Dogs That Look Like Puppies Forever: 18 Evergreen Pooches

If you have watched The Boss Baby movie, then chances are that you have seen the part where loads of forever puppies were used to threaten the main characters. The pooches featured looked adorable!

No question, all dogs are endearing in their own ways, but a good number of breeds seem to retain their puppy appearances even when they’ve reached adulthood. Clearly, it’s a plus as we would sometimes wish our pets would never grow up and just stay minute and easy to carry!

Go nowhere else than here if you’re in search of the next puppy-looking dog as we have listed all 18 breeds with their pictures and details. 

1. Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher or Min Pin for short is a German breed that has endless levels of spirit despite the contrasting size. He’s considerably small as he only weighs around 8 to 10 pounds and reaches a height of 10 to 12.5 inches.

It’s a big factor that he’s got low proportions in build. After all, we tend to associate being cute with size. Surprisingly, he wasn’t bred only for him to be carried and pampered by his owners. The Min Pin used to hunt down rats and other rodents, keeping the house and property free from unwanted critters.

As time went by, the breed gradually developed from being a predator to a family companion. His natural instincts are still showing though such as being inquisitive and energetic.

2. Lancashire Heeler

This intelligent, alert, and trainable Lancashire Heeler only weighs around 9 to 17 pounds. It makes it even better as he loves to be affectionate with his owners, so cuddles can be expected from him. His ancestors include the Manchester Terrier and the Welsh Corgi which is fairly obvious considering his longer than tall body.

The short, weather-proof coat only comes in black or liver and tan with no markings present. His small stature makes him look like he’s not growing at all! You may want to spoil him as he tempts you with his cuteness but don’t forget that this dog can be trained for ratting and rabbiting.

Lancashire Heelers are also noted for their Heeler version of a human smile whenever they feel content and relaxed around their families. 

3. Chihuahua

When we hear about the word Chihuahua, our minds automatically draw a picture of what this dog looks like. He’s small, certainly puppy-like, and has two varieties of looks– the smooth and long-haired Chis.

Puppies are generally known to have striking large and rounded eyes and the same features are retained by the Chihuahua even until he reaches the geriatric stage. The small, pointed snout and two large ears also contribute to his delightful appearance. 

Although it won’t be too straining to carry him, it’s wiser to know how he’d react to it first. Some Chis detest being carried unless he’s used to it. Remember, this is a dog known to have a very strong personality.

4. Corgi

Another pooch that looks like a puppy forever is a herding dog known as the Corgi. He’s one familiar sight as Queen Elizabeth shows her fondness for the breed by owning not just one but several of it. Corgis are skilled in leading cattle and would nip them in the ankle if ever the direction goes the wrong way.

To note, a Corgi puppy and an adult one have similar coat colors so it can be hard to distinguish the age of this dog unless you consider the size difference. Since this pooch is full of zest, the right owner must be able to match his levels of energy.

You’ll never get bored of having this dog. He’ll keep you busy and entertained with his funny antics, especially if he’s out there in the yard.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Next up is another evergreen puppy with a remarkable pair of ears that look like a female’s long hair put to the sides. Each year, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel keeps on growing in popularity but it seems to be not the case when it comes to his age and appearance.

This small dog of about 13 to 18 pounds has a terrific personality fit for anyone who’s into playful and loving pets. A few of the breed’s hallmarks include his expressive large, rounded eyes, silky rich coat, and distinct ears that gracefully rests near his cheeks.

The breed gets along very well with kids and dogs but this is mostly the result of early and proper socialization. 

6. Maltese

This typically white dog of Malta will always maintain his delightful puppy-looking qualities for as long as he lives. His shaggy, yet clean coat may even make you confuse him for a stuffed toy!

His puppy appearance may sometimes depend on how he’s groomed too, by the way, so if that’s your goal, make sure you consider well how he should look and let the groomer know about it.

While some breeds of puppies are born heavy, the Maltese ideally reaches 7 pounds only during adulthood. If that isn’t pleasing enough for dog lovers who want forever puppies, I don’t know what is.

7. Toy Fox Terrier

Fanciers say that you should go for the Toy Fox Terrier if you want to witness a pooch that looks like a toy and acts like a Terrier. The breed loves to have fun by pouring out his energy on whatever activities you give him or simply settling on your lap and snoozing.

He may look quite sizable in pictures, but you’ll end up looking surprised once you see him in person. To add, he ideally weighs around 4 to 9 pounds only with a height that goes from 8.5 to 11.5 inches.

Not only does this four-legged buddy stay small in his entire life but also retains most of his puppy-like characteristics over time too.

8. French Bulldog

Having a dog seems to be more preferred than having a baby right away for many couples. The French Bulldog is one easy-going breed that loves to be part of his family at all times.

Clearly, he’s not the last when it comes to popularity and the fame just keeps soaring. Since we’re after puppy-type breeds, we have to admit that the Frenchie fits the descriptions well. He’s small yet stocky plus his large ears make his face appear even smaller.

9. Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is one of the world’s most well-loved dog breeds. He’s sometimes crossed with a Poodle and the puppy is called the Cockapoo. Not only is this pooch a great hunting dog, but he also excels when it comes to being a family companion. 

Appearance-wise, his vibrant circle eyes exhibit an expressive nature and the muzzle is smoothly non-extreme. As he weighs only 20 to 30 pounds, anyone can easily lift him up like a puppy indeed.

With kids, getting along is effortless and the same can be said if he’s trained to become an athlete.

10. Beagle

Puppies may sometimes make lots of noises and no other breed can match the frequency than the Beagle. This floppy-eared dog is a favorite not just in the United States but all over the world. He’s known for his deep, soulful howls and other distinct noises.

His history also includes hunting. His sense of smell is superb and he can pick up any faint scent without too much effort. He’s only 13 inches below to 15 inches in height and those proportions qualify him on this list.

Sometimes, you may see Beagles who are overweight. Puppies love to eat and this trait seems to be carried on by the breed even during adulthood.

11. Pomeranian

Have you ever seen a Pomeranian in person yet? If not, you better should. This is a highly recommended breed if you’re looking to keep a dog that looks like a puppy forever. In fact, he’s deemed a dog version of a mini-lion thanks to his protruding mane!

Pom-poms are always a favorite of commoners and even royals in the past and present times. The dark eyes, smiling faces, and fluffy coats are just too irresistible to ignore. 

As an outgoing dog, he’s best suited for extroverted owners.

12. Pug

Pugs exhibit a French Bulldog-type of appearance. The distinction comes when coat colors are discussed, however. The Pug pooch only features the typical black and fawn shades, but it’s definitely not bland or boring to the eyes. 

This compact dog has a smushed-in muzzle making him fall under brachycephalic breeds. He also is related to the Mastiffs although he’s quite unique for his considerably smaller size.

The size and the cheeky expressions of a Pug really do make him look like a puppy forever despite the appearance of a few wrinkles on his face.

13. Shih Tzu

For several decades, we have been delighted by the fluffy, adorable looks of the Asian breed, the Shih Tzu! His sweet expression is sometimes matched by his happy-go-lucky temperament and mischievousness which several puppies are known for.

He’s practically solid despite the small size and lightness in weight, not to forget about his colorful coat shades in black, gold, white, liver, red, and more. Expect him to act affectionately around children and thorough socialization will also make him get along well with your other pets.

14. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie, as some would affectionately call him, has distinct physical traits that include a contrasting color on his back and a round face. He may either have his long hair or the trimmed one– it all depends on his owner’s preference.

Either way, this pooch earns a spot on this list. His small head, perky ears, and build are just too cute to comprehend. There’s a reason why he ranks 10th in the breed popularity conducted by the American Kennel Club!

15. Papillon

Even with the name, you know you won’t get disappointed after seeing how a Papillon dog looks. This toy-sized dog only weighs 5 to 10 pounds and that alone would cause an impression that he might look like a puppy forever.

His stature doesn’t keep him from showing off his unmatched athleticism and the beauty is not just there for a mere display. This tiny dog has wing-shaped ears perfect for those who want a unique-looking dog.

As the AKC would say, the Papillion is a small dog for all seasons. 

16. Samoyed

If you want a pet that looks like a puppy but is quite bigger than the ones we have listed already, the Samoyed would be your best choice. He looks like a teddy bear too, thanks to his typically white fluffy and dense coat.

The eyes are strikingly delightful and his perpetual smile can’t be ignored. He’s smart, mischievous, and friendly for the most part. Unlike the real deal of a puppy, the Samoyed, as a full-grown dog, can withstand harsh weather conditions, so that’s another plus.

17. Toy Poodle

Who would forget about the Toy Poodle? This dog is always used for crossbreeding hence we have Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Goldendoodle, and Labradoodle. 

The breed has a small head, black sparkly eyes, a delicate muzzle, and an adorable button nose. Toy Poodles are recognized by the AKC and they’re really smaller in comparison to the standard and medium types.

18. Cavapoo

The one that garners the last spot is the Cavapoo dog– a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. The combination is just incredibly a match as out came this adorable puppy-looking dog who’s known mostly for his gentle expression, wiry coat, and folded ears.

Just like a puppy, the Cavapoo is curious, playful by nature, and intelligent. He’s a great lapdog too and guaranteed your legs won’t feel sore after hours of having him on your lap.