How Much to Feed a Dogue de Bordeaux: Food Guide For All Ages!

A Dogue de Bordeaux would only need around 4 to 5 cups of dry food daily. This depends, however, on his size, age, activity rate, metabolism level, lifestyle, and health. A male Dogue can typically finish off a 50-lb bag of dog food each month, so you might think about stacking several supplies for him.

In some cases, Dogue de Bordeauxs might need special care depending on his health. Vets would often recommend that owners add in supplements or suggest a specific type of diet to improve their overall condition.

If you are planning to get a Dogue de Bordeaux as your companion, this article will help you in learning how much to feed him and more. Keep reading!

How Often Should Meals Be Served?

Dogue de Bordeaux puppies from 12 or 16 weeks to 6 months must be served meals three times a day. You can gradually shift this to just twice per day once he approaches adulthood. This is because the said breed is prone to obesity and his metabolism rate changes as he matures. With that being said, the frequency of feeding must be decreased to encourage him to stay in a healthy shape. 

Each meal must be given 12 hours apart. Anything more than that can cause hyperacidity and other stomach problems. 

Food Guide for Dogue de Bordeauxs of All Ages

Feeding guides are vital in keeping your Dogue de Bordeaux healthy and away from various complications which can be caused by poor diet plans. Filling up his stomach is not the primary goal here, but rather providing all the needed nutrients and vitamins his body will need to keep growing in an ideal amount. 

Here are the standards in feeding your buddy:

Puppy (6-10 cups)

Puppies typically eat more than the adult Dogue de Bordeaux. During this stage, their body requires nutrients to prevent having stunted growth. They need to physically develop in a normal phase with strong muscles and sturdy bones. Puppyhood is crucial since the way you take care of your pet at that stage will reflect the kind of life he’ll get once he’s older. 

Giving him high-quality dog foods will strengthen his immune system and the chances of him developing certain diseases will be very low. At times, Dogue de Bordeaux puppies can eat up to four times daily.

Adult (4-5 cups)

As the Dogue de Bordeaux transitions into an adult dog, it is just reasonable to ditch his old puppy food. His body will need a different type of meal that can provide him with the right amount of nutrients to keep him active throughout the day. If ever you choose commercial dog foods, go for those that are meant for adult dogs. 

Give him his first meal in the morning and the next one in the evening. Continue going for superb dog foods, so you won’t have to worry much about his health. 

Senior (3 cups)

Senior or geriatric dogs also eat twice per day, but the amount they need to eat should be less than how much adult dogs consume. They no longer have the same vigor to move around and would prefer relaxing in their comfy beds, therefore, putting them at higher risk to gain excess weight.

You can consult your vet about what type of food you should give him or simply resort to dog foods that are appropriate for old dogs. 

Don’t Forget: Regularly Observe His Weight

Feeding and observing how heavy your Dogue de Bordeaux is go hand in hand. Know if you are doing the right thing by determining if he’s at a healthy weight or he’s alarmingly underweight or overweight. 

A quick test can be done in the comfort of your home. Try to place your palms alongside the rib cage behind the dog’s front legs. If you feel the ribs’ contour without having the need to press your fingers harder through the fat deposits, then he’s at the right weight. However, if you can feel his bones protruding effortlessly, that would mean he needs to eat more.

You can also try to view your Dogue from the top. His body should neither look chunky nor too thin. Purina set out an image to follow:

Should I Give Him a BARF Diet?

Why not? A BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet is a diet plan that is mainly composed of meat. This is then complemented by other foods like vegetables, grain, or pasta. To put it bluntly, a Dogue de Bordeaux, whether it be a pup or an adult dog, is a carnivore, therefore, meat must be included in his bowl. 

In the case of puppies, a BARF diet must be administered properly including how much meat should be provided. Bones are hazardous as they can easily make the puppy choke and if ever this happens, the outcome would be very painful. And, even though adult dogs can be given raw bones, there should always be extreme caution to it. Teach your Dogue not to eat too fast to prevent unwanted accidents.


Raw meat including vegetables is considered high-quality food. They help a puppy mature and develop at the right rate with strong muscles and bones. The amount of raw food to give should be 6% to 8% of the dog’s total weight then divide this into 3 to 4 meals for puppies up to 6 months. 


Although the BARF diet gives off several benefits for the Dogue de Bordeaux, there is a possibility that dangers may occur. The first is when the quality of meat is low. The pup will highly have bacteriological problems such as ingesting the dreaded salmonella.

The second disadvantage is that going for this option would take a whole lot of time to prepare. You have to store loads of supplies since puppies eat several times a day. 

Lastly, planning this out is tedious. You have to consult your vet so he can assess which foods to add to satisfy your buddy’s nutritional needs.  

What Type of Commercial Food Should Dogue de Bordeauxs Eat?

Excellent commercial foods that truly care about your Dogue’s health are the products to go for. Avoid falling into popularity traps as some of them do not provide what they advertise. 

Always check the ingredients and see if it has the right amount of fat, calcium, and phosphorus. The bag must also contain other essential nutrients your dog would need. If there are melamine, propylene glycol, artificial coloring, MSG, and other more eyebrow-raising chemicals included, you should consider these as red flags. 

Dog Food Brands We Recommend

We know how much a struggle it is to look for the best food for our large Dogue de Bordeaux. That’s why we are here to help you in your journey as dog owners. We have collected dog food brands that might be perfect for your companion! Of course, it’s still imperative to research before you add them to your cart.