What Are Whippet Dogs Used for: Various Uses for Whippets

Whippet dogs have a long history of being used for racing and hunting small game and are high-speed dogs that have also been used for participating in dog sports such as lure coursing, agility, and flyball. In modern times, Whippets are most commonly used as companion animals or herding dogs.

Due to their affectionate and gentle nature, Whippets are sometimes used as therapy dogs. They can provide comfort and emotional support to people in hospitals, nursing homes, and other settings. They are also popular show dogs due to their elegant appearance and graceful movement. They compete in conformation shows, which evaluate the dog’s physical appearance and structure according to breed standards.

Uses for the Whippet Breed


Whippets are commonly used in racing and are known for their speed and agility. Whippet racing typically involves a straight track, usually around 150 to 200 yards long, and is usually covered in sand, providing good traction for the dogs. Local racing clubs usually organize the races; participants can enter their dogs. 

Whippet racing is often held in small arenas, where spectators can watch the races from the sidelines. The dogs are placed in a starting box at the beginning of the track. A mechanical lure, typically a plastic bag or a piece of fur, is then set in motion along the track, propelled by a motor. The dogs are released from their starting boxes as the lure passes by, and they chase the lure down the track.

The first dog to cross the finish line is the winner. Races are typically held in heat, with multiple dogs competing against each other in each heat. The winners of each heat then compete against each other in a final race. In Whippet racing, dogs are often grouped into different categories based on age and experience; for example, there may be categories for puppies, young dogs, and adult dogs.

Whippet racing is often regulated by local and national organizations that set race rules and standards. These organizations typically require that the dogs be treated humanely and that the races be conducted safely and fairly.


Whippets are athletic dogs that excel in agility competitions. Agility competitions involve a dog and handler team completing a series of obstacles as quickly and accurately as possible. The obstacles in agility competitions vary but typically include jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and a-frame obstacles. The dog and handler team must navigate the course, completing each obstacle in the correct order and without any mistakes.

In agility competitions, the dog is off-leash, and the handler uses a combination of verbal and physical cues to direct the dog through the course. The handler must also stay within a designated area while directing the dog. Agility competitions are typically timed, and the dog and handler team with the fastest time and fewest mistakes is declared the winner.

In addition to speed and accuracy, agility competitions evaluate the dog’s performance based on its style and attitude. For example, dogs that complete the course enthusiastically and confidently score higher than those who appear hesitant or unsure.

Whippets are well-suited for agility competitions due to their speed, agility, and willingness to please their handlers. They are also highly trainable and can quickly learn and master new skills. As with races, agility competitions are often organized by local and national organizations, which set rules and standards for the competitions to ensure the safety of the participating dogs.


Whippets are a breed of sighthound, meaning they have traditionally been used in hunting small game such as rabbits and hares. Hunting with Whippets is typically done with a group of dogs, and the hunting technique is often called coursing. It typically involves using the dogs’ keen eyesight and speed to chase and capture prey. 

The hunting party will often release a rabbit or hare from a trap or the wild and then release the Whippets to chase after it. The Whippets will pursue the prey at high speeds, often reaching about 35 miles per hour or more. Once the Whippet catches up with the prey, it will use its agility and quick reflexes to grab hold of it and bring it down.

While hunting with Whippets has been a popular pastime for centuries, it is now often practiced more as a sport than for actual hunting. Hunting small game with dogs is regulated or prohibited in many countries, and coursing with Whippets is often done in organized events and competitions.

In coursing competitions, Whippets are judged on their ability to catch and bring down prey and their speed, agility, and endurance. The dogs are typically evaluated based on their hunting instincts and ability to work with their handlers and other dogs in the hunting party.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy Whippets are trained to provide comfort and support to people experiencing physical or emotional challenges. They work in various settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and rehabilitation centers. They may also work with people with mental health conditions, developmental disabilities, or other special needs.

Whippets are trained to be calm and gentle and often have a natural ability to sense when someone requires comfort. For example, they may be trained to sit quietly with patients, provide gentle physical contact, or perform simple tricks to entertain and engage people.

In addition to providing emotional support, therapy Whippets may also be trained to assist with physical therapy. For example, they may help patients with mobility or balance issues or provide motivation and encouragement during exercise routines.

Therapy Whippets must undergo extensive training and evaluation to ensure they are well-suited. They must be well-socialized, obedient, able to handle various environments and situations, healthy, and up-to-date on all required vaccinations and medical check-ups. Handlers must also adhere to strict hygiene standards to ensure the safety of both the dog and the patients they work with.

Show Dogs

Whippets are a popular breed in dog shows, where they are judged on their conformation to breed standards. Show dogs must have an attractive and well-proportioned appearance and a confident and friendly temperament.

In dog shows, Whippets are evaluated based on various physical characteristics, including size, shape, coat, and movement. Judges will examine the dogs’ overall appearance and the details of their heads, ears, eyes, nose, and tails.

Whippets must also demonstrate proper gait and movement, with a smooth, flowing stride that displays their athletic abilities. The dogs are evaluated based on their movement from all angles, including the front, side, and rear.

In addition to their physical characteristics, show Whippets are evaluated based on their temperament and behavior. They must be well-behaved, responsive to their handlers, and able to interact calmly with other dogs and people.

Whippets must be registered with a recognized breed organization to compete in dog shows and meet all the required breed standards. They must also be healthy and have no physical or behavioral issues that would disqualify them from the competition.