How Much Does a Borzoi Cost? A Price and Ownership Guide

In owning a new pet dog such as a Borzoi, the overall cost cannot be exactly determined. Every prospective dog buyer, however, can start seeing the whole picture of spending resources on a puppy by knowing the price of getting one first.

Photo from: lyrathezoi (IG)

The magnificent Borzoi dog is known to have sleek long hair and build that radiates strength, speed, and class. Each puppy will cost you anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 putting him somewhere on the list of highly-priced dog breeds. 

Despite the heavy price, Borzois are by no means high-maintenance dogs. They like to groom themselves which almost exhibits a cat-like attitude. On top of that, these are great family dogs in large bodies but with a child-like spirit making them exceptional and different from other dog breeds you can find.

Three Different Qualities in Choosing a Borzoi Puppy

Every dog lover knows that not all puppies are the same. Sure, Borzoi puppies belong to the same dog breed, but the quality will highly differ. In getting a furry companion, you can find a plethora of places that sell available pups looking for new homes. 

If you’ll check on each breeder’s price point, what you would instantly notice are the varying prices. Why is this so? Let’s find out.

Borzoi as a Pet

If a Borzoi puppy is declared to be of pet quality, breeders will include in the contract that this dog must be spayed or neutered. Typically, this dog remains healthy but his appearance doesn’t conform to breed standards. That means he wouldn’t be eligible for dog shows.

A pet quality Borzoi will cost you about $2,000 on average or even lower than that depending on the location of the place you get him from. 

Borzoi as a Show Dog

A Borzoi dog who does not display any bad merits and is up to the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) breed standards is considered competent to join in various prestigious shows conducted by the said organization. A dog of this kind is usually of high-level pedigree or from a superior breed line.

Show dogs are allowed to be bred so they can continue reproducing great puppies in the future. With all these perks, a high-quality Borzoi may cost as much as $5,000.

Borzoi from Puppy Mills

Borzoi puppies bred by backyard breeders usually don’t have consistent qualities. Some of them can be healthy, others would appear healthy, while the rest might not be healthy at all. 

Since breeders who work in puppy mills generally don’t produce legit papers and documents for each pup they sell, you will be left with uncertainty about your pet’s ancestry.

When it comes to price, Borzoi dogs from the mill will either be pricey, moderately pricey, or extremely cheap. It all depends on how the breeder perceives the transaction. At times, a breeder will consider a “rare” feature as a factor for a dog’s expensiveness. Others, on the other hand, will sell a sickly puppy for the lowest price possible.

Factors That Add up to the Price of a Borzoi Puppy

A reputable breeder doesn’t just merely set a price tag for their Borzoi puppies through guessing. In dog breeding, a huge amount of time, effort, and money is put in the line. It is just reasonable that they are compensated back for all the resources they have invested just so Borzoi lovers would finally have their first pet or pair. 

In particular, the major influencing factors that make up the price of every Borzoi puppy are the demand and location, season, breeder’s reputation, sex and age, and overall quality. Let’s dive into what all these details say:

Sex and Age

Unspayed female Borzoi puppies are often more high-priced than their male counterparts. This is because Borzois of such kind can be used to start a breeding business, so they are a sort of an investment. Also, if you want to get it cheaper, going for an adult Borzoi one can shave off a huge amount on the price.

Photo from: jack_borzoi (IG)


As we all know, the law of supply and demand is not excluded in the dog market. Breeders apply this on how they set their prices and it is highly likely one of the top things they consider before putting their puppies on sale. 

Borzoi puppies used to be exclusive in Russia and Belarus and this contributed to the breeders’ high asking price. Currently, they remain to be a fairly rare breed making the supply low. If in one city the Borzoi breed is in demand while the supply is low, breeders will plausibly higher the cost.


If the breeding business takes place in a state where the expense of living is relatively cheaper than the neighboring places, breeders will usually sell their puppies at a low price. This is because the gas, space rent, and other essential items needed to run a dog business will be less costly as well. 

Meanwhile, those who live in bigger cities will have to pay higher rent fees and at times, regulation fees set up by the state. To sustain a continuously ethical breeding process, Borzoi breeders would also need to place a price tag that would complement how much they have spent all in all.


It is mind-blowing to know that seasons are also a deciding factor in terms of selling a Borzoi puppy! When the warmer months come, people all over the United States are inclined to visit the beach, go for a hike, or do adventurous activities. Of course, nothing makes a trip better than to have a four-legged dog to accompany them!

As a result, dog lovers would immediately surf the net or visit breeders to purchase a puppy. The high demand during the season will prompt breeders to alter the prices. Meanwhile, colder months are when puppy-selling reaches its lowest peak.

Breeder’s Reputation

Breeders who are experienced and have already established a positive image are going to ask for more. Normally, you would meet them if you visit AKC shows, and guaranteed, if you make a deal with any of them, your Borzoi puppy will be healthy.

Consumer trust is a valuable thing in every type of business and breeders take years to build that with the public. Meanwhile, novice breeders would commonly set a price depending on their competence and prestige.

Overall Quality

Health and quality are the major aspects every Borzoi buyer should check on. Every puppy you bring to your home will be with you for as long as he lives and that would mean a commitment to provide his needs. A healthy pup will save you loads from the medical bills while a breed-conforming pup will make you carry countless awards and trophies home!

List of Supplies Your Borzoi Puppy Needs

The moment you are officially a Borzoi parent, it is worth mentioning how much it would take you to maintain such a dignified dog in his entire lifespan.

Of course, his first year being with you will make you spend a lot more than the succeeding years. During this period, you’ll be purchasing several items as the start of your Borzoi ownership. Here’s the list of essential items every Borzoi puppy would need including their estimated costs:

SupplyAverage Price
Id tag$15
Food & water bowls$20
Leash and collar$35
Dog bed and crate$150
Plastic poop bags and scooper$75
Sprays for stains and odor$10
First-aid kit$30
Grooming kit$50
House-training pads$25

Every new Borzoi owner should purchase most if not all of the items listed in the table and that would average around $410 for the first year. This does not include yet the dog’s need for food, training, and vet visits.

Is It Expensive to Own a Borzoi?

Owning a Borzoi does not automatically mean drowning him with luxury and providing him an extremely grandiose lifestyle, so no, taking care of a Borzoi isn’t that expensive. He is a giant breed, however, that might take up a huge space in the house and consume quite an amount of food daily if compared to smaller breeds. 

To put it bluntly, just as long as his way of living includes all the excellent basic things he’d need, he’ll thrive in all aspects, especially concerning his health.

Food Costs

Borzoi puppies will consume at least twice the amount an adult would eat. This is to aid them in their rapid growth and development so be ready in placing more sacks of dog food on the cart! On average, owners would allocate a yearly budget of $200 to $450 for dog meals alone. 

When it comes to treats that are mainly used for training and rewards, the estimated yearly cost range is $100 to $700. 

As a word of advice in buying dog food, expensive does not always mean high-quality. Always be meticulous on what each brand contains and avoid those which have MSG, fillers, artificial food coloring, and other hazardous chemicals.

Training Costs

Borzois are usually easy to manage and hiring a professional dog trainer is deemed unnecessary. They can still join group lessons, however, like the basic socialization and obedience training for $30 to $40 per one-hour session. 

If you are a dedicated and committed owner who wants to do all the hard work in training your Borzoi puppy, you might need training videos or books that will help you along the way. One of the best guides that is worth checking would be Cesar Millan’s “How To Raise The Perfect Dog”. It’s packed with insights and experiences that can teach every Borzoi owner how to enhance the learning potential of every dog.

Grooming Expenses

Borzoi owners have two options regarding their pet’s grooming. Either they do it themselves at home or bring their dogs to a professional groomer. Should they go for the latter, each visit may cost at least $65 depending on age, behavior, coat condition, and health. This needs to be done at least 6 times a year.

However, if you want to save money, simply purchase a complete grooming kit and execute a DIY Borzoi grooming session!

Healthcare Expenses

The Borzoi breed is healthy for the most part. Once your puppy arrives home, he will need to visit his vet depending on the set schedule in case he needs to be neutered (or spayed for a female), vaccinated, or examined. If estimated, you would need to spend $1,100 for the first year of your dog’s medical costs.

After the first year, as long as the Borzoi remains healthy, his annual trip to the vet’s clinic will plummet to $300 more or less. 

Is There a Way to Get a Borzoi for a Cheaper Price?

Yes, there is! If this is the dog you think is right for you and you want one so badly, you can get him for a cheaper price through adoption homes or rescue shelters! Each year, around 6 million animals end up in these places and that includes Borzoi dogs! 

As unfortunate as it sounds, the best thing we can do to help is to adopt one. Each Borzoi only typically amounts to $300 which will be mainly used for his treatment before he gets to his new family.


Borzois can be affordable depending on how or where you’d get a puppy. Noting that there are several options laid out here, the choice is yours to make. Pet quality and healthy Borzois will only be around $2000 while those of superior lineage will be worth an estimated $5,000. If these are too pricey, you can always opt for a Borzoi rescue.