Male or Female Beagle: Which One Is a Better Pet?

If you think choosing a dog breed is hard, deciding on whether you get a female or a male puppy is even more challenging. Once you’ve narrowed down the list and came to realize that a Beagle is the perfect furry pet for you, you’d need a plethora of information before you could inform your breeder which gender you would get.

Honestly, you can have either the male or the female depending on you as an owner! You simply have to evaluate your taste, lifestyle, and personality then compare these to your potential Beagle. With that, we’ll make decision-making easier for you!

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Certainly, no matter which between the two you’d be getting, a Beagle remains to be easy-going and friendly. However, here is a comprehensive article that will contrast and highlight the notable uniqueness of each Beagle’s sexual category. Keep reading to find out!

Physical Differences

Predominantly, male Beagles are larger and heavier than females. The size can have a huge impact on any first-time dog owner since certain factors can come into play. If you prefer carrying your dog or if your apartment is cramped, a smaller one is practical.

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During the puppy stage, you’ll notice that there isn’t any stark distinction in measurements between a male and a female Beagle pup. Although, it is worth noting that a slight and subtle difference exists such as a male Beagle weighing 12 to 13 pounds while the female pooch has one pound less in mass in their first six months.

It is by the time they reach adulthood, the exact period when both dogs stop growing, that their heights and weights will have visible disparity. Males can be more than 15 inches tall while females can be around 14 inches in height. As for the heaviness, males can be anywhere around 30 pounds and females generally weigh a few pounds less.

Temperamental Differences

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The Beagle breed is often put in a box when it comes to behavior. Commonly, this dog is described as curious, merry, and playful by nature. This stereotype eventually makes potential Beagle owners forget that males think and act differently from females. Each gender is wired on certain manners and habits which shouldn’t be set aside during decision-making.

Male Beagles

When it comes to a more balanced disposition, males certainly have the edge. They are branded as very goofy, funny, and cuddly but what sets them apart from their counterparts is that they know when to stop. They excel in the individualistic department making them feel okay if you no longer want to pet or play with them. He’ll simply continue playing on his own or sleep it out if he gets bored. 

Another good thing about getting a boy Beagle pup is that he has lesser chances of exhibiting capricious behavior compared to the hormonal female Beagle. With that said, a cheeky attitude such as refusing to obey shows barely.

Female Beagles

Now, if you’re the type of owner who can’t get his hands off of his pet, a female Beagle is the perfect fit for you! Guaranteed she will not dodge your clinginess as she’s needy herself. She’d fight to get your full attention even if you just spent hours of games with her. Showering her with hugs and kisses will slightly mellow the constant scratching of her paw on your knee.

For some, this can be overwhelming especially if you like to have alone time as having a girl Beagle would mean entertaining her. This common personality trait, however, will start to subside once she gets pregnant and gives birth to a litter. In extreme cases, owners observed their Beagles have the same temper.

Health Differences

No matter the gender of the Beagle, both males and females are considered a healthy breed. If there’s anything they can be prone to, the usual ones that can strike them are cherry eye, intervertebral disc disease, hip dysplasia, glaucoma, epilepsy, patellar luxation, and heart disease.

Are Female Beagles Easier to Train Compared to Males?

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For the most part, the method by which you train your Beagle is what contributes to the success of the chosen drill. This is because all dogs can learn tricks no matter their gender! Don’t forget as well that each Beagle’s learning capabilities are factored by their innate characteristics. 

To see the variance, the male Beagle tends to be more easily distracted during a training session, but they can learn tricks very quickly. This will get worse if he is looking to mate with a female Beagle dog. Also, you’d find yourself struggling with his more frequent habits of marking territories.

Meanwhile, the female Beagle usually gets more focused and determined in learning new rules and tricks. This can be linked to her eagerness to please her owners. The only downside, however, is that the moment she’s in heat, she’ll lose her focus. If she’s just had her litter, you’d witness a very stubborn side. 

Are Male Beagles More Aggressive?

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Aggression can be exhibited by both genders, but evidence suggests that males are more likely to show it in the form of challenges, threats, and dominance to create social hierarchies. When a quarrel between two male dogs arises, this oftentimes doesn’t lead to physical attacks. The more dominant dog only exhibits social cues to affirm his superiority and the other would show deference.

As for the females, although they are less likely to show hostility, if it can’t be avoided, they will not have second thoughts to enforce their dominance over the other. When two females fight, the attacks are more harmful and damaging.

Who’s the Better Watchdog?

Both male and female Beagles love to bark on whatever they see that moves or whenever somebody approaches them. This is because they always see something to be excited about. Their fondness to yap is something you should be prepared about, especially the mournful howls they’d produce very often at night or the moment you take a nap. 

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Although this might be annoying, this trait makes the Beagle a great watchdog. He can alert you anytime if a stranger is lurking nearby.

Due to their size though, Beagles are not a good choice as guard dogs. They are incapable of tackling home invaders. For guard dogs, Great Danes, Dobermans, or German Shepherds are the best fit.

Which Beagle Puppy Costs More?

On rare occasions, breeders may put a difference in the price tag between a male and a female Beagle. The more expensive one is expected to be the female pooch due to her capacity to reproduce. The dog breeding business thrives continuously throughout the years hence why investing in a female canine if breeding is your end goal is a practical decision. 

If not, you can opt to get the male one only if he suits more the kind of lifestyle you can give to a handsome dog such as the Beagle. Do take note that you can check on all available breeders in your area and weigh which of them puts a price difference on the dog’s genders. Despite the possibility, you have a higher chance not to pay more in case you get a female dog.

Which Beagle Is More Affectionate?

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If we are going to base it on the amount of time a Beagle would show affection, hands down it’s going to be the female! She mostly doesn’t know what personal space is and she’ll squeeze herself in for your attention. She loves to kiss and ensure that your view is only composed of her adorable face. 

Both Beagles are warmhearted, however. It’s just that the female canine openly displays her endearment to her human. Nevertheless, the level of affection of a Beagle mainly depends on the upbringing. The earlier the socialization is and the more time you’ve been spending on the dog while he or she is still a puppy, the more positively affectionate the dog is going to be.

The takeaway is that, if you have established boundaries right away, even a female Beagle might have a change in her affection level despite her behavior heavily leaning on it.

Who Is a Male Beagle Best Suited For?

A male Beagle is the perfect puzzle piece for an owner who loves to cuddle, but who doesn’t want the dog to be all over him 24/7. If you have a great sense of humor, your Beagle can definitely outmatch you with his goofiness and silliness! Moreover, you are sure to enjoy this side of him longer than a female Beagle since he matures later in life. 

In bonding with him, expect him to show lots of unintentional mischievousnesses that will get you laughing all day long. You can even bring another male Beagle in the house and witness no extreme conflicts at all! His friendliness is topnotch and his independence will keep you from being overwhelmed with his love. 

The only area from which he might need better guidance is training.

Who Is a Female Beagle Best Suited For?

A typical female Beagle loves to be the center of attention! If you think you can give her pets, hugs, and kisses all the time, she might just be the next pet you should bring at home. Training comes easier for her too as she can pick up tricks very quickly due to her more sharpened memory and focus. 

The thing with a female Beagle, however, is that she can’t be left alone on her own without any interaction whatsoever. This is argued to be a great contributor to separation anxiety so if you can, bringing her to doggy daycare, hiring a pet sitter, or bringing home another pet she can play with while you are away has to be considered.

Final Thoughts

Generally, male and female Beagles are the same with a few differences that will make it easier for you to decide which between them suits your personality and lifestyle. A female pooch will always be more clingy than the other while the male Beagle tops it when it comes to being independent. 

Despite all these polarities, do recognize that each dog is an individual. In some cases, your Beagle might not fit all the criteria mentioned in this article, but do remember that regardless of gender, a Beagle will uphold his genuine love and loyalty to his human at all times!