How to Fatten Up My English Mastiff: A Guide to Gain Weight

We all want to ensure that our dogs are healthy. Aside from being free from illnesses, one of the most basic things we want for them is to be in their healthiest weight. We might have been used to meeting dogs who never say no to food or treats, but unfortunately, some canines are not enticed by the deliciousness these snacks bring. 

Are you having this same problem with your English Mastiff? Despite him being genetically predisposed to be massive, it is still possible that he becomes the opposite of a “good eater”. Since this breed has a short lifespan, it is vital that he maintains the ideal mass so he gets to enjoy life for a longer period. 

If he’s drastically losing weight, it’s not the time to panic. This article is written to save your day!

Is Your English Mastiff Underweight? 

The best way to tell if your English Mastiff is underweight is if his pelvic, spine, and rib cage are prominent. It is common knowledge that this Mastiff breed should display the right amount of bulkiness but in the right proportions, so if his physical appearance looks otherwise, then he might benefit a lot from gaining more pounds. 

To have a clearer image as a reference on how a healthy dog should look like, Purina has set a general standard:

Considering that there are some dog breeds like the Whippetthat may look underweight despite being on their ideal masses, you must have your Mastiff checked by a vet to make sure that he needs to have a change in his diet plan. It could be detrimental if he is misdiagnosed to be underweight and a few pounds have already been added to his body.

This dog is prone to obesity and the goal is to place him in the healthy range rather than make him look too chunky. With an average lifespan of 6 to 10 years, you should prevent his health from getting risked as much as possible.

4 Reasons Why He’s Not on His Right Weight

With his presently alarming condition, the usual question that would typically come into mind is, “Why is my English Mastiff underweight?” Several triggers cause your English Mastiff to be in such a state and you must know what these are, so you could hit the problem with the right solution.

The most common reasons why your Mastiff is losing weight is due to the following:

Stress or Anxiety

The English Mastiff is a sensitive breed. He is prone to mental conditions and these can grow worse over time if left unchecked. Usually, shelter dogs suffer from stress and anxiety the most. The noise from the shelter home or the maltreatment or mishandling they’ve experienced from previously abusive owners is enough to make them lose their appetite. 

Various home changes could be the culprit too. When there are lots of alterations in just a short period, your English Mastiff will have a hard time coping with all these. What you can do is to minimize home renovations or help your dog adjust when change is inevitable. Remove all stressors as much as you can to keep him from feeling unwell.

A Notorious Picky Eater

Some English Mastiffs are just very picky with the food they eat. Spoiling him is never a good idea since once he’s used to the kind of food you feed him, he won’t accept any other types or kinds. 

At times, your pet simply just prefers the previous brand of dog food you used to feed him with. It could be due to the taste or texture. If he refuses to eat, just wait until he’s hungry. He’ll devour whatever is in his dog bowl.

Stricken by Illness

English Mastiffs can get sick too, just like humans. Even though you feed him the right amount regularly, if he has underlying conditions, his healthy weight may still be largely jeopardized. Hyperthyroidism is one of the diseases he might be experiencing. One of its symptoms includes unexpected weight loss. Bring your buddy to the vet so he can determine what bothers your dog’s health.

Caused by Aging

Old English Mastiff dogs who start eating less and are rapidly losing weight might be experiencing something painful. Due to old age, it could be that they have dental issues like oral pain or tooth decay making the simple task of eating become a challenge. 

Opting for dog food that is formulated for old dogs will ease him up. Wet and fresh dog meals may also work.

4 Ways to Fatten Up Your English Mastiff

Having checked all possible reasons why your English Mastiff is extremely skinny, the next step is to tailor a game plan to save him from malnourishment. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming for any owner, especially that we are talking about the health of your companion which should be deemed a priority.

Generally, here are the things you should do to aid him in gaining back his healthy weight:

Invest in a Quality Dog Food

There is a long list of reasons why you must invest in quality dog food for your English Mastiff.  With excellent ingredients, the dog will get enough energy to last the day without feeling lethargic. The right amount of dog fillers will also keep him from obesity.

Gradually, his skin and coat will become lustrous and smooth, reflecting a healthy and well-nourished Mastiff. Superb dog foods will also be easier to digest which means he’ll get the nutrients instead of flushing them out. The chance of getting food allergies which can hinder the dog from giving out interest toward food will be low as well. Most importantly, being meticulous regarding what your dog eats will highly guarantee better health and quality of life.

Plan Your Dog’s Feeding Schedule

There are two ways you can execute a new feeding schedule for your English Mastiff. The first is to feed him frequently throughout the day with meals served in smaller portions. You can divide his daily servings into three to four meals depending on his age. Make sure that after he’s done eating, you wait for about an hour and a half before you indulge him for exercise.

Another method is by feeding him a smaller meal in the morning and giving him a larger one right before bed. He wouldn’t be able to sweat off what he ate if he rested after his dinner and this will help him accumulate the right amount of fat which his body would need.

It is worth mentioning a certain type of feeding schedule which is free access to fresh food. This might not be a great idea since weight gain could happen rapidly leading him to experience metabolic syndrome. If this happens, a line of other complications will damage his health.

Don’t Forget to Give Him Regular Exercise!

Exercise is commonly perceived as a means to lose weight, but honestly, it has more benefits than that. Not compromising on your English Mastiff’s exercise requirements will give him lots of advantages more than you can ever think of. If he is physically stimulated, his body will develop muscles instead of just collecting fat.

Since he has a much heavier body mass, all four muscular legs will be able to support a 200-pound canine without any signs of immediate exhaustion.

Visit Your Local Vet

If you have done all possible measures to aid your Mastiff into gaining the right weight and all seem to be unsuccessful, visit your local vet so he can do something about it. He might have to prescribe certain medications like hormone pills if he has thyroid issues, supplements, or suggest which dog food to give your dog a comfortable and happy life. 

Top 4 Recommended Dog Food for Your English Mastiff to Try

There are over a hundred dog food brands available in the market, all of which are actively giving out pleasant promises to dog owners and their pets. Unfortunately, not all are what they are advertised to be. Some can cause more harm than good when taken by your precious buddy. 

Since going for the most excellent and appropriate dog food plays a huge role in encouraging your Mastiff to be healthy, we have made a list of certain dog foods that can positively impact your dog’s journey to gaining weight.

  • Purina ONE SmartBlend. There is a reason why this brand is vet-recommended. Aside from being mainly made up of chicken, this dog food is specifically formulated for large breeds. It is rich in glucosamine which is responsible for giving joint support, especially for your English Mastiff, and is a high-protein formula that promotes a healthy weight.
  • IAMS Proactive. Recommended by the experts, IAMS Proactive contains high-quality protein and fresh wholesome ingredients with no artificial flavors or fillers. It is generally good for the joints, promotes healthy digestion, and offers strong immunity. These qualities surely sound beneficial for a struggling underweight English Mastiff.
  • Nature’s Logic Dog Food Canine Meal. This dog food brand boasts of its 100% natural canine meal with probiotics and enzymes which can help your English Mastiff digest his food properly and absorb all the nutrients he needs. There are no filler contents, but only pure proteins which a large dog would require.
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula. Blue buffalo is made up of real chicken and other excellent ingredients like fruits and vegetables your Mastiff will surely love. Its contents will aid him in gaining muscles and maintaining a healthy weight with the right blend of antioxidants for his immune system. This natural dog food is the commonly sought brand by many dog lovers worldwide!

Of course, some dog meals might or might not work for your English Mastiff. Researching and consulting your local vet remains imperative so your pet’s health is guaranteed. Ignoring his weight loss can cause a lot of damage to your buddy’s holistic state over time. Check his behavior, feeding patterns, and always monitor his weight so that if changes occur, you can respond to it appropriately.