded mission that covers not just Nova Scotia but also Canada as a whole, as well as the United States and other countries. They aim to clear out kill shelters and give these rescued dogs a new chance to enjoy life. 

To ensure the full recovery of their dogs, they don’t place them in shelter homes. Rather, they put them in experienced foster homes where their needs can be appropriately met. 

During their rehabilitation period, they also receive all necessary treatments to help them spring back to health. They’re provided with full health examinations, certificates for rabies, health papers, and vet records. 

When you’re approved to adopt, their puppies cost $500 to 550. Meanwhile, those 1 to 4 years old are 500, the 5 to 8-year-olds are $450, and the seniors or those with special needs have a fee in the form of a donation. 

How to contact Save A Life Canada:

Website: Save A Life Canada

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

9. Integrity’s Haven Equine Rescue Center

The Integrity Haven Equine Rescue Center’s dogs and other animals are rescued or surrendered. Although some are allowed to be adopted, seniors and those sickly stay in this sanctuary until death.

They house horses, cows, dogs, cats, and more, so when you visit this place, you’ll be met with various farm animals and housepets. 

When you apply to adopt, an application form must be filled out along with the stated adoption fee. A contract will need to be signed to ensure that the IHERC adopts their animals to serious and responsible animal lovers. 

Home visits and references are also a must. 

How to contact Integrity’s Haven Equine Rescue Center:

Website: Integrity’s Haven Equine Rescue Center

Address: 275 Highway 12,  RR3, Chester Basin, NS, B0J 1K0, Canada 

Phone: +1 902-471-6121

Email: [email protected]   

10. TLC Animal Shelter

TLC Animal Shelter is a safe haven for dogs and cats, regardless if they’re strays, abused, or neglected. This shelter doesn’t practice euthanasia, so those that arrive when the shelter is full are placed in foster homes.

The environment provided for their saved animals include an acre of land where cats are homed, and dogs are kenneled. Cats have outside runs to keep them mentally stimulated. In contrast, dogs have a fenced area where they exercise and socialize.

Outdoor pens are also provided, so dogs have an option where to spend their time when outdoors. 

On another note, TLC Animal Shelter is always accepting applications from those willing to adopt their dogs. Contacting them is always the first step.

How to contact TLC Animal Shelter:

Address: 636 Middle Cross Rd, Digby NS, B0V 1A0

Phone: +1 902-245-2303

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

All these dog rescues based in Nova Scotia pass our standards. Feel free to return to this detailed directory once you’ve decided to adopt a rescued dog.