Dogs That Look Like a German Shepherd: Meet 13 Breeds!

If there’d be any dog breed that can be described as majestic, fierce, loyal, and hardworking, then that would be no other than the German Shepherd. He’s a pleasant pet at home and a diligent all-purpose worker in the field.

He’s not just a mere delightful sight for many dog lovers. The GSD is renowned for his unmatched noble character which makes it reasonable why he’s the second most popular dog in the United States.

Certainly, he’s the envy of any other breed in the dogdom. However, if the looks and traits of this dog aren’t enough, then there are 13 more choices to choose from. Get to know them one by one and find out which German-looking breed is right for you!

1. King Shepherd 

We are definitely starting it off with the dog that looks the most like the German Shepherd– the King Shepherd! The obvious similarity in their names should be enough hint to suggest that they’d appear closely the same too. 

Go for the King Shepherd if you like massive pets. This dog is basically the offspring of the German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, and the Malamute. Once he reaches his full adult size, the King Shepherd can reach at least 150 pounds!

Despite not being a purebred GSD, the King Shepherd can still be trained for herding. The cattle will think twice before messing up with such an enormous farmhand. This dog is also incredibly loyal, sweet, and intelligent. Pleasing his owners is of utmost importance hence the earnestness to excel in his tasks.

2. Belgian Malinois

Don’t ever get a Belgian Malinois if your energy levels are low. This is quite an intense breed to have and his endurance is often used as an advantage which is why, as the GSD, he’s also seen working in the military or the police department.

When trained to chase down fugitives, the last thing anyone would want is to see a Belgian Malinois running after them. They excel in whatever task that’s given to them and bravery is part of their hallmarks.

Though both the GSD and the Belgian Malinois are quite alike in lots of ways, they are actually, in no way, related to each other. Also, one significant difference evident when they’re compared to each other is their coat. 

3. East European Shepherd

While it’s true that the GSD is a perfect guard dog in his own right, this title isn’t exclusive to him. He shares this with the Russian dog that has been bred to defend or protect the Soviet Union– the East European Shepherd or also known as the Byelorussian Shepherd.

The goal of developing this dog is to create a larger working canine that can withstand harsh climates and weather conditions. Primarily, the East European Shepherd is intended for military and police work.

To explain his appearance, this superb Russian canine was created by mating the regular GSD with Russian Husky-types. Therefore, the resulting litter is genetically expected to be taller and resistant to cold.

4. Belgian Tervuren Shepherd

Though the GSD breed is perfect just the way it is, preferences would really impact the decision-making when it comes to choosing which pet to bring to your home. A smaller version of the GSD is its cousin, the Belgian Tervuren Shepherd.

This breed has a slightly pointier and longer snout with the same GSD-like coat and upright ears. It’s a fact that the GSD is one of the most energetic dogs out there, but it’s quite not that of a match for the Belgian Tervuren Shepherd.

Endless games and activities are heavens for this dog and the moment is best spent with his family. His possessiveness may show a lot but this character is mostly rooted down in his deep affection for his loved ones.

5. Shiloh Shepherd

Photo from: raising_ravyn_shiloh_shepherd (IG)

Another larger GSD version has been developed and out came the relatively new dog called the Shiloh Shepherd. He’s a cross between the Alaskan Malamute and the GSD so expect him to be much larger by about 2 inches if he’s compared with the Standard German Shepherd.

Shiloh Shepherd owners can attest that their pet dogs have fluffier coats in contrast to the common complaint heard from GSD owners who wished their dog’s coat was denser. He may be a hybrid dog, but most of the time, the GSD genes are just too strong than that of the Malamute.

Intelligence remains topnotch and the Shiloh Shepherd can become a natural therapy dog or an aid in search and rescue operations. He’s been around since the 1970s and finding this dog can be a challenge as he is rare.

6. Dutch Shepherd

In proportions, the Dutch Shepherd might look like a miniature GSD or a wolf. The size doesn’t lessen this breed’s intimidating factor, however, and the last thing you’d want is to mess up with him.

His likeness in appearance to the ever-popular GSD is due to them being close cousins. Unfortunately, the Dutch Shepherd is less known all over the world. He may exhibit a stubborn nature due to his thirst for independence. This quality is a good thing though as this helps him become excellent as a herding dog who can make his own decisions.

With his limitless zest, the best thing any owner can do is to bring this dog wherever you go. It’s a plus if you frequent the field. Let him discover his potential and he’ll grow up to be the best buddy on the planet.

7. American Alsatian

Photo from: jomaldonado428 (IG)

Initially, the American Alsatian came about in 1988 with Schwarz’s initiative. The first dogs of this kind were originally bred from the GSD and the Alaskan Malamute, but later on, other breeds were introduced into the line. 

For the purpose of getting this dog to have big bones and shorter muzzles and tails, the English Mastiff’s ancestry runs down this dog’s veins. The diversity of the American Alsatian’s heritage made him have the possibility of looking more like a wolf or simply resembling your regular GSD.

Without a doubt, this dog is sizable, but don’t ever think of making him a guard dog. American Alsatians are people-oriented and their wariness levels are relatively low. Their clumsiness would also be hard to take seriously, so if a guard dog is what you need, then he might not be the right fit.

8. Bohemian Shepherd

Despite the close resemblance to the GSD, the Bohemian Shepherd is actually a distinct breed and he hails from the Czech Republic. He’s practically a useful sheepdog, but unfortunately, his kind is not popular nor is he recognized anywhere outside his country.

Him, bearing the hallmarks of the GSD is elucidated by them being close relatives. The Bohemian Shepherd is expected to be much smaller with a longer coat, majestic, brave, and superb in every way.

He’s got a strong work ethic provided he’s been trained. His keen sense of smell makes him a wonderful rescue buddy even in calamities like an avalanche or earthquakes.

9. Carpathian Shepherd

This Shepherd dog is named after his land. He’s basically Roman and he was mainly used to guard the herd, houses, or families in the Carpathian mountains. Just like the GSD, it can be said that he’s a natural guard dog with an intelligence and bravery level that can’t be underestimated.

The markings of the Carpathian Shepherd aren’t the same as the GSD, but the demeanor, dignified look, and observant eyes scream a certain alikeness. Speculations even suggest that he’s got a Carpathian wolf’s blood in him. 

Whether or not that’s the case, it’s best not to annoy him. He’s obedient toward his family but there’s only one person in the house whom he’ll give the most of his respect to. 

10. Groenendaels

Also known as the Belgian Sheepdog, the Groenendaels hails from Belgium and is one of the four varieties of Sheepdogs. Most dogs of this type often exhibit a timid and shy nature, but these aren’t obstacles for them in exerting their pure hard work and dedication when fulfilling tasks. 

The coat of the Belgian Sheepdog is glossy and long, much like the GSD but in some shades natural to him, there’s no saddle appearing on his back. This truly majestic breed is not just pleasing to the eyes. His remarkable intelligence is legendary and it has to be honed regularly.

As this breed gives it its all in its work, the only thing they need as a return from their owners is their dedication to keep them happy, loved, and encouraged.

11. Caucasian Shepherd

The Caucasian Shepherd is not really that much of a stretch when it comes to comparing his similarity in appearance with the GSD. Not only do they have the same menacing vibe, the Caucasian Shepherd also exudes certain personality traits that are also evident to the GSD.

This is one fearless and protective canine, extremely capable of defending his family, home, and territory. He may not have the famous GSD ears, but he shouldn’t be doubted when it comes to being alert.

The dense, fluffy coat of this dog is excellent in keeping him warm even if the temperature drops to its lowest. At home when it’s warm, he loves to cuddle with older children or his owners. 

12. Northern Inuit

You may have seen the Northern Inuit in Dogs That Look Like a Husky and Dogs That Look Like a Wolf. This time, his resemblance comes close to the GSD. It could be due to his perky ears, build, coat quality and bushy tail carried low between his hocks. 

The markings, however, are enough of a distinct identity that tells he’s not a GSD. he may have a rough appearance, but the personality is quite the opposite. He’s gentle and devoted toward his family members. 

His appearance is due to him being linked to the GSD. But, we can’t ignore other contributions from other wolf hybrids, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and Samoyeds. 

13. Miniature German Shepherd

This article won’t be complete without including the Miniature German Shepherd! The smaller stature is achieved by crossing the GSD with a Border Collie or a Poodle. With that being said, the appearance may indeed vary, but some of the offspring will look a lot more like the GSD.

Despite the size, the Miniature GSD remains robust, agile, and athletic. He’s playful when around kids (as long as he’s been properly socialized) and a real mini property guardian when nobody’s at home. 

With his GSD lineage, his sharp and questioning intelligence and remarkable work ethics are passed down to this designer dog.