Are Cane Corsos Good Family Dogs? 7 Reasons You Should Know!

Without a doubt! Cane Corsos are highly admired due to the kind of bond they can develop with their families. As a whole, these Mastiff dogs will grow up loyal and unmatched as family pets. A few of their prominent traits include being loyal, protective, and loving. 

It will, however, take a bit of time and effort to make him an ideal family companion, otherwise, his potential exhibition of good nature won’t show up.

Don’t be fooled by the way Cane Corsos look. The eyes might look intimidating, but by gaining his trust, you will then certainly have someone who will put you and your family’s safety on top of his priority list at all times. A remarkable and dependable dog, he is!

Can a Cane Corso Be Dangerous as a Family Pet?

It is a possibility, but this rarely happens. If it does, it is mainly due to him being raised incorrectly or subjected to abuse and trauma. Cane Corsos are undeniably large dogs which means they have the capacity to injure or even kill someone. But, the thing is that it is not in their ideal nature to cause harm to anybody. It all boils down to how they are raised and what training and kind of bond they have undergone with their masters. 

If you are adopting a Cane Corso who has a traumatic experience, it is best that you work first with an animal behaviorist who can help you eliminate bad behaviors as well as heal him from his past nightmares. Once it is successful, having the kids meet him would be the next thing you can do.

A lot of times, aggression is associated with this breed, but it is simply untrue that Cane Corsos are not fit to be domestic pets. Several dogs of this kind live happily in homes of owners who know how to deal with a massive canine. 

7 Reasons That Make Cane Corsos Good Family Dogs

Photo from: canecorsohub (IG)

Physical appearance mostly makes up the impression and such is likely the case for the good old Cane Corso breed. You would have a different feeling when you see him in person compared to just seeing him over the internet. Due to his looks, passersby automatically give way, far enough not to be reached if ever the dog goes wild. It’s unfair to paint the Cane Corso as this without knowing first what makes up a dog of his caliber. 

He has several excellent personalities that, if you become aware of what these are, will totally change your perception of him. Here are 7 reasons why he’s a good fit as a family dog:

Highly Trainable

For so long, the Cane Corso breed knows how to follow human orders. He is bred to be trained to do certain tasks which is why he belongs to the working group of dogs. Innately, he is assertive, confident, and challenging to train, but with the right experience and firmness, this dog will eventually show how diligent and hardworking he is to fulfill his duties. Without giving too much focus on his tough exterior, deep down, he’s a sensitive dog who is eager to please his master. 

He should be trained while he’s young to maintain the peace and order inside your home, more so when there are kids around. 

Loyal Towards Family

To describe the Cane Corso as a loyal family pet is an understatement. Having developed an unbreakable bond with him, you’ll certainly not feel his affection towards you waning at all. A dog like him will never betray nor break your trust. He can be mischievous at times, but at the end of the day, he only wants to see smiles and hear laughter from his family. It will be terrible if he ends up rehomed, so before having a Cane Corso, make sure you can manage him well.

Able to Socialize

The general fact is that Cane Corsos are sociable animals only toward their people. They are dismissive and indifferent toward strangers, and other animals or pets. This is just what their nature dictates, though. His history is mainly about him guarding properties. Being cautious and aware runs strongly in the blood, so that explains the case. 

By understanding his nature, you do realize that he can warm up with others only by exposing him to new faces and playmates regularly at a very young age. 

Great With Kids

The bond between a Cane Corso and a kid is different. They understand each other in a language adults might not decipher. The dog knows that he’s there not to harm the kid, but rather to play with him and protect him at all costs.

Excellent at Guarding

Burglars and thieves will have second thoughts about breaking into a home that has one or two Cane Corsos. These dogs are highly alert and ready for action. With a weight that goes over 100 pounds, it won’t be that hard to pin down an average man.

Easy to Maintain

Kids can learn how to be responsible by having a pet dog to take care of. Cane Corsos are not overwhelming to groom thanks to their short coats that shed very little throughout the year. They can drool but only a bit unlike other Mastiff breeds like the English Mastiff. 

Active Throughout the Day

Family activities are fun but it is even better if the dog has high energy levels to enjoy the moment! It’s a good thing to have a Cane Corso as he can keep up with the zest of everyone around him. Name whatever drills you can think of, he’ll be up for it at all times!

How to Choose the Right Cane Corso for Your Family

Those that come from reputable breeders offer puppies that are well-socialized and healthy. When they have been born and were never neglected, there are higher chances that the dog grows up with excellent behavior. It’s no different if you want to adopt. Cane Corso rescues make just as good a pet as the ones trusted sources sell. 

Learn About His Health

Before you ultimately decide on getting a Cane Corso, be aware of what health problems may affect the breed. Vet bills can be costly and that means budget preparation in case there are emergencies. The common complications this dog is prone to are hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, epilepsy, and eye problems. 

Cane Corsos Are Great for Families That…

  • Prefer less shedding dogs. 
  • Need a guard dog.
  • Are looking for a family companion.
  • Can accommodate a gigantic dog.
  • Are informed of what Cane Corsos need.
  • Are financially ready to take care of such a large dog.
  • Want loving and affectionate dogs. 

Don’t Get a Cane Corso If…

  • You do not have time to train him daily.
  • Your family is not ready to handle a large dog.
  • The kids are still too young (potential accidents may happen).
  • Can’t commit to giving him regular exercise.
  • You plan to get two Cane Corsos of the same sex.
  • You have no fenced yard for his outside stroll.