Are Dogue de Bordeauxs Good Family Dogs? 6 Reasons Why They Are!

Without a doubt! Dogue de Bordeauxs or French Mastiffs for short are even in temperament, fun to have around, and reliable enough in safeguarding your family and home. They are known to be large Mastiffs, but their size is totally manageable plus they know how to be reposeful around kids.

You are not making a mistake by choosing the Dogue de Bordeaux, that we’re sure of. In fact, countless families are choosing this dog as their new family addition. Get to know him more as we answer your inquiries as well as add in bits of reasons why Dogues are perfect for families!

Getting to Know the Dogue de Bordeaux

If you are thinking about going for the Dogue breed, knowing his general temperament is vital in determining if he is indeed the perfect match for your household. Understanding the personality of the Dogue is not that complex at all. He simply wants to be treated as an integral part of the family. Showing him lots of love and respect whilst providing for his needs are keys to keeping him cheerful throughout his lifetime.

You also have to be aware of how big he gets once he reaches his adult size. The breed usually achieves an ideal height of 23 to 27 inches and can be heavier than 99 or 110 pounds according to the AKC. With those proportions, you’d already know that there will always be a difference in taking care of him compared to having a small pooch. 

Does a Dogue de Bordeaux Need Lots of Family Attention?

The Dogue de Bordeaux “wants” lots of his family’s attention, but his real “need” falls under moderate levels. He is considered to be a velcro dog who will follow any of his family members wherever they go in the house. Who wouldn’t want to be petted or loved all the time? Also, he has several antics to show as he knows how to bring positive energy inside your home.

His mood shifts if he’s left alone in the house. Leaving him alone isn’t that bad, but the moment he’s on his own for prolonged periods, you’ll certainly witness destructive behaviors that get worse when his separation anxiety becomes severe. 

Is a Dogue de Bordeaux Aggressive Toward People?

A well-raised Dogue de Bordeaux is never aggressive toward other people. He must be able to identify normal from bad behaviors and reasonably decide on what reaction to show. In other words, the Dogue doesn’t act out when there’s no need to be. 

Photo from: megmolu (IG)

On another hand, although he’s ideally not hostile, he shouldn’t also be too friendly and trusting. Instead, he manifests a reserved nature to new people. When it comes to your kids, however, it is advised that he grows up with them early on. This is for them to have an indestructible bond and sufficient familiarization. This lowers the chance to zero of him turning to any of his loved ones. 

What Kind of Home Environment Does He Need?

Physically, the Dogue breed does fairly well in an apartment-style of living as long as it is not too cramped. The family must also be able to bring him outside regularly for his exercise and social needs. If you live in a house, having a backyard for him to access is recommended but not totally a need. It’s still imperative to take him out for walks.

On another aspect, the perfect family fit for a Dogue breed is one that is close-knit. Having constant and loud arguments is surely not right for him as these can cause profound effects on his behavior. Of course, fighting is normal at times, but family members should know how to deal with such so their buddy’s response to arguments is controlled or minimized. 

6 Reasons Why the Dogue de Bordeaux Is a Good Family Companion

There are numerous key characteristics that highlight the personality traits of the Dogue de Bordeaux. After reading what these are, you might be truly convinced that this is the dog your family needs. Let’s take a look at the 6 reasons why the Dogue de Bordeaux is a good family companion:

He’s Great With Kids

When looking for a family dog, you want to make sure that he’s amazing in dealing with your kids. Above all that, he knows how to get along with every single family member in your home. Unsurprisingly, that trait comes off naturally in the Dogue de Bordeaux breed. 

His size and look might be intimidating to some, but his real persona shows the contrary. Being around your kids, you’ll see him as the most patient dog who is also generous enough to share his toys as long their interaction is monitored. Older kids are his preferred companions.

He’s Loyal to His Owner

The loyalty of a Dogue de Bordeaux toward his family is unparalleled! He will never waver when it comes to showing his devotion and love to every member. Whatever phase of life you are in, he always got your back. This is an extremely sensitive and sweet dog. If you are sad, stressed out, or emotionally unwell, he’ll go near you to try brightening up your gloomy mood.

He’s Highly Affectionate

Despite the hardcore look of the Dogue de Bordeaux, once you get to know him, you’ll be able to see his soft side. Rainy days are perfect for cuddles and the space in your bed is best shared with a furry four-legged dog who loves to be hugged while he naps. 

In watching movies, he’ll try to find his way in any of your kids’ laps and enjoy the film. 

He’s Trainable

In bringing home a Dogue, the first thing you do is teach him the basic house rules such as potty training, crate training, obedience training, and socialization. All these can be easily absorbed by the puppy thanks to his eagerness to learn and impressive intelligence. 

He can be stubborn at times, but he’s generally trainable as long as the drills are conducted properly and positively. 

He’s Low in Maintenance

Aside from encouraging your kids to become more responsible in taking care of the dog, they would also be able to help in maintaining him clean. Brushing a Dogue de Bordeaux’s short coat only requires it to be done once a week. Regular baths are essential, but only every 6 to 8 weeks or whenever he is dirty. 

If your kids are older, they would certainly have a lot of fun washing the dog in the yard. Meanwhile, other grooming routines such as ear cleaning and nail trimming can be done by the parents. 

He’s a Good Guard Dog

Families who look for a dependable guard dog should consider the Dogue de Bordeaux due to his alertness, sharpness, and skill in securing the property or home. You no longer have to worry about leaving your house empty for a short while as long as he’s around because any burglar will have second thoughts about breaking in with such a massive dog watching through the window!