Are Silky Terriers Affectionate?

The Australian Silky Terrier is renowned to be a very affectionate breed. Perhaps his most favorite place in the world is anywhere as long as he is beside his owner! This dog is transparent about showing his endearment to that special person through cuddling and spending time drawing smiles on everyone’s faces.

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Since this Australian Silky is full of love, other positive behaviors follow such as being a loyal pet to his owner which makes him an ideal companion in life. Once he has developed a deep level of trust with you, nobody else can replace you. He is also capable of being friendly to those who matter to you which makes him a suitable family pet.

These are just a few reasons why it is a good choice to have a Silky Terrier either at your home or even if you live in an apartment. This dog breed is gradually becoming a popular choice to many especially to those who love to cuddle!

Personality & Traits

The Silky Terrier is a small but terrible breed. It is packed with lots of good qualities anyone looks for in a pet. This dog is spirited, intelligent, and cuddly. You may as well consider him an extremely people-person kind of pooch. This is not the type who you can place outside your house and let him wander the yard on its own. Silkies prefer having a companion to enjoy the warm and sunny day with!

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The Silky Terrier dog loves to hang out with its owner as one of the ways to show how much he appreciates his human. It feeds his excitement more if you bring this little dog on adventures such as mountain hikes, or walks and runs through challenging obstacles. This is due to his innate venturesome trait and endless source of energy. Going out with your dog more often also strengthens the bond between you and your pet companion making him more affectionate than ever!

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Additionally, expect every morning to see the face of a hairy Silky waiting for you to come out of the bed! The Silky Terrier dog is so friendly it won’t be tired of greeting you every day. Whether you just woke up or just got home, once he sees your warm-looking face, the tail will automatically wag and its tongue sticking out in happiness. This is a huge contrast compared to other unaffectionate dogs. As long as you properly bond with your Silky, their affectionate nature will never cease. Prioritize your relationship with this fluffy dog and the rest of the good qualities will follow!

Do Silky Terriers Feel Jealousy or Envy?

In some cases, Silky Terriers do feel jealous or envious. At first, scientists don’t think this is possible due to insufficient studies yet several owners have witnessed their dogs manifest the said behaviors. Although this is a complex topic to scrutinize, below are the common cases that owners have shared when their Silkies show jealousy or envy:

The Jealousy Between the Mother and the Silky Terrier Puppy

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The relationship between a mother Silky and her puppy is different from that of humans. When the mum knows that her little dog is capable of surviving on his own, the maternal instinct fades away in time. 

The young Silky Terrier, due to its inexperience, cute size, and little features, can be seen as more adorable by family members. When most of the attention is on the puppy, the mother Silky feels that her owner’s attention is being diverted away from her which then leads to the feeling of jealousy. As a result, the puppy will potentially be excluded from the maternal nest and be ignored by his mum.

However, this does not mean that mummy Silky will cease bonding with her owner. She remains to love and yearn for your affection and will gladly reciprocate it to nourish a meaningful owner and dog connection.

The Jealousy Between Your Silky and Other Dogs

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Dr. Stanley Coren, a great writer on mental abilities, intelligence, and history on dogs, had a strange encounter that gave him a different view of jealousy and envy that happen around dogs. Dr. Coren was in Canada to see a dogsled race, but prior to that, he was mesmerized by the beauty of a blue-eyed Siberian Husky. He was about to pet it when the owner warned him that if he pets one, he must pet the rest of the dogs. 

It was followed with another hilarious statement saying that if the dogs realize that one of them gets more food, affection, or just anything, they turn into “green-eyed monsters”. This case is possible even with Silky Terriers. Knowing how clingy and competitive they can get and how thirsty they can be for love and attention, when one realizes that he doesn’t receive much compared to the other, who knows how much this will affect his sense of affection or behavior in general?

How Do You Show Them Your Love?

Expressing your love toward your Silky Terrier puppy is not as complicated as we do with humans. Just simply spending time with this pooch whilst doing fun activities can help him realize that he is important to you. It is recommended to maximize the intellectual capability of this little dog through mental stimulation tasks that are meaningful. You can teach him dog tricks or crate training and don’t forget to reward his good behavior! Treats and gentle pets always delight them.

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If you just came home after a tiring day and don’t seem to have much energy to train this toy Terrier, a late afternoon brisk walk outside or a quick game of fetch will do. After all, being away from them for hours most likely made them worried already. However, seeing your face behind the opening door can change their mood significantly from being anxious to excited about spending the rest of the day with their beloved owners. 

Other means of showing your love would also include bringing them to the vet in case your puppy shows signs of health deterioration, pain, and discomfort, or unusual physical changes. This breed can suffer from different health issues or experience conditions such as: 

  • Tracheal Collapse
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Bad breath or Halitosis
  • Elbow Dysplasia
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Ensuring that your dog lives a healthy and normal life guarantees a longer life expectancy. Dog food and diet must be planned carefully as well to avoid weight gain. Moreover, the Silky Terrier breed must indulge in daily activity to release pent-up energy. A healthy and well taken care of dog equates to more love and affection coming from him!

How Much Time to Spend With Your Silky Terrier?

The time you spend with your precious Silky pooch varies. Generally, the longer hours you can spend with them each day, the better. Specifically for exercise purposes, 90 minutes would be enough, yet it shouldn’t be the only period that you are with your Silky in a whole day.

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If your dog is still a puppy, he would need social or human interaction every two hours. This is a crucial period when you must teach him basic house rules as well as allow him to get exposed to your other pets or dogs. If a Silky Terrier puppy is always by himself, this may cause separation anxiety and lead to destructive behaviors such as howling and biting off your furniture.

On another note, the more mature your Silky Terrier gets does not automatically mean that when he becomes a senior, he will be fine on his own without company for many hours. Remember that this breed is very clingy and needs reassurance that his owner still cares about him. If you have an 8-hour workday, you may leave your Silky under the care of a pet-sitter or go home during lunchtime. 

In fact, RSPCA emphasizes to dog owners never to leave their four-legged friends for more than four hours. So, as much as you can, always think about your Silky!

Are Silky Terriers the Right Dog for You?

Due to their Terrier heritage, this dog is mostly not a lap dog. In some cases, it will show a stubborn personality, so unless you think you can handle this sassy dog, then you might be the next proud parent of a Silky Terrier puppy! If you are new to this dog breed, joining kennel clubs will greatly aid you in learning more about this dog.

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Also, this is an outdoor breed that would love to bond with you through exciting activities and adventures due to their high energy level. If they are to choose what to do in their lifetime, they wouldn’t hesitate to say, “To be with my human all the time!”

Australian Terriers easily fall in love with their owners, which is why they are not afraid of showing their real emotions. They are expressive with their big soulful puppy eyes! Expect them to run towards you as you walk toward the porch and greet you as they brush their silky coat that feels like human hair. In other words, Silkies are a great sight every after a long day at the office. They are also wonderful companions and the perfect warm-hearted cuddle buddies at home.

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If you are decided to get one, visiting an animal shelter or adoption centers is always the right choice. Imagine how much a puppy will feel about finally getting a family to love him again! If this does not work for you, always opt for a reputable breeder. They guarantee that your Silky puppy is free from abnormalities and health issues.