10 Best Dog For Home Defense

Fear is always present in any home, mostly in country homes away from nearby people or houses. The thought that there’s always someone lurking around waiting to steal and kill you came across our mind oftentimes due to thriller movies. You can add the constant crimes reported on the TV about how somebody gets killed by a neighbor. The level of fear could go high if you are someone with anxiety and living alone. The problem is common in our modern world, what better solution could we get other than a gun is by having a skilled guard dog in our houses.

Many people would think that dogs are cute and their purpose in our home is to be a baby and provide happiness. While that is true, you can’t limit the fact that there are dogs suitable, and skillful to be guard dogs. They are the ones that will go deep to protect you even if it costs them their lives.

1. Rottweilers

With this dog breed, you wouldn’t worry about a single intruder in your home. Rottweilers are known to be a protection dog that has the strongest bites and will leave a person a painful experience when they get bitten. In addition, the Rottweiler’s physical appearance and barks are too scary. That is the reason why you can’t have a rottweiler if you’re not gonna train them. The visitors, neighbors, and even your friends would run away whenever your dog is around. Another thing is that the media ruined the reputation of these breeds. They are labeled as monsters when in fact they are like other dogs that are loving, loyal, and affectionate towards their owners. Specifically, rottweilers are good with children too due to their high senses of emotions towards their owner.

Quality training is the key to having a Rottweiler as a guard dog breed in your home. These breeds require regular exercise as well as constant attention from their owners. Be sure to provide it all and be a strong alpha so that you will get the dog in control.

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2. German Shepherd Dog

The breed is not used by law enforcement without a reason. German shepherds are trustworthy breeds able to follow commands as well execute them excellently. The breed is known to be intelligent and disciplined enough to handle loads of dog training and commands. Additionally, German Shepherd breeds are sensitive and loving to their owners. The loyalty would allow them to fight for you whenever danger occurs. With proper training, you can create a safe environment between your kids and the dog. 

As you all know, guard dogs are active and strong dogs, that’s what makes them beat the opponent. Thus, to maintain good behavior from them, you have to give regular exercise and active playtime. Otherwise, the dog will have bad behaviors you wouldn’t want in your home.

3. Doberman Pinscher

The size could be the reason why you would get this breed in your home. The dog is tall, lean, and has pointed ears that look intimidating to people. The coat is an added factor to the sleek appearance of the dog. And aside from appearance, Doberman Pinscher has the abilities and personal instinct to protect its owners. They could be the ideal dog breed in your home for they are affectionate, loyal, and sensitive towards their owner. 

Exercise and active activities are still needed to maintain this dog. Also, they needed time and attention from their owner. You don’t want these breeds getting mad at you especially if they are given proper training. They tend to be aggressive therefore training classes are important.

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4. Bullmastiff

It is a type of breed that is naturally curious that even the smallest change in smell or the tiniest movement grab their attention. The breed is robust in build and has strong courage mentally. Also, like other guard dogs, they are loving and affectionate. They are loyal and follow commands from their owner consistently. The downside to having this type of guard dog is that they tend to drool a lot which requires attention and proper grooming. Furthermore, unlike other guard dogs, the breed is fine with a not-so-active lifestyle which means less exercise.

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5. Giant Schnauzer

A dog breed that requires a lot of training. The owner should be experienced enough to handle these powerful breeds. Giant Schnauzers are intelligent and territorial dogs making them good guard dogs for a piece of property. Also, the dog’s appearance is intimidating and it assures safety towards its owner. Aside from that, the breed is perfect for families that show loads of attention and love towards their pets. In addition, the breed is pretty fast thus a word of caution for your friends and family visiting your home. Additionally, obedience training is a must for this dog breed.

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6. Great Pyrenees

Aloof in nature which makes them hard to train but a protective breed towards owners. It is an ideal breed to keep your sheep and cow in a property safe. Also, the breed will protect you from the coyotes and wolves that want to get into your property and eat your animals. Their appearance is intimidating but they are sweet and loving towards pet owners.

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7. Great Dane

Who wouldn’t get scared of this huge beast? The appearance of this giant dog breed can make many people run away and be gone the instant they laid eyes on the breed. But they are sweet and will create a great bond towards its dog owner. Great Dane is quick to respond when their owner needs help, making them one of the ideal candidates for a family guard dog.

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8. Belgian Malinois

Another dog breed that is trusted by the military and police to work for them. Their energy is worth noting and even has more intensity than German Shepherd. Their endurance and quick responses make them a suitable guard dog. Although the breed is small, it can provide advantages in running and chasing bad people. Furthermore, the breed requires regular exercise and it’s not good to leave them alone for a longer period.

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9. Bernese Mountain Dog

It is a suitable guard dog because they are fast, intelligent, and curious about what’s happening in their surroundings. Bernese Mountain Dog has all the qualities but the breed is not known to be a guard dog. They can be good family pets too as they are attentive, loyal, and loving dog breeds.

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10. Cane Corso

A beast in size and appearance but ultimately sweet inside. Cane Corso has big heads and a large body to intimidate intruders around the house. The breed requires a lot of exercise that’s why it is not for families that love to stay inside the house. Cane Corso requires a longer house of exercise as well as a big backyard to play around and run. 

Top Qualities of a Good and Reliable Guard Dog

Our recommendations for the best dog breed are not the only thing that you should consider. You must have a checklist wherein the chosen guard dog has all the qualities that could provide home defense as well as a wonderful companion 


The most important quality a guard dog must possess is its intelligence. By having this type of guard dog, the training will be easier, and recognizing a threat on your property is on point. The dog will easily get your command and act on it. In addition, it’s nice to have a guard dog that has an initiative on its own. Intelligent dogs are easy to control because of their quick comprehension. 


Dog’s are all loyal but for this to happen you must ask yourself if you can lead a certain type of guard dog. A dog breed can only be loyal to you when you are confident, dominant and provider of the dog’s needs. In addition, the dog will turn its back on you if you are abusive.


It’s easy to choose a protective dog that is huge because we are confident that they can scare people. But what if the opponent presses on and your dog backs out? Only a courageous guard dog will continue despite the opponent’s size and gun.


Another good quality that a guard dog should possess is its ability to be territorial and possessive of the owner’s property. In this case, a great guard dog will do all means to protect and keep their property as well as the property of their owner.


You don’t want a guard dog that doesn’t connect with you. As much as possible the quality of being loving and sweet is included upon choosing a dog breed. For sure a type of dog that licks you, sits beside you, calls your attention, and wags its tail is what you need for a good guard dog.

Are Female Guard Dogs Good at Their Job?

Female guard dogs are considered to be better at their job because of their maternal and protective instinct. They are also faster to mature than males and have great care for the owner’s safety. On the other hand, males take longer to mature and be a responsible guard dog. But once they mature, they are more territorial and protective of the house.

Do You Need a Guard Dog?

Before you decide which guard dog to choose, ask yourself if you need one. There are cases that people only want a watchdog that will bark and notify them when they’re off on the surroundings. That means the owner has to fight with the intruder or an animal. If this is the case you can choose a dog breed that is more vocal and alert. You can prevent attacks from happening and harming good people in the process. Not all the time a guard dog only bites bad people, they could also attack humans by misunderstanding, kill animals, injure neighbor dogs, and ruin properties. 

Owning any guard dog can assure you that you and your family are protected. In addition, you can be healthy because you have to accompany your active dogs on daily walks and playtime in the park. Guard dogs will make you a responsible person because they need grooming all the time. Hire a professional dog trainer so that you can be sure that your trained dog can attack and equip with strategies to defeat the opponent.