Best Dog Rescues in South West England [A Dog Adoption Directory]

South West England is a pet-friendly area, hence why you can find several dog rescues that continuously rescue unwanted and stray dogs. They’re mostly non-profit organizations. That means they don’t receive any funds from the government but rather run through donations. 

Since they regularly take in rescued dogs, any family, singles, or couples looking for a dog can consider adopting instead. You can find puppies, adults, seniors, or those with special needs by visiting dog rescue centers. 

You’re saving a lot of money compared to purchasing a puppy from breeders and making a huge difference in the community. Every dog you adopt means making room for another rescue. If you’re up for this commitment, this dog adoption directory is for you. 

10 Dog Rescues in South West England Where You Can Adopt a Dog

1. K9focus

K9’s focus is committed to rescuing abandoned and unwanted dogs. Part of their mission is to raise awareness of the plight of many dogs dumped in pounds across the area, given only seven days before they’re euthanized

Recently, they have built specialized kennels at the center near Torrington to help rehome more dogs that require immediate assistance. On top of that is another program that enables owners who can no longer take care of their pets to transfer their dogs directly to a new home. 

Certainly, all of their animal companions are loving, loyal, and with even temperaments. Depending on which dog suits your lifestyle and preferences, you can choose to adopt one of any age, breed, or size. 

They also have bonded dogs. These should be adopted together for a special adoption fee.

How to contact K9focus:

Website: K9focus

Address: Shepherds View, Lower Hill, St. Giles, Torrington, Devon, EX38 7JU

Phone: +44 7971 461806

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

2. Margaret Green Animal Rescue

Margaret Green Animal Rescue has been finding homes since 1965. They act as a bridge to loving, responsible homes for dogs who have been surrendered due to various circumstances. Of course, they also take in mistreated, neglected, or abused pets. 

The fido immediately receives veterinary care and thorough rehabilitation when they rescue a dog. Most of their animals are microchipped, vaccinated, treated against fleas and worms, and spayed or neutered before they’re brought to their new homes. 

Although it’s always good news to find a new home willing to take care of their dogs, MGAR ensures that the family and the pooch match each other. 

If you’re up to adopting one of their dogs or puppies, their adoption fee will depend on where you got it from. If it’s from their Lincoln farm, dogs are over £300. Meanwhile, dogs from Wingletang are £250. 

They also have adoptable guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, and chickens in their sanctuaries. 

How to contact Margaret Green Animal Rescue:

Website: Margaret Green Animal Rescue

Address: Church Knowle, Wareham, Dorset BH20 5NQ

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

3. Animal Rescue Centre

Animal Rescue Center provides rescue, relief, and rehoming opportunities for lost, unwanted, and abandoned pet companions in the area. In 2013, ARC opened 16 kennels and an ancillary building to continue its mission of rescuing dogs. 

With just celebrating its 50th anniversary in May 2022, ARC has made a significant impact on the welfare of animals in its community. 

As of this writing, there are three wonderful canines available for rehoming. Determine if any of them are suited for your family and home, and set up an appointment if one of them catches your interest. 

If you want to help further, you can sponsor a kennel, support them as you shop, or give gifts for their animals. 

How to contact Animal Rescue Centre:

Website: Animal Rescue Centre

Phone: +44 01404 815487 

Email: [email protected]

4. Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue

Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue has been running for over 30 years already. This dog rescue has successfully saved over 34,000 animals ranging from birds, cats, and dogs. 

Although they were extremely focused on getting animals rehomed, Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue also valiantly campaigned for animal rights. Some of their notable highlights include saving around 50 Beagles that were almost set for vivisection abroad.

They borrowed £15,000 to rescue these hounds, which was a success. They further raised £37,000 to save 127 more. Meanwhile, in 2004, the founders headed to Sri Lanka following a tsunami and helped rescue several dogs. 

Various significant events took place and brought them to where they are now. Their work has expanded, and more needy animals have been given the care, love, and support they need. 

How to contact Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue:

Website: Somerset and Dorset Animal Rescue

Address: Balsam Farm, Common rd, Wincanton, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7989 788094

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

5. Starfish Dog Rescue

Starfish Dog Rescue is a small group that started out by helping some dogs in and around the area. Currently, it is laser-focused on helping the dogs in the United Kingdom, especially since its volunteers are growing in larger numbers.

The dogs they rescue are fostered in their homes instead of being housed in a facility. This way, they receive enough socialization, training, attention, and love from the family. This also prepares them once they’re adopted by a responsible family. 

Since starting up in 2012, Starfish Dog Rescue has helped countless fidos in need. They have received all the basic medical needs required, such as vaccinations, microchipping, flea and worm treatments, and even surgeries for those with heart problems

Get to know the dogs they have available. The adoption fee is only £300. This helps cover the initial expenses of taking care of the dog you choose to adopt. 

How to contact Starfish Dog Rescue:

Website: Starfish Dog Rescue

Address: Stroud, United Kingdom



You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

6. Cheltenham Animal Shelter

Cheltenham Animal Shelter is one of the oldest rescue groups since it commenced in 1926. They rescue stray dogs, cats, and small animals from across Gloucestershire. Not only do they do that but as well as take in owner-surrenders and provide rehoming opportunities.

Each year, there are about 650 animals that go through their doors. Taking care of them is done through support and help from the community. These animals, along with their rehabilitation, receive veterinary treatments to ensure they’re well and fit to be adopted in the future.

This guarantees that the dog you’re adopting from here is healthy and is just waiting for its forever home. 

An adoption fee of £250 is required To adopt a puppy. The same amount applies to bonded dogs. Meanwhile, dogs over eight months are only £150. Before that is a £20 fee to reserve a dog. 

How to contact Cheltenham Animal Shelter:

Website: Cheltenham Animal Shelter

Address: Stroud, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7980 934164

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

7. Little Valley

Little Valley advocates for the welfare of animals. It’s the beacon of hope for those who have been neglected, maltreated, and abused. Their work primarily circles around rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals while promoting kindness and support to these pets. 

Aside from this work, they have opened several avenues to help them get more driven in reaching out to paws in need. Supporters can shop through their website or consider donating. All these funds go directly into their mission to save animals in need. 

Now, whether you want to adopt a dog, cat, guinea pig, or other animals, Little Valley has something for you. Of course, it takes time to get to know your prospective pet companion. Nonetheless, the process of adopting an animal is easy and worth it. 

How to contact Little Valley:

Website: Little Valley

Address: Gardners Lane GL51 9JW Cheltenham, UK

Phone: +44 1242 523521

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

8. Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

Woodside Animal Welfare Trust is based on the outskirts of Plymouth in Devon. Her Majesty, The Queen recognized this sanctuary as an MBE in 2002. 

In its compound are young and healthy pets and residents with low chances of getting adopted. They also take in sick or ill pets. Their animals are mainly composed of but not limited to cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, sheep, sheep, goats, and pigs. 

Prospective adopters are encouraged to thoroughly assess themselves if they’re ready for dog ownership. On top of that, pet owners are urged to get their animal companions spayed or neutered to avoid unwanted litters over the years. 

How to contact Woodside Animal Welfare Trust:

Website: Woodside Animal Welfare Trust

Address: Elfordleigh, Plympton, Plymouth, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1752 347503

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

9. Cornwall and South Devon Boxer Rescue  

Are you fond of the Boxer dog breed? The Cornwall and South Devon Boxer Rescue have several Boxers waiting to be adopted. This group relies heavily on volunteers, yet they have ensured that these canines are well-taken care of. 

With their passion for this dog breed, the CSDBR ensures that their dogs go to their best-matched families. They do a thorough home check to see if the environment is fit to accommodate a Boxer dog. 

If one of their adoptable Boxers caught your attention and your family and home are ready, fill out an adoption application form to start the process immediately. Remember, owning a dog is a commitment, especially when you have a Boxer that requires a strong leader. 

How to contact Cornwall and South Devon Boxer Rescue  :

Website: Cornwall and South Devon Boxer Rescue  

Address: Unit 2, Penstraze Business Centre, Penstraze, Truro TR4 8PN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7528 757137

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook

10. Animals in Distress

Animals in Distress is a sanctuary of pets in need in South Devon. Each year, they take in over 600 homeless, abandoned, or unwanted dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. 

While some animals have come to the shelter for these reasons, others were led to Animals in Distress due to relationship breakdowns, financial hardships, or illness. 

Understanding that these scenarios happen, the organization vows to take care of these animals to the best of its abilities. 

When you bring home a dog or other animal from this group, your pet is ensured to have been fully vetted, neutered, treated for worms and fleas, microchipped, sterilized, and even trained. 

This way, the pet companion can seamlessly adjust to their new home environments. That said, success in its relationship with its adopters is likely.

How to contact Animals in Distress:

Website: Animals in Distress

Address: Biltor, Edgelands Lane, Ipplepen, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 5UF

Phone: +44 1803 812121

Email: [email protected]

You may also reach out through their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

All these dog rescues based in South West England pass our standards, so feel free to return to this detailed directory once you’ve decided to adopt a rescued dog.