How Fast Can a Dogo Argentino Run? Their Speed + 5 Ways to Improve It

A Dogo Argentino has an average speed of around 25.6 mph. They’re not the fastest, but their speed level is considered decent and enough to chase after any quarry. After all, part of their breeding process was to become excellent hunting dogs that could run fast after wild boars and other animals.

Regularly, the AKC conducts timed races for dogs of all breeds. Looking into the available data, you’ll get to find out how the Dogo Argentino’s momentum is compared to other canines and other runners known worldwide. 

If you’re also planning to get your Dogo to join racing contests, we have 5 effective tips you can follow to get them sprinting incredibly. 

Speed: Dogo Argentino vs Other Breeds

Before we are able to compare the Dogo Argentino’s speed rate with other dogs, it’s important to know their potential. Aside from the recorded average speed, the Dogo breed also has a report wherein they’ve reached at least 28.77 mph, which is the highest, so far. This was based on the Fast Cat race in 2021.

The AKC has been conducting this since 2016. The lowest documented race speed of the Argentinian dog breed was 20.53 mph.

Now, having known the minimum and maximum record of the Dogo Argentino, let’s take a look at how likely they’ll beat the following dog breeds in a timed race competition.

Border Collie

The Border Collie seems to have the edge as the breed has the highest speed record of around 31.53 mph. However, their minimum speed is insanely low since a Collie, way back in 2017, has a track record of 3.71 mph.

When it comes to average speed, the Collie is a bit behind compared to the Dogo, as the former has a running speed of only 25.1 mph.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky’s average speed is about 23.7 mph, which is also a bit low in comparison to the Dogo. However, the fastest Siberian Husky had 34.1 mph, while the slowest was only around 12.1 mph.

Great Dane

The Great Dane’s fastest race time was at around 32.37 mph, with the lowest score at only 7 mph. The average speed of the breed is 22.9 mph.


The Whippet, which is known as the “poor man’s Greyhound,” is unbelievably fast as it reaches 40.99 mph with an average of 35 mph. However, the minimum speed in the AKC timed race was 4.12 mph, which, if not recorded, might’ve been unbelievable to some.


The Greyhound, on the other hand, has a maximum speed of 35.33 mph only and a minimum of 7 mph. Still, it remains an impressive feat for a sighthound whose legs are built for racing.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one amazing breed as well. Despite the gentle and humble looks, the dog scored 33.59 mph, but the minimum is 6.54 mph.


Vizsla, the gentle-mannered dogs, can run 32.26 mph, while one has only reached 7.28 mph as a score. With their lean and muscular physiques, the breed may possibly reach 40 mph in speed.


Dalmatians have a top score of 31.71 mph with a low score of 4.83 mph. If this breed gives it their all, they can run at least 37 mph.

Belgian Malinois

The energetic Belgian Malinois runs at a top recorded speed of 31.57 mph, and its lowest speed is at 14.51 mph. The breed is not very well-known as speedrunners, but they can cover 35 mph effortlessly.

Russell Terrier

The Russell Terrier has often been deemed the fastest small dog breed. They can run 30 mph, but the fastest recorded timed race was 27.07 mph, and the minimum was 9.22 mph only. 

Dogo Argentino Speed vs Other Runners

Aside from the other dog breeds, it’s also fascinating to know how the Dogo Argentino would compete with other well-known runners. From the Olympian Usain Bolt down to the sly wolf, you’ll get to know which one’s got the fastest speed.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt has successfully clocked 27.33 mph, and he’s the fastest man on the planet! However, a groundbreaking discovery was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. It states that a man, in the future, may be capable of running 40 mph, according to the researchers. 

Still, compared to the Dogo Argentino, Usain Bolt remains faster.


A horse can run at around 40 to 44 mph, which clearly defeats the feat of the Dogo Argentino. The size and the length of the legs, plus the power, add up as factors. It’s no surprise why the horse runs faster than the Dogo.


The Cheetah, which is the fastest cat in the world, can easily run at 60 mph. If compared to one of the fastest cars in the world, the Cheetah has the chance to be ahead of it. Clearly as well, the Dogo is going to be far behind this wild cat. 


The old and odd pair of dogs are the cats. A domestic feline can run up to 30 mph impressively.


According to the National Park Service, an average wolf can attain speeds of about 45 mph only in short distances.  When they’re just trotting, this comes down at only 5 mph. With the Dogo’s best record, the Wolf has the upper hand in the race.

5 Ways to Get Your Dogo Argentino Run Faster

If you’re already planning to get your Dogo Argentino to join the AKC’s annual Fast Cat Race, preparation is a must. There are about 5 effective tips you should consider to get your dog to achieve a high record.

1. Keep Them at a Healthy Weight

Dogo Argentinos can run at a better and faster speed if they’re at the right weight. If they’re obese, they’ll have to carry more mass in their body, making it difficult to run at high speed. Plus, they’ll also be left catching their breath.

Meanwhile, underweight Dogos may not have the energy and the strength to run for a period.

2. Help Maintain Their Good Health

Healthy Dogo Argentinos can run well. After all, a sick one won’t be motivated to do so as they will be more inclined to rest and sleep. Make sure your four-legged friend is holistically prepared to make a world-breaking performance. 

3. Ensure Their Bones Are Well-Formed

Dogos may suffer from hip dysplasia, which is a common health problem in the dog world. Severe cases won’t make it ideal for the Argentinian breed to run and compete in timed race contests.

4. Condition Them Into Running

Your dog will need some practice before being placed in the competition. Get their bodies conditioned until they reach their speed’s peak. The drills must be done regularly, but be careful not to over-exhaust the dog or push them beyond their limits. 

5. Get a Dog Fitness Tracker

 A dog fitness tracker helps keep a record of your Dogo’s speed. It will act as something that monitors your dog’s running performance.