How to Stop Your French Bulldog from Eating Poop

First, to stop your French Bulldog from eating poop, identify the cause, which may be dietary, behavioral, or health-related. Ensure they eat a balanced diet, including high-quality pet food, enough nutrients, and appropriate portion sizes. Third, proactively avoid boredom or anxiety by engaging them in regular physical and mental stimulation, such as playtime, walks, or positive reinforcement training.

Additionally, maintain a clean environment by promptly picking up and disposing of poop, not only from your French Bulldog but also from other animals. Using taste deterrents, like commercial products or household items like pineapple or hot sauce, on feces can also be beneficial. Consult a veterinarian if the behavior persists, as this might signify health issues requiring medical attention.

Understanding the Behavior

French Bulldogs eating poop is a common behavior many pet owners find concerning. However, it is important to understand that this behavior is not uncommon and can be caused by various factors. Understanding the reasons behind this behavior can help pet owners take steps to prevent it from happening in the future.

One of the most common reasons that French Bulldogs eat poop is due to a medical condition. Gastrointestinal issues, dietary deficiencies, and parasites can all cause a dog to eat feces. If a pet owner suspects their French Bulldog has a medical problem, they should consult a veterinarian.

Another reason French Bulldogs may eat poop is boredom or anxiety. If a pet owner does not provide enough mental stimulation or exercise for their dog, they may eat poop to relieve stress or boredom. Providing more exercise and mental stimulation can help prevent this behavior in these cases.

Additionally, some French Bulldogs may simply enjoy the taste and smell of feces. This is more common in puppies and younger dogs who are still exploring their environment and may not have developed a strong aversion to the smell and taste of poop. In these cases, pet owners can take steps to prevent access to feces, such as cleaning up immediately after their dog poops.

Preventing Poop Eating

French Bulldogs are notorious for eating poop, but several ways exist to prevent this behavior.


One of the reasons French Bulldogs eat poop is that they are not getting enough nutrients from their food. To prevent this, ensure your French Bulldog eats a high-quality, nutrient-dense diet. Consider switching to a different brand or type of food if necessary. Additionally, try feeding your dog smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day instead of one or two large meals.


Keeping your yard clean is crucial in preventing your French Bulldog from eating poop. Make sure to pick up after your dog regularly and dispose of the poop in a sealed bag. Additionally, keep your dog’s living area clean and free of waste.

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

French Bulldogs who are bored or under-stimulated may eat poop out of sheer boredom. To prevent this, ensure your dog gets enough exercise and mental stimulation. Take your dog for daily walks and play games with them to keep them mentally stimulated.


Training your French Bulldog is essential in preventing poop eating behavior. Teach your dog the “leave it” command and reward them when they obey. Additionally, supervise your dog outside and redirect their attention if they show interest in eating poop.

Following these tips, you can prevent your French Bulldog from eating poop and ensure they live a healthy, happy life.

Addressing the Behavior

If a French Bulldog is eating poop, addressing the behavior as soon as possible is important. Eating poop can be difficult to reverse since it is a self-rewarding behavior. However, several steps can be taken to discourage this behavior.

One of the first things that can be done is to ensure there is no animal waste in the yard at all times. This means picking up after the dog immediately after they defecate and disposing of it properly. Keeping the yard clean and free of debris or other items that may attract the dog’s attention is also important.

Another step that can be taken is to try a higher quality dog food. If the dog is not getting the proper nutrients from their diet, they may be more likely to eat poop. Talk to a veterinarian about switching the dog to a higher quality food designed for growing puppies or French Bulldogs with sensitive stomachs.

If the dog is eating poop due to boredom or anxiety, providing enough exercise and mental stimulation is important. This can be done by taking the dog for walks, playing with them, and providing them with toys and other items to keep them occupied.

In some cases, it may be necessary to use a deterrent to discourage the dog from eating poop. This can be done by adding a supplement to their diet that makes their poop taste bad or by using a spray or other product that makes the poop unappetizing.

Overall, addressing the behavior of a French Bulldog eating poop requires patience and persistence. By taking the steps outlined above, it is possible to discourage this behavior and help the dog develop healthier habits.