Top 10 Best Dog Breed Around Babies

Couples that are starting to build a family should carefully plan the kind of life they should have in the future, that includes the inclusion of a family pet in the house. It’s easy for a single person to be a pet owner  because they don’t have  the responsibility of having a child. But, for couples that are trying and the ones that are expecting a baby, the decision is oftentimes hard. They might be thinking that having dogs around babies is dangerous because the babies might get bitten, scratched or in the worst case killed by a dog. While that thought is valid because they are parents, the case is totally different. 

In general, a family pet should be designed according to one’s needs. Dog breeds have different personalities, build and attitude. And if what you are looking for is a furry family which is good with babies and children then you’ve got a lot of options. These breeds are affectionate and loving enough to be around babies. 

Dog’s are a giver of unconditional love and you’ll be surprised how much these breeds could protect and offer a lasting friendship to your child.

1. Golden Retriever

 A friendly dog breed that you can add to your family. Golden Retrievers are the ultimate family pet that are known to be good with children. They are the kind of breed that is affectionate, loving, gentle and ultimately caring. Due to it’s love for people, Golden Retrievers will instantly adjust to your baby and will protect it like it is their own. You do not need to worry about the dog’s aggression because they are naturally patient and calm.

2. Labrador Retriever

They are used in hunting and retrieving but they can also be wonderful family pets. The love for socializing, learning and friendliness makes them a suitable pet around babies. The fact that they are easy to train is an advantage because you can teach them to stay quiet when the baby is asleep or you can train them to watch the baby when you are busy. Not only you’ll have a stress-reliever dog but you’ll also have a caretaker and best friend for your baby.

3. Boxers

Boxers are playful and not at all aggressive, which makes them great pets around babies. The breed rarely barks due to their friendliness, not just on people but also to other animals too. They are very cuddly and gentle pets that won’t mind that your baby is beside them or hugging them. In addition, Boxers are amazing breeds that will be loyal to their human family until the end. Furthermore, they are easy to get attached to, that’s why they also need time and attention.

4. Newfoundland

Aside from having a baby you’ll also have a gentle giant baby when you consider having a Newfoundland dog. They are giant dog breeds that have a giant heart for babies and the sweetest companion around the house. They are trustworthy and great protectors around the house and your baby. In addition, these dog breeds won’t mind all the noise and playful pulling and pushing of the baby. However, the problem with Newfoundland dog breeds is that they tend to drool a lot and that needs maintenance.

5. Pug

The pug dog breed is a type of dog breed that is overly attached to its owner. They will tend to follow its owner anywhere around the house and demand attention. But, pugs can be trained and direct their attention to the baby. They are loving, caring and a perfect companion for the baby. Although, pugs tend to shed a lot and it could be a problem for you. Also, pugs are perfect pets for the human families that are living in apartments.

6. Beagle

It is a hound breed that works best when they are in a pack. They could be loyal and trustworthy dogs, especially if they considered you as the alpha. In addition, beagles are wonderful playmates when your child gets older. They wanted to participate and be active in any activities. Because beagles are active breeds, it is ideal that you provide them frequent exercise because they will tend to howl when not properly exercised.

7. Bulldog

It is not an active breed which is good if you are a parent that is busy and won’t have time to walk your dog. Bulldogs when not exercised involve sleeping and eating only. They have a very gentle and loving personality towards babies and kids. You will be assured that your baby will have a deep sleep because of the bulldog’s cuddles. Furthermore, bulldogs are cute and strong so that they will not easily be hurt by your children. Although, there are a lot of health problems associated with a bulldog. You have to watch their diet and provide frequent check-ups to the vet.

8. Collie

The dog breed has an affectionate nature and they are good with babies. A dog owner can entrust their child to a Collie because of their instinct to protect and to care for babies. Also, what’s worth noting is that they are able to adjust and follow instructions set by their owners. To create a harmonious living, teach your collie some ground rules when it comes to your child. Collies are wonderful companions not just to your baby but to the entire family.

 9. Cocker Spaniel

Extremely adorable pets for families and in fact one of the dog breeds from the royal families in England. In addition, the breed is lively and easy-going, plus it is obedient to their owners. The Cocker Spaniel is good with babies and will provide a charm and comfort to your baby.

10. German Shepherd

If you are looking for a guard dog for your baby then the German Shepherd is a perfect choice. The breed is known for its intelligence as well as it’s important contribution to Law enforcement. Although you may think that they are aggressive and harmful, these breeds with proper training can be good with kids. They will be your baby’s protector and trusted watchdog whenever you go outside or while you are busy in the house.

How Does Having a Dog Benefit Your Babies in the Future?

Everyone can attest to the fact that dogs bring so much joy and they are great stress relievers to their pet owners. There are a lot of movies showing how dogs can change lives as well as how much they can offer unconditional love.

  • Bestfriends

You can never buy a true friendship and seeing your kid have amazing friendship with your dog is priceless. Your kid will have a supporter, comforter, playmate and protector. Not all kids will get to experience that kind of bond and knowing that growing up can be so bad. You can be assured that your baby can have a best friend always ready to make them smile and provide unconditional love aside from you. You’re dog will not be alone because of your

  • Boost Confidence

When a child is properly loved and happy, their confidence will be high and they will tend to socialize more with people. One of the contributing factors is having a dog that will always cheer your kid, hug them on a bad day and the one that will listen. Despite the fact that dog’s can’t talk, dogs can communicate in other ways that will create an impact on your child. Your baby in the future will not be shy and will grow as one of the most confident children because of their support system. 

  • Playmate

You don’t have to worry that your kid will be left out in games because they already have an amazing paw friend. Dogs will require attention and fun activities, thus your kid will be forced to leave their phones and computer to have a run in the backyard or play fetch with the dog. It’s a great exercise for both kids and dogs.

  • Stronger Immune System

Babies raised with a dog will be more healthy and most likely will not have a lung disease and asthma. That is because dogs will strengthen the immune system of a child by exposing them beforehand to bacterias or infections common outside the house. Your baby will be immune to all those things, that’s why they will easily get sick when they get older.

  • Companion

You’ll never be alone again. Wherever they go, they will have their dog friend with them ready to protect and make them smile. Dogs are handy especially if your kid is scared in bed or going to the bathroom. Dogs will accompany them and they’ll never have to be scared ever again.

  • Teaches Responsibility

Dogs as much as they protect humans will need to be cared for in terms of meals, bath, cleaning, grooming and regular exercise. You can assign one of these tasks to your child and tell them to help their paw buddy in times of hunger and the need to pee and poop. It will create a sense of responsibility for animals and also for other people.

  •  Empathy

Children that are raised with a dog will have more empathy towards others and towards animals. A dog can give a sense of sensitivity to humans because of their emotions and reactions. The kid will love your dog and they will not allow something bad to happen. Same goes to other animals and other human beings.

  • Happiness

The biggest factor is the ability of dogs to provide happiness to your child. It might be a silly move or the fact that the dogs are just cute can create a great memory for your kid. The cuddles and wagging of the tail can warm up the heart of your kid and teach them to love and care for such wonderful animals.

20 Dog Breeds That Are Not Good With Babies

If you want a certain dog breed and aren’t sure if it is good for babies. Then we list down dog breeds that you can avoid if you have a baby in the house. It does not mean that they are bad dogs. They just need more training and have aggression that needs to be controlled.

  1. Tosa Inu
  2. Caucasian Ovcharka
  3. Cane Corso
  4. Doberman Pinscher
  5. Basenji
  6. Pekingese
  7. Bull Terrier
  8. Cocker Spaniel
  9. Dalmatian
  10. Dachshund
  11. English Toy Spaniel
  12. Saint Bernard
  13. Alaskan Malamute
  14. Siberian Husky
  15. 15. Akita
  16. 16. Pit Bull
  17. 17. Rottweiler
  18. 18. Chow Chow
  19. 19. Shar Pei
  20. 20. Chihuahua

Dog breed is just a guide, you have to remember that each dog has their own personalities and temperaments that are not similar with others. Training should be implemented before introducing the dog to your baby. Hire a professional dog trainer if you can’t do it so that certain dog behavior will be corrected. Also, if you are not confident about the dog around your baby, then make sure that you always supervise. Furthermore, teach your dogs not to play with your baby’s stuff such as blankets, toys and baby bottles. Also, the babies might get afraid of your family pet thus getting your baby familiar with the face and presence of the dog is essential.