Are Silky Terriers Good Family Dogs?

Unequivocally yes! They make very loyal family dogs, but they are not for everyone. Silkies prefer enjoying special moments with someone and they truly enjoy being the center of attention. They are the happiest whenever they are surrounded by their loved ones and they also try to be the most patient when nobody is home!

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Although they may be clingy, Silky Terriers are fun to be with and they enjoy entertaining their owners with their quirks and learned tricks. Silky Terriers are known to be goofy. Their presence will make you have the satisfaction and enjoyment of your life. Their silky and long coat is a bonus too! Surely, your kids will be mesmerized when they get their hands through their little dog’s shiny and human-like hair. 

If you are having a hard time deciding which dog to get for your family, this may be the sign that the Silky Terrier is the one you are looking for! You will never go wrong with having this adorably furry Silky. 

Why Is a Silky Terrier a Good Family Companion?

An Australian Silky Terrier is compact and can be easily carried. If you and your family like to go on vacations such as going to the beach, bringing along this energetic little lap dog won’t be a problem. Aside from the fact that he enjoys water, having this pet around would alert you if ever he senses threats or dangers. 

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Even though this dog breed is a cute size weighing only around 10 pounds and standing only nine to 10 inches tall, his alert personality is like that of a big dog.

Moreover, loyalty never comes last for this toy breed. Once they establish a relationship with you as their friend and trusted owner, expect a high affection level from him. They are extremely loving and are not afraid to show it. Although sometimes, their cute begging for some quality time may cease down a bit and get distracted by other things such as a squirrel running up the tree, their heart will always be for you.

Additionally, aside from being such wonderful and endearing dogs, Silkies are highly intelligent as well. This is no surprise, however, since this breed’s parents are well-known to be smart: The Yorkshire Terrier and the Australian Terrier.

Being a mix of two such beautiful and brilliant Terrier breeds, Silkies can be easily trained with house rules as long as they are enforced firmly and they involve positive reinforcements. Dog coaching may include obedience training, leash and crate training, socialization, or if you want your Silky pooch to join shows, you may incorporate the advanced dog training too. 

You may enroll your dog in training sessions or simply go on Youtube for training videos!

Silky Terriers Around Kids

Owning an Australian Silky can help your children understand what it means to have a sense of responsibility. However, this canine must only be around 10-year-old kids or older who are capable of playing with him gently. Children love to take care of pets. It’s almost innate for them to think of the Silky Terrier dog as their baby. In other words, the kids will do responsibilities for the dog such as feeding, bathing, daily brushing his coat, or cleaning his area.

Moreover, if one of your kids is allergic, surely she won’t be having an itchy and runny nose whilst being around the Silky dog. Silkies are hypoallergenic and their shedding rate is minimal. This is due to their non-existing undercoat which means you will no longer need to worry about the falling hair that sticks on your carpets or furniture or trigger your child’s allergy when they all play in the yard together.

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Also, Silkies have abundant energy levels that can match the kids’ desire to run around and play in the park. This pooch can encourage the kids to have stronger socialization skills. Having the dog with you is usually an “ice breaker”. The presence of this silk-coated pet can spark a conversation among the other children in the park.

On another note, dogs can boost a baby’s health. When the infant is exposed early to pet dander, they then develop a stronger immune system which can fend off common bugs and allergens. Not only that, but according to a CBS News article, a baby exposed to dogs can less likely develop ear infections and colds.

Are Silky Terriers Excellent Family Watchdogs?

Despite their small physique and less intimidating look, this Australian Silky is actually far more excellent as a family watchdog compared to most breeds. His wariness level whenever a stranger is around or if he is faced with a new situation is incomparably high that he is easily inclined to bark and alert the family. 

Some bigger dogs hate barking and prefer to behave especially when around their owners, however, this description does not fit the feisty Silky Terrier! Curious by nature, all things that happen around them are subject to scrutiny. They are highly observant dogs and would not hesitate to yap if they sense an interesting situation or see an intruder.

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Understandably, their size is not really a threatening look for home invaders or threatening animals. Yet, this does not mean that their presence is ineffective in securing the safety of your family members. Their incredibly annoying bark during the night is a way to alert the family of an incoming danger or interesting situation. Their noise can wake up the whole neighborhood! 

Thanks to their Terrier heritage, even if an intrepid intruder trespasses, this dog will not back down. They are fearless and would even bark louder.  

Silky Terriers Around Other Family Pets

There have been a lot of misconceptions that Silky Terriers do not go along very well with other house pets such as cats. This is not true, of course, since they can be trained to coexist and not see them as prey. It is highly advisable that if you have other pets like cats, you have to raise your Silky Terrier puppy with them before three months old. 

Also, the success of having your ball of fur interact positively with your other pets relies on the training he has experienced from you. The dog has to be coached about what the limitations are in case your cat is around. Hence why letting your pets and Silky grow together is essential. When Silkies are familiar with your other furr-pets and are taught boundaries, there is a lesser chance of activating their prey drive.

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In terms of having another dog in the house, Silkies can be dog-friendly as long as they are taught to be. On some occasions, some owners have shared that their Sydney Silky Terrier tends to be bossy or competitive around other dogs especially if it is about receiving rewards or treats. 

Fun Family Activities Your Dog Will Also Enjoy

There are numerous ways to improve the relationship between a dog and his family. Although we are aware of the common walk in the park or game of fetch activities, this may bore your dog out. So trying out new things to do can upgrade your bond. Below lists some tasks your family and your dog will truly find exciting:

  • Have fun with outdoor dining. Whether you conduct an at-home BBQ dinner or go to dog-friendly restaurants, having nice weather is a good gateway for a relaxed and joyous outing. Kids enjoy eating with their pets such as the Silky. They can entertain each other whilst waiting for their food.
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  • Do painting with your Silky! Some owners like to create art with the cooperation of their pooches! A blank canvas can make wholesome art when your dog’s paw fills it with colorful paints.
  • Go hiking together. Believe it or not, but their bodies contain a lot of energy. They are capable of keeping up with their owners when it comes to venturing mountains. This is a good way to keep fit and healthy. You’d never know how much your dog’s spirit soars when it comes to outdoor adventures. 
  • Maximize your sprinklers! This idea is best during the hot summers. Let your kids and your Silky run through the sprinklers as a way to cool off from the heat.
  • Have fun at the swimming pool. Since Silky Terriers and kids love to swim, why not bring them to a swimming pool? They will surely have the time of their lives. Just make sure you bring the pooch with some dog food and snacks and refreshing drinks for the kids. Oversee them too as they play in the water to avoid injury or accidents.

Silky Terrier Puppy: A Perfect Family Addition 

There are a lot of upsides when you get a Silky Terrier dog. He is fun, loving, intelligent, alert, and most especially, they are capable of keeping up with their owners and the kids. Their colors also come in a wide variety!  The benefits of having a Silky at home are impossible to list in one sitting, so the best way to experience a better quality of life is through having one!

Having a Silky dog around will motivate you and your family to keep moving due to their high energy and stamina- Silkies need plenty of exercise!

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 Everyone will also have an improved empathy level when they get to feel how devoted this dog is! He will always get excited to play around with your children and try new activities with them. Another good thing is that, since this is compact, he can adjust well in an apartment living style!

If you think the temperament and behavior of the Silky resonate with you and that he can get along with your family, adopting is the primary option. Having a Silky Terrier rescue means giving another puppy a warm and loving home at the same time leaving behind a new space in the shelter for another rescue. 

You may also contact a reputable breeder who can provide you health clearances that will assure you that the dog is free from diseases and health conditions such as patellar luxation, tracheal collapse, hip dysplasia, or eye disease. Although this is a generally healthy breed, there is still a possibility of them having issues with their body.

Moreover, once you get your Silky Terrier puppy, you are sure to enjoy the opportunity of joining a Silky Terrier club and meet different individuals who have unique and interesting experiences with this adorable and excellent companion. Considering all these things, getting a Silky Terrier might just be the best decision you will ever make!