Most Affordable and Functional Kennel Ideas for Your Dog

For some reasons such as security and containment, a dog owner needs to have a dog kennel whether it is for indoor or outdoor purposes. We understand that you may not have any idea what to build or what design to buy. That’s why we have listed the most affordable and functional dog kennel ideas you could provide for the safety, comfort, and sanctuary of your dog.

5 Backyard Kennel Ideas for Your Dog

1. Wooden Outdoor Dog Kennels

It’s easy to look for affordable wooden material around the market. Also, if you are fond of DIY, then Wooden Dog Kennels such as this one would be easy for you to do. The design is perfect for strong weather such as storms or winter. You should put this dog kennel on the concrete floor to avoid the wooden floors from getting ruined. Also, you could design it above the ground to allow air on the floor. Additionally, you could put windows to make it a cozy dog house and so that it will be perfect on summer days.

You could make it bigger based on the size of your dog. It’s important to also consider the sturdiness of the roof so that your pooch will be protected fully from the sun, rain, and snow.

2. Dog Kennel for Big Dogs

If you have guard dogs around the house then you have to build a dog kennel that is big enough for its size. Like this design, it was composed of an area wherein they can lay down while having ample space to watch outside and observe the surroundings. You can copy the design due to its functionality in keeping your dog secure and not giving them a chance to go out because the fence is up to the ceiling. In addition, the aluminum post and the mesh is sturdy enough whenever your dog has to push it or bite it.

It could also become your place of training for your dog, you can supervise them and give them the exercise they need without going outside that might endanger other people. However, if the dog is already tamed then you can include them on your daily walks.

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3. Backyard Classic Kennel

Basically, you can put this anywhere in your backyard. If you are also fond of plants then you can’t allow your dog to just roam around and ruin your plants. You can build this type of dog kennel so that your pooch can still play outdoors without ruining your landscape garden. However, in this type of design, you must provide a flat surface whether it’s a wood or a mat to ensure that your canine friend is clean. But, if you want them to have fun digging then you can place the dog kennel on the ground.

The dog kennel should have a shade to protect them from any sort of weather. Furthermore, the design would offer enough breeze that will keep your dog fresh especially if they have thick coats in summer. To make the dog kennel more fun, you can put toys or bones to encourage them from playing.

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4. Tiny Wood Dog Kennel

This Dog kennel design is perfect for your tiny pooch or puppies. Since it is open you can enclose the area so that your puppies won’t get outside. You can display it in your yard since the design is good and would compliment your garden. Since the dog kennel is elongated, your puppy can have enough space to run and play with other puppies or cats. Fill it with interesting toys so that the dog is going to grow happy and active. 

To make the roof last longer, since it is wood, you have to waterproof it and varnish it. Finish it with the stain and water sealant for the roof to be protected. But, if you can use a rib-type roof then it is much better.

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5. Modern Dog Kennel

The design is connected to your house so that your dog has the freedom to go outside whenever they want to. Ideally perfect for big dogs because they won’t be able to jump because the fences are up to the ceiling. You can achieve this dog kennel using a square tube, concrete floors, and a durable roofing system with proper drainage. The space is big but you can make it bigger if you want to accommodate more dogs inside.

You can put a comfortable space inside by providing beds, a source of water and food, toys, and if you are willing you can play with your dog inside the dog kennel. The place is also ideal for dogs if you wanted them to learn something, you could train and teach them the commands in the dog kennel.

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5 Indoor Kennel Ideas for Your Dog

Some dogs are not allowed outside unless they will have their morning walks or daily exercise. But, these dogs should also be contained because they might be destructive inside the house when you are away. Additionally, these dog kennels could also be your dog’s personal space and a place of comfort for their naps.

1. Beautiful Elongated Dog Kennel

It serves a dual purpose because you can use the top as a table for your decorations and flowers so that your hallways or corridor won’t be dull. Below the furniture, you can set up a dog kennel with doors that are easy to open and also complements the design of the table. Your dog will have a private place because it is closed and cozy because of responsible owners.

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2. Glass Modern Dog Kennel

It is an elegant design that will not ruin the aesthetics of your home. It looks like a baby’s crib and is built to have a glass surrounding it so that the movement of your dog is easily monitored. The glass design also allows the dog to have a view of the surroundings. Make sure you make the space comfortable by providing dog beds, water, food, and toys.

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3. Dog Collapsible Kennel

It is a durable Collapsible material that you can bring anywhere you go. It is ideal for dogs that are smaller and need to be contained for a certain amount of time. Also, you can use this dog kennel whenever you need to travel and have your dog go with you. It can be placed anywhere in the house and can be hidden right away if there is a guest in the house.

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4. Chic Dog Kennel

Another Glass dog kennel that offers a chic and elegant vibe. It could be a safe spot for your pugs, poodle, or dachshund. Put a soft and warm carpet that would be an instant favorite of your pooch. You can also decorate it by adding boho tents, lights, and the dog’s name. Even your children will want to sleep on the dog kennel. Be sure you train your dogs for potty first because you will not want them messing around the place.

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5. Kitchen Counter Dog Kennel

It will serve as a kitchen counter as well as a dog kennel in your home. Your dogs would instantly love it since it is located inside your kitchen and it always smells of food. The counter dog kennel also has a cabinet on the side as extra storage for your pooch.

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Whether you want your dog inside the house or not, we have given you the best ideas that you could imitate and improve for your dog kennel. These will enhance the quality of life of your dog because they will have a personal space in which they would feel safe and cozy. They could retreat to these dog kennels and refresh their energies especially if they have been active throughout the day.