Beagle Kennel Ideas: 6 Things to Consider for Your Dog’s Kennel

A kennel is a dog’s mansion- it has to be always clean, comfy, and relaxing. Before bringing home a Beagle pup, surely you are already formulating ideas that would guarantee the pooch a merry life with you and that includes building up a place he can enjoy and he can call his own.

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Providing him a kennel is more than just giving him a space in your home or property. If the Beagle pup is properly kennel-trained, he would find a sense of security there as well. It doesn’t even have to be very luxurious unless covering it with gold and filling it up with expensive items are your options. Just simply providing all the kennel needs would suffice for your adorable and high-spirited companion.

Kennel vs Crate: Pros and Cons

Just like humans, dogs would love to have their personal space hence the innate territorial instinct evident to most of the canines we know, especially the Beagle. Bearing that in mind, granting him his area is both crucial and beneficial. Two of the well-known forms of dog spaces are the crate and the kennel.

As a Beagle owner, you might want to determine which between the two is truly better for your furry friend. 

Dog Kennel

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Pros: Dog kennels last longer than a crate. As long as it is sturdy and appropriate for your Beagle, a kennel can beat several crates when it comes to durability. If you’re expecting some visitors to arrive at your place, placing your pet inside a kennel can keep him from disrupting the moment. 

What’s more, is that he can’t dig his way out or break through the metal door. Moreover, the metal material of this type is less likely to absorb bad smells in contrast to a plastic crate.

Cons: Perhaps the biggest drawback of a kennel is that it isn’t portable. Unlike a dog crate which you can conveniently carry during trips and travels, a kennel is mostly something you can’t use to bring your dog to other places. 

Dog Crate

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Pros: A dog crate is much easier to clean. On top of that, most of its size and type are approved by airlines which will not hinder you from having a trouble-free vacation. It can fit well in the car and if not in use, it can be simply stacked up in a garage or storeroom. The Sportpet crate is a perfect example.

Cons: Crates are undoubtedly popular among dog lovers worldwide. The downside, however, is that since most of these are made up of plastic, a Beagle who’s determined to go out can effortlessly chew it down. Additionally, he will quickly outgrow the crate and require you to purchase a new one. 

How Big Should the Kennel Be?

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If you are opting for an outdoor kennel for your Beagle pup, you have to ensure that he would be able to run freely inside due to his high-energy levels. Fortunately, he can jump as high as 4 feet only, so a 6-foot wall would do. Just make sure that he wouldn’t find any means to dig his way out and that he won’t be an easy target for flying predators. Putting up a roof can prevent this from happening.

For an indoor kennel, placing your Beagle inside and observing if he can still lie down, turn around, and stand up is necessary. Knowing the actual estimated size of an adult Beagle, you should have already predetermined the right kennel dimensions to avoid renovating it later on. For the Beagle breed, the standard kennel length is 2 1/2 feet.

Make sure that space inside will be all used because a Beagle tends to utilize an area for sleep and another to relieve himself. You can use panels to block off this extra space until he needs it.

What Are the Different Types of Kennels?

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If you are fully convinced to invest in building a kennel for your wonderful Beagle pooch, you deserve to know the different types of it which are the doggy daycare, private, luxurious, and traditional kennel. Being aware of the various kennel forms would enable you to choose the most suitable dog place!

Doggy Daycare Kennel

This is the best choice for dog lovers who own lots of dogs! A houseable dog kennel filled with doggos encourages each of them to interact, play, and release their energy. Canines such as the Beagle can’t stand being a couch potato, so if you have a pack of dogs running freely inside, your Beagle will surely enjoy the moment. 

In most cases, this place is only used for social interactions or for those who need exercise and attention. That means a kennel is more likely a meet-up place for dogs rather than an actual shelter.

Private Dog Kennel

This might sound exclusive but it isn’t mainly because the owners of these dogs are well-off. Private kennels such as the Aleko kennel are built for dogs with social anxiety and special needs. Most rescued dogs exhibit behavioral problems due to the stress they experience and if you have adopted a pack, a private kennel will do well for them.

This is a place that can grant each dog, especially an anxious Beagle, one-on-one training and full attention. Typically, a 5-acre private kennel could house 10 dogs or fewer.

Luxurious Kennel

This is more of a want than a need and if you think you can afford this for your special Beagle, then the luxurious wooden kennel might just boost your dog’s social status! What you can usually find here are swimming pools, exclusive massages and fresh treats, and custom-made furniture. Each dog found in this kennel is guaranteed to receive high-quality treatment from the staff.

Traditional Kennel

A kennel can be built indoors or outdoors with designs where your Beagle can still play. His sleeping area is advised to be made indoors for security and only let him enjoy the outdoor environment if the weather is clear.

If you can’t have it both ways, just by simply making sure that he is comfortable with the setup outside no matter the kind of weather that’s coming, your Beagle will do just fine. A great kennel for this would be the Pro Select Modular kennel!

How Much Would It Cost to Build a Beagle Kennel?

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The budget in building your Beagle a kennel is factored by several things such as the materials, size, and if it is custom-made or not. For homeowner kennels, the cost ranges from $2,200 to $10,000 while commercial ones can go anywhere from $14,000 to $74,000!

Size of the Kennel

It is reasonable that the planned size of your Beagle’s kennel will largely affect the price. The smaller it is, the fewer resources would be used. For owners who are on a tight budget, it is highly advised not to go for extremely small kennels. Try to achieve the correct size so that your pet can use it and avoid wasting money.

Style of the Kennel

There are two types of dog kennels: the homeowner and the commercial one. For practical dog lovers, homeowner kennels are better than the commercial ones unless you’re planning to breed your Beagle and other dogs as a means for profit. 

Features of the Kennel

There are a plethora of features any dog fanciers could think of which they can add to the kennel! Some would add heating areas for whelping Beagles or use certain designs and materials for doors, roofs, floors, and more.

6 Things to Consider Before Planning, Building, or Buying a Kennel

  1. Location. This is extremely important. You have to see which environment your Beagle highly prefers. Choosing the wrong one can ruin either the outdoor or indoor kennel experience. 

Since Beagles are notable for their incessant howling, a kennel that is too near can be annoying once they start barking at suspicious movements especially during the night. However, if it’s located too far from home, there will be fewer chances to correct bad behavior as well as quickly provide for their needs.

  1. Size. A medium-sized Beagle with high energy levels would need a wider space for him to run on, particularly if he loves to stay inside of it for long periods of time.
  1. Weather. For outdoor kennels, you have to make certain that there are no leaks and that the roof will not be blown away by the strong wind. Kennel construction should be done by someone who knows how to build it so the place wouldn’t easily tear down in the years to come.
  1. Flooring. There are numerous options for kennel floorings such as keeping it on the grass, installing composite flooring, or going for concrete or gravel. Grass can be great until it gets wet by the rain. The composite flooring is expensive, but it is the best option among the four. Meanwhile, the concrete can be hard for dogs to step on and the gravel needs to be replaced each year.
  1. Escape-proof the kennel. Beagles are notorious diggers! Make sure the kennel wouldn’t have any loopholes which your beagle might take advantage of in his way to freedom. 
  1. Temperature. During the winter season, smaller dog houses got it better when it comes to keeping the heat in. To protect your Beagle from experiencing hypothermia, installing insulated walls can keep the cold out and a more stable and warm temperature inside. 

4 Features of a Good Beagle Kennel

The Bigger the Better

There is one specific question that you have to address before you build a kennel for your Beagle. Are you planning to bring home more Beagle puppies in the future? Whatever your answer is, the bigger the kennel is, the better. It gives your dog free access to run and maximize the space provided for him.

Keep It Low Maintenance

No matter how grandiose the kennel looks, if it starts to drain your pockets very quickly for maintenance, the dog area will not last long. Opt for a structure and features that are basic and excellent.

It Should Be Comfortable

Your Beagle might end up spending most of his time in the dog house you just built for him. To keep your small Beagle happy, check out the area and determine your dog’s comfortability with it. 

Keep It High Quality

Kennels are meant to last long. Talk to your kennel builder and see how the place would be built including the materials to be used.

Are Outdoor Kennels Safe for Beagles?

Absolutely! The use of an outdoor kennel is found to be very advantageous for your Beagle. The setup gives him the chance to enjoy the wind as well as the wide space provided for him without the risk of him wandering off in a poorly fenced area or getting hit by speeding vehicles.

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Just as long as the kennel is used appropriately and the dog is introduced and properly trained for it, you and your dog are guaranteed to have a mutually healthier relationship. Just bear in mind never to leave him out in extreme weather. 

Unless he is in a pack of more than 15 Beagles in the kennel, their collected body heat would help them survive the gushing cold wind. If he’s alone or if he only has a few companions inside, transferring them inside your home is highly recommended.

In cases when your doggy exhibits destructive behaviors even if he’s inside his area, you have to figure out the issue right away. However, most of the time, it is due to not giving him enough attention. Remember that building him a castle wouldn’t mean that he will not need you anymore. The Beagle remains to be a sociable dog who would enjoy spending time with its owner!