Pocket Beagle 101: The Essential Guide

OriginGreat Britain
Height           7 to 12 inches
Weight7 to 15 pounds
Life Expectancy12 to 15 years
Breed GroupDesigner Dog
Affection Level⭐⭐⭐
Activity Level⭐⭐⭐
Barking/Howling Level⭐⭐⭐
Pet Friendly⭐⭐⭐
Easy to Groom⭐⭐⭐
Easy to Train⭐⭐


Photo from: lovegretchie (IG)

The miniature Beagle breed was prominently known during the times of Edward II and Henry VII in Great Britain. From the name itself, “Pocket Beagle”, this type of Beagle dog is small enough to fit on a hunting glove. Even Elizabeth I kept a pack of Pocket Beagles whose heights only reach around 8 to 9 inches. During hunts, these dogs can easily be placed inside a saddlebag thanks to their compactness. 

Pocket Beagles were also used as entertainers by the mentioned queen and usually referred to them as her singing Beagles. Not only that but her guests at her royal table were often amused by these small dogs who endlessly frolic amid cups and plates much to the delight of the soft-hearted visitants.

Unfortunately, the number of Pocket Beagles started to decline due to their incapacity to cope with the hunting demands of their owners and this eventually led to extinction. Several modern breeders try to recreate this variety, however, the modern Pocket Beagles are no longer in line with the older version. More often, they are simply a result of crossbreeding to achieve the desired smaller size.


Photo from: thebeaglebanjo (IG)

The National Beagle Club of America doesn’t have any specifics when it comes to the Pocket Beagle’s height, but they generally should be under 13 inches at withers. The weight is only half or lighter compared to the Regular Beagle. 

The appearance generally consists of two droopy and long ears that rest on the sides of the pooch’s cheeks. His eyes can either be almond-shaped or bulging depending on how he was bred. Since modern Pocket Beagles are a result of dwarfism, crossbreeding, or runt-mating, the looks will widely vary. Some of these dogs will either achieve a perfect mini-Beagle look or have extreme and obvious features both on the face and physique. 

Nevertheless, most cases report a Pocket Beagle to still resemble the standard Beagle such as having a white-tipped tail, a square yet narrower jaw, a sturdy build, and a tri-colored coat. The fur is soft and dense and is available in over 8 colors which are:

  • White
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Lemon
  • Bluetick
  • Tricolor
  • Black & Tan


Despite the size difference between a Pocket Beagle and the Regular one, the temperament is still the same. However, Since most Pocket pooches are crossbred, the general temperament might slightly be affected. If two parents have behavioral problems, these will contribute to the offspring’s personality. Also, since bad health can affect the mood, a Pocket Beagle bred from the runts might exhibit more unwanted behaviors.

Although this is a possibility, cases like these are not very commonplace if you know where you get your pet from. To learn more about how he is as a companion, keep reading!


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Some owners highly prefer overly affectionate dogs. Mostly, we even think of our pets as our children. For those who spend long hours at work, exhaustion will automatically vanish away at the sight of an excited Pocket Beagle who’s been waiting for you to come home. 

Bonding with your furry pet is essential if you want him to build a sense of trust and security with you. Dogs would usually pick favorites among their family members and if you’re the one he’s chosen to spend most of his time with, expect him to follow you anywhere in the house. With his big soulful puppy eyes, making eye contact with him will give you an urge to squeeze his adorable face. 


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Socializing comes naturally for the mini Beagle. If he is raised with your kids and other pets since he was a puppy, the stronger their relationships will be. Since this dog is quite smaller than the regular Beagle, he would typically need gentler handling. Teach kids not to grab his arms or legs that would cause a sudden jerk nor place him in unsafe higher places. 

For your other pets, the Pocket Beagle wouldn’t find it hard to play with them. Make sure somebody supervises the interaction to avoid arising conflicts if ever one or the other exhibits aggression. 

Although Pocket Beagles are friendly all the time, the only exception wherein their high levels of sociability significantly change is when they are approached by a stranger. It will take familiarity and time before they would feel comfortable being around a certain individual.

Activity Level

Photo from: boisethebeagle (IG)

Pocket Beagles carry almost the same amount of energy a regular Beagle has only that his vitality is stored in a more petite body. The miniature Beagle would love to be taken outside where he can explore his surroundings as well as get exposed to the different smells such as the blossoming flowers and tall grasses around the area.

If you don’t have much time to conduct activities with your pet, bringing him to doggy parks will surely do. He’d be able to release his pent-up energy by playing with other dogs like running, chasing, or sharing their favorite toys. 

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of making sure your Pocket Beagle is preoccupied every day. You can give him all the food he wants, but if he gets no daily action, this will eventually become a huge behavioral and physical issue in the future. 


Pocket Beagles are not too hard to take care of which makes them worth having! By providing them their basic needs along with your unconditional love, expect them to grow up nicely in all aspects. If you don’t know the general rules in taking care of him yet, here’s what you should do:


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Just like cats, Pocket Beagles like to stay neat and clean. That is unless they find a shallow and muddy pond to roll in nearby. If ever they do, bathing must be done right away. To help loosen and remove dead hair off their coats, brushing them once a week with a medium-bristle brush or rubber mitt will do. Not only will you be able to control his shedding but you’re also helping his skin promote new hair growth. 

If you have family members who suffer from dog allergies, make sure all your grooming tools are prepared during the spring and fall season. These are when he’ll shed the most. Also, check his ears every week. Since they are droopy, the air can’t circulate well inside which can lead to ear infections or wax buildup. Also, don’t forget that his teeth and nails need care too!

Food and Diet

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Investing in high-quality dog food goes a long way for your Pocket Beagle. Although he is small, his appetite for food remains massive! However, try to limit his food intake to prevent him from becoming obese. Give him more meals if he’s a puppy and gradually lower the frequency once he gets into adulthood. Generally, you can feed him about 600 calories a day.

Pocket Beagles are food raiders. Secure your cupboards where all his treats are stored. Moreover, never throw food from the table no matter how much he begs using his big expressive eyes. 

It is always better to consult your vet regarding your dog’s meal plans. He will assess the dog’s activity level, age, and health status and come up with the most suitable and dog-appropriate diet which will positively impact his well-being. 


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If your Beagle is still a puppy, it is recommended that he gets fully vaccinated first before bringing him outside. Once he gets all the shots and is already immune from diseases, you can take him out for his exercise drills. Ideally, a 1 to 2 walk per day is enough to stimulate his bones and muscles. You can time this for up to 30 minutes and make sure he’s not overly exhausted.

After a vigorous activity, you can give him additional time to spend sniffing. Pocket Beagles are also scent hounds and when they get to use their noses freely, you’ll witness a happy dog. If he is in an unsecured area, unless he’s undergone leash training, having him in a harness is a good choice.


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Stubbornness may show during training your Pocket Beagle pooch. This is due to his working history wherein his ancestors were given much liberty to accomplish their hunting tasks. Fortunately, he can be bribed with food and treats. Make sure you use these to reinforce training and not let him have the upper hand by only obeying if food is on sight. 

Health Problems

Like most designer dog breeds, the mini Beagle may suffer from several diseases especially because of its unusual cute size. Every Pocket Beagle should be informed about the possible health issues their dogs might face which are:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Patellar luxation
  • Dwarfism
  • intervertebral disc disease

Pros and Cons of Having a Pocket Beagle


  • He loves to cuddle
  • He is more compact
  • Remains to be highly intelligent
  • He loves attention 
  • Not a high maintenance dog
  • Very sociable


  • He’s fond of howling/barking
  • He’s a notorious digger
  • Scents can easily distract him
  • Can be stubborn
  • He’s got too much love for food
  • He can easily get lost

Do Kennel Clubs Recognize the Pocket Beagle?

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No, they don’t. The American Kennel Club highly discourages Pocket Beagle breeding due to lack of standards which may result in unhealthy puppies. Moreover, crossbreed dogs, especially designer crosses, are not acknowledged by traditional kennel clubs. Since Pocket Beagles can be a result of crossbreeding two dogs (even if the parents are purebred and are recognized by the club), they will not be registered as a breed. 

Technically, however, if the Pocket Beagle reaches 13 inches and passes all breed standards set by the AKC, the dog may be registered. If not, there are other clubs you can check out such as the National Beagle Club of America.


The price of the miniature Beagle is not that different from the price of a regular Beagle puppy. If you are into the smaller version, expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1500. The quality, breeder’s reputation, and several other factors may either increase or decrease the price. 

As a word of caution, every furry pet you bring home will automatically become your companion. In just a short time, you’ll get attached and bonded with the pooch. To make sure your dog is healthy and can live for long years, avoid going to puppy mills.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Pocket Beagle

It’s not surprising that many people fall in love with the Pocket Beagle. The perks of having this dog remain the same as when you get yourself the regular Beagle only that he comes in a smaller package! If your mind is set to get one, here are the places you can visit:



Living with a Pocket Beagle will guarantee you lots of exciting life experiences. He’s not your typical dog who will laze around and sleep a lot in his dog crate. Once you have him in your arms, you’ll forever have an easy-to-carry companion for your travels and adventures during the warm seasons and a cute cuddle buddy in the winter.