Do Cane Corsos Shed? A Guide to Grooming!

Cane Corsos, a Mastiff breed with an Italian heritage, do constantly let go of their coats. They are not heavy shedders, but due to how large they are, the amount they shed can pose a problem to unprepared owners. The popularity of this massive canine continues to soar all over the world, but what we must realize is that taking care of him can be a bit more intricate than what we could expect.

Despite the regular need to keep his coat clean and fresh all day, he does a lot of things to make it up to you. He brings love and joy to his family as well as guarantees the safety of your kids. With that said, it is worth having a Cane Corso puppy!

What Does a Cane Corso’s Coat Look Like?

A Cane Corso sports different coat colors that include fawn, black, black brindle, grey, chestnut brindle, and red. Each of them has a short, double coat that continuously grows and gets taken off after a period. If touched, you will mostly feel the coarse guard hairs that mainly serve as protection against the sun. The bottom layer is called an undercoat. Its texture is usually smooth and dense. Whenever the Cane Corso sheds this off, his guard hairs allow the cool air to circulate near his skin.

Most if not all double-coated dogs always undergo the process of shedding and Cane Corsos are not exempted from it. Luckily, if compared to other Mastiff breeds, his shedding rate is prominently low. 

How Bad Do Cane Corsos Shed?

Healthy Cane Corsos will not give you a headache when it comes to grooming. He will still frequently release his dead and loose hairs, yet these aren’t as worse as that of a Siberian Husky or an Akita’s. Therefore, an individual, couple, or family who is looking to adopt or get a large guard dog that is low in maintenance must consider getting the Cane Corso breed. 

Meanwhile, those who are sickly can be prone to some issues which commonly include skin and coat problems. Cane Corsos who have never visited a vet nor have their problems treated will shed abnormally.

3 Signs That a Cane Corso Sheds Too Much

You can determine the health of your dog’s coat through touch and sight. If you spend much time and care with your Cane Corso, you can spot problems that require attention. Often, we assume that just because the skin or coat of the dog is the affected area, they are not as worse as diseases like cardiomyopathy. However, let’s not forget that the poor quality of his exterior might signal serious underlying conditions within his large frame.

So, what are the indications that a Cane Corso sheds too much? Watch out for these 3 signs:

  • Dull and Brittle Coat. A dull dry hair can be simply removed through several grooming sessions. However, this might just be a band-aid solution. A dull coat can be a symptom of thyroid hormonal imbalance, diabetes, or Cushing’s syndrome. 
  • Sore and Bald Patches. Bacteria, mites, and ringworm fungus might be present in your dog’s coat. When they are present in your Cane Corso’s skin, they may result in infection and ultimately, bald spots in various areas. 
  • Severe Itchiness. A Cane Corso who constantly scratches his skin might be reacting from a particular allergy. It might be that he has eaten a certain ingredient his body is not used to or he has a severe reaction to pollen.

4 Factors Why Cane Corsos Shed Too Much

Photo from: canecorsohub (IG)

When a Cane Corso sheds abnormally, what we can immediately conclude is that there is something wrong with him, but the exact reason or factor why is hard to determine. Excessive shedding needs immediate attention and what’s a better way to assess your dog’s condition than to be aware of what the common causes are first?

Lack of Exercise

Unsurprisingly, Cane Corsos are highly active dogs who love to romp around and enjoy the breeze outside in your yard. The moment they lack or receive too much exercise, either kind of lifestyle can cause them to become underweight or overweight. Whichever state they may end up in, they are highly prone to various health complications. Some of them may reflect from the outside, thus mainly affecting the quality of their coat.

Bad Diet

Providing healthy meals is vital not just for his development but also for his appearance! Those that barely provide benefits to your Corso will have severe repercussions in the end. To have an idea, you have to make sure that every meal he gets has the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Be careful as well with the ingredients contained in the bag. Consult your vet and have your Corso tested to find out what foods he’s allergic to.

Photo from: tough_n_fluff (IG)

Stage of Life

Puppies shed less than adults. You may have been used to seeing a hair-free environment inside your home while your Corso is still young, but the moment he matures into an adult, he will start shedding normally as is expected from his breed. 


Throughout history, dogs are perceived to be highly adaptable animals. When a Cane Corso lives in a hot and humid country, his body will automatically shed a significant amount of fur for a lighter one to keep the right body temperature. Meanwhile, a Corso that lives in cold and wintery states will develop a thicker jacket to keep himself warm. 

3 Ways to Stop Excessive Shedding

There is no magic formula when it comes to grooming, thankfully! Unlike Poodles, owners can resort to DIY grooming sessions with their Cane Corsos due to how easy the process is. Improve your bond with your buddy by following these 3 simple ways:

  • Regularly brush him once a week.
  • Have a scheduled bath for him every 6-8 weeks.
  • Provide him with a recommended diet and required nutrition.

4 Grooming Tools to Control Shedding

It’s easy to combat Cane Corso shedding when you are fairly equipped with the right tools. To keep the unwanted fur at bay, make sure you have the following ready on your dog’s grooming kit:

  • Bristle Brush. This removes dirt and loose hairs. Your Cane Corso will feel great as you run this throughout his body!

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  • Deshedder. There will be times when you need to speed up the process of your Cane Corso’s shedding. Help him remove his undercoat without damaging the guard hair using a deshedding tool!

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  • Vacuum Cleaner. Let’s admit it, no matter how hard we try to keep the home hair-free, some dog strands can still end up in our furniture. After a good grooming time, follow this up with a thorough vacuum session.

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  • Bath Products. By washing your Cane Corso, you’re not just cleaning his coat but also removing all dead hairs. Massage his body gently using the right products for better results!

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