Top 10 Dogs for Mountain Biking. What Should You Consider in Picking Trail Dogs?

You probably heard of dogs accompanying their dog parents on a mountain biking trail. That sounds like good news, wherein you’re not just gonna have a pet in your home but an active buddy that will support and accompany you. They’ll make the trail experience more challenging because trail dogs have capabilities that no other person can replace. Also, the fact that they are game no matter what type of trail, place, time, and weather makes them the better companion for mountain bikers. The enthusiasm that a trail dog can provide will not just leave you motivated on bike rides but also allows you to have fun and accomplish your mountain bike ride goals.

So where can you begin on your journey? Of course, you need a dog breed that is up for an active time on mountains. Research is needed so that you can find a suitable breed for your active lifestyle. That’s why we’ve gathered the top trail dogs to help you decide and to stop you from aimlessly searching on the web for suggestions. 

  1. Border Collie

The breed is filled with energy and enthusiasm that’s why they are going to love the outdoors and the thrill of running in nature. They’re going to match and even exceed the energy that you have when it comes to mountain biking. And what’s amazing about bringing them with you is that they are highly intelligent, alert, hardworking, and always willing to do things like dogs. Yes, these breeds do not want to be bored, thus you have to keep them busy by exercising them daily and creating activities that could drain their energy. That’s why they must belong to an active owner so that they can maximize their strength, agility, and power. 

It’s worth remembering that once you’ve encountered a behavior wherein they are always barking and chasing any moving objects, which is annoying. It means that they are bored and want to be assigned a job. The Border Collie was created to herd sheep, which means running and chasing is in their blood. You’ll never go wrong once you pick them as a trail buddy because they can run for hours and go with you no matter how far.

  1. Weimaraner

It is known to be a restless breed, obedient, alert, fast, and smart. With Weimaraner personality and physical strength, you can take them with you on a mountain biking trail. In addition, these breeds are naturally bred to become dog hunters in Europe. They used to hunt big game such as deer, wolves, and bears. That’s why because of their hunting skills, they could manage to run with you whatever type of trail it may be. They will love nature and they won’t mind the branches, the mud, and a rocky trail. Furthermore, the dog’s ability to track scent will protect you from danger in the forest. They are high in stamina and probably kill prey when they see one along with your mountain biking session.

It is also a breed that needs constant exercise. There shouldn’t be a dull moment for this type of dog because they will have bad behaviors if they don’t get enough exercise. The dog must be trained too because it might kill animals on the way that will cause trouble for you. Also, they are sensitive, that’s why they must be trained gently and not in a harsh way.

  1. Vizsla

It is a lively and athletic dog that will run with you on your mountain bike. Aside from being naturally active, Vizsla is an affectionate and gentle breed despite its features and robust build. They are great in speed due to their long legs and quick agility. They can keep up on your ride and boost your energy and motivation. It is not in their nature to stop because they are eager to please their owner. Aside from that, the breed is friendly and a docile one to be a family pet. Of course, the breed still needs to exercise every day to keep active and fit.

  1. Brittany

It is a dog breed that is a quick learner. They will instantly cope up to training and basic commands which is an important trait of being a trail dog. One must be able to listen and obey instructions so that they won’t wander around especially because they are off-leash. Brittany is non-stop and could go running for hours because of their restlessness. Although that is the case, you must observe your Brittany dog and provide the necessary water and food. Furthermore, the breed is good around the family but they should be given constant exercise to avoid annoying behaviors.

  1. Australian Shepherd

Hard-working and determination are what you’ll find in a dog breed called Australian Shepherd. The breed was created as a working dog for cattle thus their personality and physical abilities are suited on your mountain bike rides. They will not tire easily and they can go on rides that take hours to get to the destination. You will not have a hard time with these dogs because they are intelligent and can cope up with training and instructions immediately.

  1. German Shorthaired Pointer

Another pointer dog that is great in mountain biking trips is a German Shorthaired Pointer, they have an excellent attitude to be a gundog and as a pointer. But they can also be your joyous companion in your trail rides. They are vibrant in outdoor settings and get excited right away when they are having active activities like running. These breeds won’t fail you in making trail rides fun and satisfying. 

  1. Australian Cattle Dog

The breed was developed for herding cattle but they are also able to go on bike rides with their owners on the mountain. With proper training, it can be possible for them to be an obedient companion. They have the build and the stamina to go on longer and faster bike rides. In addition, the breed can take the heat and has great endurance in any physical activity. 

  1. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

It is a breed that belongs to large dogs and they have very serious features. They could go up to 80 pounds which could be a heavy body weight in running. But, they are not disqualified to be your biking buddy because they are very energetic, alert, and strong to be able to make it until the end of the bike ride. Like Golden Retrievers, the breed is friendly and thrives on socializing with people. Also, they tend to be disobedient thus proper obedience training is needed to make them your trail buddy.

  1. Treeing Walker Coonhound

It is a hound dog that could be your partner in mountain biking. The dog is vibrant and friendly that you can bring especially if there’s a lot of people. They are obedient and they could be your partner in any mountain biking. Furthermore, they are athletic, smart, and gentle but you also need to train them because they are breeds that are easily distracted by prey and animals along the way.

  1. English Springer Spaniel

A dog breed under the spaniel family that you can bring with you on a trail. That’s because these breeds are energetic, fun, and friendly. Their intelligence is enough to be able to handle training and basic commands from owners. Although you may have a problem with their coat getting dirty because it is long and could get you stuck in the mud. Also, these breeds love the outdoors that’s why they are the perfect companion to your mountain trails.

What Should I Consider in Picking Trail Dogs?

  1. Time

You have to ask yourself if you can take care of the dog’s needs. They are active and highly energetic dogs that must get their daily exercise. Not just that, they are bred or developed to work all day therefore you must have time to create fun and athletic activities for them. If you are always stuck at work and rarely get to go on trails, it’s safe to find a dog walker or a dog trainer for them. You’ll have to do this to avoid annoying and destructive behaviors from your dog. 

However, if you can manage to have time with them each day. Then you can get an active dog that will accompany you on runs, frisbee, trekking, and mountain biking.

  1. Home Environment

Do you have kids? Do you have small animals that could be killed by the dog? If yes, you should get a puppy and train them as they grow. In this case, it will be easier for them to cope up with training and they can adjust to the home environment. Also, by getting a puppy, they will get used to the family members and will have so much love and loyalty for them. 

  1. Space

Do you have a space for the new dog? Do you have a backyard wherein they can play and run? If yes, then you can go buy yourself a trail buddy but do not then consider first where you will put your dog. They need space and enough room to walk around since they are energetic and active dogs.

  1. Patience

How patient are you in training your dog? Think about these carefully because you have to invest time, effort, and understanding in your trail dog to make them a suitable companion. If you think that you can train your dog, then it’s fine that you get one because you know that you have enough patience to train them to become obedient and gentle. Make sure that you teach your dog not to prey while on a mountain biking trail because some natural hunter dog will get distracted.

  1. Buying or Adopting

Well, there are trail dogs in the shelter that were abandoned because they can’t keep up with the dog’s energetic side and the need for active activities. Consider adopting because there are a lot of sheltered dogs that want to go outdoors and run in nature once again. There is no problem in buying it but if you can pay a visit to the shelter once and see if there is a dog that you like then it will be a blessing to give them a better life. Not just on trail dogs but also other dogs that deserve a family.

Helpful Reminders While Biking With a Dog

  • Test Run

So you’ve decided that your dog is ready on a mountain biking trail but before you allow your dog to run on a place that wasn’t familiar to him. You could show him around the place first and allow some test runs so that you’ll see that your dog is confident enough in the area. It is also a practice if your dog can keep up and if they don’t wander around the area.

  • Don’t Leash Your Dog

It would be dangerous if you keep your dog on a leash. You could be taken down forcefully by your dog and you are limiting thus could hurt them in the process too. Cycling is easier if you are both free in the mountains.

  •  Watch for Extreme Temperatures

Always check the temperature, do not ride in very hot or cold weather because your dog might not take it. Consider first both of your safety before going on a ride.

  • Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Biking is a tiring activity thus you have to stop and give your dog a drink. Bring with you water and a bowl wherein your dog can drink. However, if there’s a river on the way you let your dog drink or let them swim to refresh.

Hopefully, you’ll get a suitable trail dog so that it will be fun and exciting when you go on cycling the next time. We list the best dog breeds that can run fast and are trainable. By having these types of dogs, you’ll be motivated to exercise and get fit because you have to accompany them in playing, running, and doing all sorts of jobs to keep them occupied. Both you and your dog can try other athletic activities like frisbee, swimming, soccer, and more. Living this way can make a healthier and well-rounded lifestyle for you and your dog.