Whippet Colours: Different Colors of Whippets You Can Choose From

Whippet’s colors are usually black, tan, red, sable, orange, and white. Whippets come in various colors and markings, some of which are notable. Although all whippet breeds have some characteristic color(s) or marking(s), not all dogs within each breed will exhibit them similarly. They’re simply beautiful and perfect for anyone who loves the breed.

Whippet Colors

Aside from whippets being affectionate, their colors are all the rage right now, and for a good reason! As a whippet owner, you know that there are many different whippet colors to choose from. So, whether you’re looking for a light color to show off your whippet’s markings or a more sultry hue to suit your personality, you’re sure to find the right color here. So if you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of our favorite whippet colors below!


There’s no doubt that black whippets are one of the most popular breeds on the market. Not only do they come in one of the most stunning colors, but they’re also lively and playful. They make great family pets and can even be trained to do tricks. So if you’re looking for a beautiful, active, and stylish dog, a black whippet is the breed for you!

Black and White

If you’re looking for a fun-loving and exciting pet, black and white whippets are the perfect option! Not only do they come in different sizes, but their mix of black and white makes them very distinctive.

As with any other breed of dog, there are a lot of scams out there – so be careful when shopping for one. Ensure you get information about the dog from reliable sources before purchasing. And lastly, remember that puppies can be quite demanding at first – so start with an older model!


The blue whippet is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a loyal and playful companion. These dogs come in various colors and can be found in multiple breeds, such as the Miniature Schnauzer and Yorkie Terrier. Regardless of their color, all blue whippets share the same traits – they’re very loyal companions who are always up for some fun.

And for those of you who are looking for a family pet, the blue whippet is an excellent choice. These dogs require plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy, so ensure you include them in your daily routine. The blue whippet is the perfect breed if you’re looking for a dog that will make you smile daily!


If you’re looking for a beautiful whippet color that’s hard to find, you should consider the fawn whippet. These puppies are one of the most popular whippet colors, and for a good reason. They’re rare but beautiful and have a light-hued coat that can vary in color from almost white to light brown or tan.

Their long fur is very soft and easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for people who want an indoor pet that doesn’t shed much. Fawn whippets make great family pets because they are docile and friendly toward people and other animals!

So if you’re in the market for a whippet and are looking for something different, then the fawn whippet is worth considering!

Blue Fawn

If you’re looking for a blue whippet, then the fawn whippet is the one for you. Not only does this breed have a beautiful blue coat, but it is also amicable and easy to train.

As with all whippets, it needs plenty of exercises – ideally exercised outdoors – and should be trained early to help improve its temperament. Ensure your Fawn Whippet is insured, as it can develop health problems later in life.

Red Fawn

If you’re looking for a whippet that is sure to turn heads, then check out a red fawn! These beautiful animals come in various gorgeous colors, including red, wheat, cream, and sorrel. Not only do their markings look fantastic – they also have personality traits that set them apart from the rest.

Their temperament is calm and gentle, which makes them perfect for families or those who want an easygoing pet. Plus, their friendly nature makes them great friends for other pets too!

Silver Fawn

Silver fawn whippets are one of the most popular whippet breeds and come in one of the colors – silver. They possess a soft, fluffy coat often mistaken for silk, making them quite attractive. These dogs are gentle by nature and make great family pets as they seldom react aggressively with people or other animals.

If given enough exercise, these dogs can survive in cooler climates and be comfortable indoors if necessary. These puppies proliferate into healthy adult dogs and require minimal grooming apart from monthly check-ups.

Training them is usually easy thanks to their mild temperament and willingness to learn new things, making silver fawns an excellent choice for those who want a dog that can do more than sit quietly on the couch!


If you’re in the market for a whippet color that’s out of the ordinary, be sure to check out brindles! This color is difficult to find and is, therefore, more expensive than other whippet colors. But don’t let that stop you – brindle whippets are powerful runners and make great pets overall.

Make sure you’re prepared to pay more for this color, as it tends to be costly. As with all things pet-related, research and find a breeder you can trust. Brindle whippets are rare, so take your chance to get one!

Dark Brindle

The dark brindle variety is worth considering if you want a whippet that will turn heads. With its unique coat color and striking appearance, this breed has become one of the most popular dog varieties in the world.

As loyal family pets, brindle Whippets are usually very friendly and affectionate towards their owners. They make great running companions as they have a strong temperament and can be fast on foot when needed.

Red Brindle

The red brindle whippet is one of the world’s most popular hunting dog breeds. Their reddish-brown coat can be any shade from light to dark but is usually red or black. This versatile breed can be used for many types of hunting – hounds, deer, foxes, etcetera – and makes a great family pet. They are also very alert and temperamentally sound, making them excellent watchdogs.


White whippets are one of the rarest colors for show dogs due to their looks and personality. They come in various colors: cream, yellow, light fawn, gold, apricot, salmon, and red. If you’re looking for a white whippet that’s sure to turn heads at your next dog show or event, select one from our online catalog today!


The orange whippet is one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK. This cheerful dog has a lively personality and loves to play. Its coat is short, dense, and shiny – perfect for keeping cool in summer. Additionally, orange whippets are good pets for people who have children or other animals in the home. They are also suitable for people who want a dog that does not require much exercise.


If you’re looking for a pet that’s gentle and easy to handle, the tan whippet is a perfect choice. Not only do they have beautiful golden coloring, but they’re also friendly and easy to get along with. Tan whippets need moderate exercise, so give them plenty of walks each day. You can also train your tan whippet using behavior modification techniques.