How Much Does an English Mastiff Cost? Can You Afford an English Mastiff?

English Mastiffs are regarded as warlike canines whose sizes are massive but are matched with an even temperament and a dignified nature. Mastiff puppies can be bought from several places. 

On your local classified ads, one can be bought for as low as $300. Going for an AKC breeder will increase it to at least $1,300 and it can be set higher for up to $3,500 depending on quality. In adoption homes, Mastiffs can be available for only $150.

In opting for an English Mastiff, every owner should be aware of how much the expenses will be in purchasing this colossal breed. However, paying the breeder’s set price isn’t where payments end. Just like any other dog breed, recurring expenses will keep on going for the entire lifespan of your companion.

To know more about the cost of the English Mastiff, this article will lay out all factors that can sway the price as well as the primary things you’d need to provide to your ginormous pet. Continue reading!

Basic Price Range of an English Mastiff

Perhaps the number one area many potential dog owners check before agreeing on which pup to take is the quality. In breeding, some puppies in the litter are not eligible for breeding, and so, they are spayed or neutered for regulation purposes. Once that has been done, these Mastiff pups are only suitable as pets.

The remaining ones who have been determined by the breeder to be destined for show rings can continue the line. If by any chance you are aiming to become a breeder as well, this type of dog is the better option for you.

Let’s see how much each kind of quality is:

English Mastiff as a Pet

Generally, English Mastiffs that are solely good as house pets range from $1,000 to $1,500. The scope of this price is largely based on origin and size. The lower the quality, the cheaper you’ll get this kind of dog. 

There may be other places that would advertise their litters of pups for rock-bottom price tags. However, be cautious about suspicious deals like these as some are only motivated by the profit they could make rather than the well-being of these dogs. 

People who seem to be off and are showing several red flags in a transaction might potentially be notorious backyard breeders and these are what you should avoid. 

English Mastiff for Breeding

English Mastiff puppies that are fit for breeding will have varying levels of pricing that are mainly determined by genetics, conformity, and age. Puppies who have normal genetics are sold anywhere between $1,200 to $2,300. Those who have ideal features and superb appearances, especially if they have champion bloodlines can go from $2,300 to $6,000.

Mostly, those who set prices like these are breeders who are well-known and trusted by people. 

Why English Mastiff Puppies Are Expensive

Dogs are prone to several health complications and some can even develop diseases inherent to their breed. Particularly for the English Mastiff, it has to be known that these dogs are not easy to breed. Most of them could suffer from serious risks such as cancer and heart disease putting these large canines in a vulnerable position in life despite being branded as independent, protective, and strong.

Due to the health problems they can experience, any kind of Mastiff, specifically the English Mastiff, cannot be bred without passing a certain standard. All dams and studs need to have certifications from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals as well as undergo a series of heart tests conducted by a licensed veterinary cardiologist.

Take note that these are just two among all the other examinations every prospective Mastiff parent should take before they are allowed to mate. These medical processes are expensive and can take a lot of time and other resources making breeding difficult. 

Therefore, it is just and reasonable for reputable breeders to put a price for each puppy that can compensate for their efforts. Not only would these trusted sources be able to keep their breeding business thrive, but you also get to have a guarantee that you are getting a healthy English Mastiff puppy.

4 Factors That Impacts the Price

The expensiveness of the English Mastiff puppies is not solely based on how difficult breeding is. Other more factors can influence the dog market and these are what you should know:


Is your breeder living in a city where the lifestyle is expensive? If so, he or she is highly likely going to complement the price of an English Mastiff puppy being sold with what could compensate and sustain the business. There are also some states in America where regulations exist and they usually have fees. That means, another add-up to the cost.


Quality includes health and conforming features. If the English Mastiff has low chances of becoming a show dog, the breeder will sell him cheaper than he would to a show-quality Mastiff. At times, the breeder will sell a pup who has already been spayed or neutered.

Also, any faults that may or may not be related to the general health of the dog will still be sold at a certain price but it would be much lower than the average fee. 

If the dog is seriously experiencing a health risk, breeders will do a background check to see if you are the right person to own the dog. The price will have a huge drop by acknowledging and considering that future medical costs for this puppy would be more expensive.

Breeder’s Reputation

Some Mastiff breeders are operating their businesses for several years or decades already while some are just starting. Experience and an excellent reputation can give any breeder the right to higher up the price for each Mastiff puppy. Despite the fact there is a difference in fees between a famed breeder and a novice one, people would still usually go for the more expensive Mastiff puppies for assurance. 


As we already know, owning a puppy is costly. Aside from purchasing him, his first year with you will require a lot that can make you spend at least $4,000 for his vet costs, grooming tools, and food. Through the English Mastiff’s lifetime, the average cost of owning him is $20,000!

However, if you adopt an adult Mastiff, you are surely going to save loads. This is because they already have been spayed or neutered and are complete in shots. Moreover, skipping over the puppy stage means being saved from purchasing items that you would need for a young dog.

One-Time Costs in Purchasing an English Mastiff

Breeder’s Set Price

Whatever you and the breeder have agreed upon, this is the first fee you’ll have to pay. Remember that before saying yes to the deal, you know what exactly you are getting. Avoid compromising by not checking your pup’s genealogy and by not asking essential questions from the breeder such as:

  • How long have you been a Mastiff breeder?
  • Do you have references like previous customers who purchased a pup from you?
  • Can we remain in contact after taking the puppy home in case your involvement is needed?
  • Are the puppies properly socialized?
  • Are the puppies dewormed and are up-to-date on vaccinations?
  • What’s included in the contract?

Registration Costs

The American Kennel Club (AKC) only charges $37.99 to $54.99 depending on which package you want to go for. For late registration papers, additional fees must be expected. For an easier transaction, registration can also be done online where fees range from $33 to $65.

You might ask why it is important to register your dog. Several reasons come into mind and here they are:

  • Registration assures accurate ancestry.
  • This is equivalent to a birth certificate of a child or a title for a land.
  • This gives your dog its identification number.
  • Registration serves as proof of ownership in case your pup gets lost or stolen.
  • Adoption homes require proof of ownership to claim your Mastiff puppy. 
  • This starts as the ancestral tree should you start a breeding business.

Transportation Costs

Generally, airlines would charge $100 to $125 to bring your Mastiff in the cabin. If you prefer your dog to fly in the cabin, an additional $30 to $250 will be charged from you for an airline-compliant pet carrier. 

Shipping your Mastiff puppy will not be allowed without considering the seasons. It is usually within May to September when airlines won’t allow owners to transport their Mastiffs in the cargo department. This is because the heat on the tarmac can make these pups suffer throughout their travel.

Recurring Expenses in Owning an English Mastiff

The moment you get your English Mastiff puppy, you should consider a few things to maintain it. Owning such a large dog can be quite a challenge, but as long as you commit yourself to giving him a healthy and fun lifestyle, living with this four-legged roommate would be awesome!

Food Costs

Since an English Mastiff puppy can grow up to 30 inches in height and 230 in pounds, it’s a given that he would consume more dog food. What comes with his size is his need for greater amounts of nutrition so ensure that he meets the daily requirement.

Photo from: judge_mastiff (IG)

Never try to go cheap when it comes to dog food for the reason to “save” money. Low-quality dog meals often have certain chemicals and fillers included which can damage not only the growth of your Mastiff but as well as his entire well-being. This will eventually set you up for potential medical bills in the future.

Grooming Needs

Generally, dogs who have smooth and short hair with no signs of skin infection don’t need frequent baths. This mostly just benefits their owners because their dogs would smell fresh and nice. Even so, your English Mastiff pet would still need to be washed once every 8 months or whenever necessary. 

This being a large dog, would need bigger supplies of canine shampoos and other grooming tools for his coat, teeth, and nails.

Medical Costs

After bringing home your adorable pup, the breeder should have already informed you when the next vaccine or other treatments should be. There is no set expense as each vet clinic will charge differently. Generally, each vaccine may cost $15 while deworming goes for only $12.

Training Expenses

Do you know that the English Mastiff has a tendency to be stubborn? If they are well-raised during puppyhood through incorporating certain pieces of essential training, you’d be assured that your pet shows off a desirable behavior that won’t stress you out.

Some of the basic training your dog should learn are basic commands, crate, obedience, and socialization training. Averagely, each class costs $30 to $80 and other upgraded courses start at $200 to $1,250 per week. 

Can You Afford an English Mastiff?

An English Mastiff is massive! Yet, he only costs a minimum of $1,000 which is already a good price. However, of course, as any owner should do, you have to make sure you are getting the best puppy out there. 

The right person will definitely afford an English Mastiff if this is exactly the breed that he wants to have. Providing extra-large meals for his extra-large size will not be a heavy task if all of your heart is poured into the idea of guaranteeing that your dog lives happily with you. 

With all the possible prices and factors that make up the cost, do you think you have what it takes to own this colossal gentle giant? Why not bring home a puppy and share with us your experience?