Dogs That Look Like Stuffed Animals: 15 Adorable Dog Breeds!

While it’s true that any dog, no matter what breed, can make anyone get hooked on its many appealing traits, it hits it differently if you see a pooch that resembles a stuffed animal. Although a stuffed toy is inanimate and dogs are alive, they both have a lot in common and that includes being excellent cuddlers.

Our urge to squeeze, pinch, and bite whenever we see something adorable is called “cute aggression”. Ready yourself to experience this feeling as we present to you 15 endearing breeds that might look like your childhood stuffed animal.

Get to know them all and decide which one among them might be your best cuddly canine!

1. Bichon Frise 

The Bichon Frise breed may be a popular choice for hypersensitive dog lovers thanks to his “hypoallergenic coat”. However, what makes him a common dog for households is his pleasantly captivating face that can instantly make one’s heart melt. 

It even makes it perfect considering that this pooch is a small breed. His compactness means you can easily carry him in your arms and roam the house pretending he’s your baby in a dog’s body. It’s just like how a kid would do with his favorite stuffed animal.

This dog’s sweet disposition appeals to novice owners. Training is far from difficult as well as he’s generally eager to please and smart. Maintenance-wise, he only requires frequent grooming. He loves to be around kids and other pets, and most especially with you.

2. Goldendoodle

There’s no stopping the Doodle breeds from getting popular in the US. One that we always hear about is the Goldendoodle. This pooch is a result of crossbreeding the Golden Retriever and the ever-popular Poodle, hence the name. 

The facial appearance of this dog is described to be gentle, warm, and darling which is how a kid would feel once he sees his favorite stuffed toy after a whole day being at school. 

When raised right, the Goldendoodle will exhibit a fun, friendly, and loving personality that makes him a great dog for novice and first-time owners. Not only is he cute but also intelligent, so consider making his mind and body active and busy to avoid bad behaviors like chewing and barking.

3. Chow Chow

Stuffed animals are known for their fluffy and thick coat and one that perfectly matches these characteristics is the Chow Chow breed that originates from China. Right off the bat, you can immediately notice that a lot of his facial features are incredibly charming.

This stuffed animal-looking pooch has an abundant coat perfect for squishing and cuddling. His eyes are somewhat rounded and the ears look fluffy as well. Chow Chows have a peculiar feature which is a blue-black tongue. This isn’t alarming though as such a trait is natural to the dog.

Even though this breed may make you want to shower him with your love, a typical Chow Chow dislikes being in your lap all the time. He acts like a cat and would prefer having a distance between you and him.

4. Poochon

Combining the Bichon Frise and the Poodle will unsurprisingly result in another cute stuffed animal-looking dog called the Poochon! This popular Doodle mix has a wonderful coat texture that barely sheds. The first thing we’d notice from him though is his teddy bear-esque look which not a lot can ignore.

If you’re looking for a small four-legged buddy that’s easy to maintain, trainable, and loving, you have to consider getting this pooch. He’s high on energy levels too despite his minute size.

Owners have to give him loads of love and attention as the dog can be prone to separation anxiety. Overall, it’s not at all hard to love this dog.

5. Pomeranian

Stuffed animals are sometimes the imitations of real animals we find cute but not domestic. However, you can bring a bear home as long as it’s a Pomeranian. This extremely well-known breed undeniably carries the resemblance to the cuddly bear thanks to his fluffy coat, round eyes, and cute button nose.

Pom-poms are small and can be feisty if they are trained to become watchdogs. At times, their bark is bigger than their bite, but who wouldn’t find that adorable and silly? 

Due to their friendly nature, Pom-poms generally don’t find it hard to socialize. But, sometimes, they may end up verbally attacking another dog! It’s simply their big dog personality showing.

6. Cockapoo

The beautiful mix of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle is known as the Cockapoo. Anyone would love to be around such a dog as he’s often regarded to be bright and happy.

The attractive shaggy coat that wraps around his body is what really makes him look like a stuffed animal, more so if he looks at you without moving for a while! 

Compared to other Doodle breeds, some Cockapoos may come in smaller proportions. It’s great news to some who are delighted by small pooches.

Since he has a Poodle heritage, a Cockapoo dog won’t shed a lot, saving allergy sufferers from experiencing a huge risk to their health. It’s hard not to like this dog as he exhibits the whole package a lot of fanciers look for in a four-legged companion.

7. Poodle

After having listed a few Doodle breeds, of course, we have to include the Poodle! In fact, anyone who’s in search of a stuffed animal-looking dog would usually think about going for this breed due to the uncanny resemblance.

This pooch comes in three types namely the toy, miniature, and standard. Regardless of what size you prefer, the appearance stays consistent. To describe, Poodles have soft, curly hair, big, round eyes, a nose that’s great for bopping, and well-mannered dispositions.

Poodles feature different cuts hence why they are sometimes deemed high-maintenance, grand, and imposing. First-time owners can have a dog of this breed as he’s smart and remarkably obedient. You won’t go wrong by choosing this breed.

8. Shih Tzu

The word Shih Tzu means “little lion” but this dog breed looks more like a stuffed animal than a lion cub. You can see him often sporting different hair accessories on top of his head to keep his long coat or fringe at bay.

Training this dog can be quite tricky. Hence establishing the rules and making sure your pet is properly trained is not only essential but also beneficial. 

Prepare to start your mornings with a Shih Tzu acting as your alarm clock. He’s delightful, quirky, and funny. Intelligence is superb too and he can participate and excel in agility sports.

9. Cavapoo

Next up is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle Mix otherwise known as the Cavapoo. Just like all other designer dogs, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize him as an official breed.

Regardless of that, it doesn’t really matter to most people who only want a dog to accompany them in their daily lives. Have a pleasant face to look at every day if you choose a Cavapoo. 

Who wouldn’t fall in love with his handsome and charming looks though? A true sight to behold with his curly hair that would invite you for a cuddle or a pet. This dog does well with someone who can train him and has loads of attention to give.

10. Schnoodle

A pretty interesting name that pops up every time we think about dogs that look like stuffed animals is the Schnoodle. Basically, he’s a mix of a Schnauzer and a Poodle. 

Schnoodles are known to have a distinct appearance with a bit of a beard feature around their muzzles. His eyes are dark, bright, and inquisitive, and his coat curly and shaggy.

Those characteristics are just second to his striking resemblance to stuffed toys, however. Schnoodles are charming in every angle and you might even be tempted to squish him every minute which is no problem as he loves being the center of attention.

11. Maltese

The Maltese breed sports different coat types, but for this category we’re on, the ones with short, furry coats would look close to a stuffed animal or even a teddy bear!

Just like your childhood toys, a Maltese would love being placed in the lap with a few kisses here and there. He’s a velcro dog, in other words, and you’ll often find him beside his favorite human. 

Take note that this is a sensitive canine. Although you can leave a stuffed animal in your bed for hours, you can’t do the same for this breed. As a playful pup, the owner must give him opportunities to run, jump, and play.

12. Maltipoo

Another popular cross is the Maltipoo. He’s the offspring of the Maltese and the Toy or Miniature Poodle. With these two adorable breeds, you’re set to see an even more appealing and sweet-looking dog.

Maltipoos generally look like the smaller version of the Goldendoodle and just like the mentioned Doodle breed, the Maltipoo is a doppelgänger of your childhood stuffed animal. 

The perk of having this pooch is that you’re about to witness a dog that never acts or grows old in a sense. He’s forever playful, mischievous, and clingy. Apart from that, his face almost always remains puppy-looking.

13. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie, as some would often affectionately call the Yorkshire Terrier breed, features a multicolored long coat that has the same appearance and texture as a stuffed animal’s. Just try placing him in a pile of stuffed toys and you’ll agree.

Should you go for this amazing breed, you have to be prepared for a few challenges. He’s great for first-time owners, but he can’t be left on his own for so long. That means you have to carry or have him with you all the time just as a kid would with his favorite toy. 

When around other kids and pets, a Yorkie can act a bit unpredictable or scared, but this can be resolved through thorough socialization.

14. Cocker Spaniel

Unlike most of what we have on the list, Cocker Spaniels are predisposed to be a little larger. This natural bird hunter aid has a stuffed animal-like coat type and texture, soulful eyes, and endearing facial expressions. 

Puppies look more like stuffed toys compared to how they are as adults. Nonetheless, their cuteness doesn’t diminish. Also, although cute dogs look like they’re manageable, not all of them would mean they’re the right breed for you.

Take the Cocker Spaniel for example. As this breed matures, he’s most likely going to feel irritable and ill-tempered. Experienced owners can manage that well over someone who’s still about to know how this breed behaves.

15. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apsos, despite their silly size, are highly protective of their owners and even homes. The breed sports different coat types and lengths, but those who flaunt a shorter look make them bear the hallmarks of a stuffed animal.

When this dog relaxes and lets his tongue out, you’ll see his highly approachable appearance. But make no mistake because if he doesn’t find you familiar, it can become chaotic.

Another characteristic that makes Lhasa Apsos qualify on this list is their size. They weigh around 12 to 18 pounds only so that would surely not make your arms sore after carrying him in your arms for minutes.