Are Dogo Argentinos Illegal in the US? Let’s Find Out

Dogo Argentinos are not illegal in the United States. However, some cities, areas, or states have placed a ban or a restriction on the said breed due to how potentially dangerous they can be, considering their temperament and large, powerful physiques. 

If you’re planning to move or transfer to the US with your Dogo puppy, it’s important that you know the city or state’s rules and regulations concerning dog ownership. Be aware of the breed-specific legislation (BSL) and find out if your dog is subject to the term.

Why Are Dogo Argentinos Banned in Some Countries or States?

Dogo Argentinos are banned in some countries and states due to their strength, intimidating appearance, which makes them get mistaken for a Pitbull, and breeding history. They were primarily developed to become hunting dogs, but their intricate lineage of ancestors sparked a great deal of controversy.

Antonio Nores Martinez, an Argentinian doctor that started it all, has included some of the fierce dog breeds we know today. Some of them are:

  • Boxer.
  • Great Dane.
  • Bull Terrier.
  • Spanish Mastiff. 
  • Dogue de Bordeaux.

All the dogs listed above are renowned for their strength, immense power, and protective instinct. They’re capable of fighting, to say the least. 

With all these, among others, included in the bloodline of the Dogo Argentino, along with the Fighting Dog of Cordoba as their ancestor, it’s no question that the Dogo will possess certain traits and temperament that need to be taken seriously.

Early on, the Dogo has shown an impressive performance in hunting and even when it comes to fighting. Hence why they’re unfortunately found in several fighting rings. 

These days, with the Dogo’s poor reputation which is mainly based on misconceptions, stereotypes, irresponsible ownership, or lack of breed knowledge, people are in fear regarding the dog’s aggressive tendencies. 

This is especially true if a stranger tries to threaten this dog. However, when it comes to dealing with non-intimidating people, well-trained and socialized Dogo may prove themselves to be well-mannered. 

Are Dogo Argentinos That Dangerous?

Dogo Argentinos are actually not that dangerous, provided you are an experienced owner. They do have the capability to cause harm, show aggression, or lash out at people, but that mostly happens if they are mishandled or mistreated. 

However, if the Dogo has been brought up properly with love and with all their basic needs met, the Argentinian breed will most likely be the sweetest companion you’ll ever have. Of course, caution remains, especially if your kids want to interact with them.

Simply put, dogs, no matter what breed, can only be dangerous if they end up with the wrong or irresponsible owner.

Countries That Placed a Ban on the Dogo Argentino Breed

It’s truly a bummer if you find out that some countries you’d love to visit have placed a ban on your Dogo Argentino. Before you and your puppy fly thousands of miles across another destination, know first if the country welcomes or not the presence of your four-legged companion.

Let’s check the list below:

  • Australia. Dogo Argentinos are banned in Australia, and importing the breed into the said country is illegal.
  • Cyprus. Cyprus also bans Dogo Argentino ownership, and importing the breed is deemed unlawful.
  • Denmark. The Dogo Argentino and 12 other breeds are prohibited in Denmark.
  • Israel. Israel considers the Dogo a dangerous breed which is why it’s banned in the country.
  • Malaysia. Along with 6 other dog breeds, the Dogo Argentino is also banned in Malaysia.
  • St. Kitts & Nevis. It’s also illegal for the Dogo to enter St. Kitts & Nevis due to their potential aggression.
  • New Zealand. The country has the Dog Control Act 1996, which prohibits the importation of the Dogo along with other 4 breeds perceived to be unsafe.
  • St. Lucia. St. Lucia strictly imposes that the Dogo breed should not be allowed to enter the country.
  • Singapore. Dogos, not even those who are of mixed breed, are not allowed in Singapore. However, those who are already there should be spayed or neutered once they’re already 6 months old. They have to be leashed and muzzled in public for safety reasons.
  • The United Kingdom. Owning a Dogo in the UK is a criminal offense under Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
  • Fiji. Emotional and service dogs, along with the Dogo Argentino and other dogs perceived to be dangerous are not allowed in Fiji.
  • Iceland. Dogs of any kind that show potential aggression are prohibited from entering Iceland, and that includes the Dogo Argentino. There will be a need for a temperament test or evaluation before a dog is permitted to enter.

Are Dogo Argentinos Allowed in the United States?

Dogo Argentinos are allowed in the United States, but not in all parts of it. So far, there’s no national ban on the said breed, but there are restrictions present in varying states, counties, and cities. 

  • New York City (New York): A certain policy states that all dogs of fighting breeds such as the Dogo Argentino are not allowed in the New York City Housing Association (NYCHA) housing and its premises. Only those that weigh below 25 pounds are permitted inside the apartments.
  • Aurora (Colorado): All restricted breeds, including Pitbull-type dogs and the Dogo Argentino, should not be transported, owned, sold, or maintained. Even those other breeds that bear the same resemblance are not allowed for any resident to own.
  • Florida: There is no specific breed ban in the said state, but any dog that has bitten, attacked, threatened, and injured both a human and another animal can be guilty of misdemeanor of the first degree. The worst possible outcome for a dangerous dog is getting destroyed in a humane manner.
  • Livingston (Michigan): All bully breeds and the Dogo Argentino are mandated to be restricted in Livingston, Michigan. All dogs the county finds aggressive will be euthanized if the local animal control finds them and no owner turns up to claim them.
  • Ohio: Several northeastern cities in Ohio have enforced strict bans on dog breeds like Rottweilers, Dobermans, Akitas, and Huskies. Along with these, those who are deemed potentially hostile are also under certain rules that would regulate them. All of them should wear a special fluorescent green collar and a muzzle to help people identify which dogs to take caution with.

Should Dogo Argentinos Be Banned?

Dogo Argentinos don’t necessarily have to be banned as these dogs are domesticated and capable of living with a family. They are ideally friendly, loyal, and affectionate; them becoming dangerous boils down to incompatibility with the owner.

Breed restrictions would be more reasonable as this would only limit the dog’s allowed areas rather than totally prohibiting them from a city. It won’t entirely rid the dog of the chance to be present in certain areas as long as the conditions are met. 

Any dog lover who would love to own this Argentinian dog breed should be ready to take on a different challenge. In bringing the Dogo out in public, the safety of other people should be one of your concerns. A positive and proper upbringing goes a long way, and this helps reform how society views dogs like the Dogo Argentino.