6 Best Small Short Haired Dog For Seniors

Many people say dogs are one of the givers of unconditional love. And that is true in all kinds of dog breeds making them a perfect partner for senior people. They are amazing in keeping them happy and protected because some of them have tendencies to move slowly or undergo health issues.

Therefore, it is beneficial to have a dog around the house to keep older people company. But, despite the ability of all dog breeds to provide unconditional love, not everyone can be a pet to an older person. Some dogs are suited and would probably complement the kind of living an older person has.

A dog needs to be maintained in which daily exercise, a healthy diet, and grooming are one of the things that an owner should provide to their pets. In the case of senior people, some considerations must be taken first so that a pet can be taken care of properly and wouldn’t become a burden to its owner. Now, we’ve listed a few of the dog breeds that can be a pet to an older person while eliminating the difficulties of shedding because these dogs are short-haired. 

1. Beagles

It is one of the affectionate breeds a senior can own. We can guarantee that once you buy one, you’ll be showered with sweet and funny behavior. It can brighten your day and make your home even meaningful especially if there are no more kids around the house. A beagle can accompany you on your daily walks and you don’t have to worry because these breeds can socialize with people. You can bring them to parks, café, malls or anywhere you want to go. The compact size and small legs of the beagle won’t be able to drag a senior while walking. Also, these breeds are gentle and excellent and can do a certain task to assist a person. Although, training and exercise should be done to avoid them from sleeping all day.

2. Pug

The breeds are the sweetest and the cutest small dogs to look at. If a senior was having a bad day, they can just look at these tiny, flat-faced breeds and their day will brighten up instantly. The coat is perfect for seniors so that there’s a minimal session for brushing and grooming. In addition, the breed has shorter breaths which means that they don’t have to do extensive exercise. Both of you could just sit on the couch, cuddle, watch tv and have playtime. Furthermore, the breed is friendly and a pleaser to its owner. You could expect an obedient tiny dog, especially if they wanted to be on the good side with you.

3. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Short Haired Corgi is playful and active in some way due to their curiosity and love for being outdoors. They could match the enthusiasm and drive of an active senior wanting to have some exercise, trekking, or biking around nature. Even though they have tiny legs they can enjoy and make trouble that is oftentimes adorable for owners. The breed is loving, sweet, and big eaters when left unattended with food. Also, the breed tends to bark all the time when they are left alone. They are perfect for owners that always stay in the house but have an active session outdoors.

4. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a cheerful and joyous breed that is perfect for elders that are alone. They are a great source of fun and love for owners especially because they thrive on attention and they want to receive cuddles. Also, they don’t need plenty of exercises because they get tired instantly. But, they can accompany an elderly person to its minimal exercise as a protector and guard dog. French bulldogs could be an excellent choice for owners because they don’t shed and do not require frequent brushing. Although, bulldogs, in general, need extra care due to hereditary and genetic health issues. 

5. Jack Russell Terrier.

It needs a high activity level because the breed is used to being hunters, energetic and active. It is a well-suited choice for retirees that are used to working because a Jack Russell Terrier won’t last a day without doing something. If they get bored, they can do all sorts of digging and preying on small animals in the backyard. A senior must be able to cope up with its activities and constant barking. The dog is very vocal that’s why they can also become a watchdog around the house. Furthermore, the breed only requires quick brushing due to its shorthaired coat. The breed requires a lot of training to obey basic commands. That’s why they are not a choice for seniors that have medical concerns that can’t provide outdoor exercise and training.

6. Italian Greyhound

A great dog for seniors that knows how to have fun. The dog breed is playful, smart, and has a high energy level because of its greyhound blood. It is a perfect companion animal because of its ability to adjust and love family members. The coat is low maintenance that wouldn’t cause further work to the owner. It is also a breed that can bring smiles and comfort to a senior citizen.

Photo from: tsugapi

Dog Breeds That Has Low Maintenance Long Hair

Yes, short hair dogs are less maintenance and would require less brushing, haircut, and won’t shed a lot. But, there are dog breeds that have long hair but you can include these in your choices because they are low maintenance. 

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The dog breed doesn’t shed frequently and only needs minimal grooming. They can adjust right away and are good at training. That is the reason why they are a perfect breed for apartment owners. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an affectionate companion and great support for elders. The love and clinginess of this breed comfort senior citizens and make them feel loved and valued.

2. Poodle

Aside from the dog being a popular breed to people, the breed is also a suitable companion to seniors. They are loving, intelligent, fast learners, and most especially fun to be with. They are a dog breed that has many capabilities that go beyond their looks. They are non shedding which can be a low maintenance breed to older people.

Benefits of Owning A Dog to Senior Citizen

1. Increases Survival Rate

Owning a dog can give so much hope to a senior because of the way the dogs live. They don’t have to think about how many lifespans they have or if they’ll live once again tomorrow. They just have to wake up, eat, pay and sleep to end the day. And for seniors to have someone that has a carefree spirit will make them want to survive for their dog. The chances are seniors will not recognize that they are slowly changed through social and physical interactions with the dog that increases their happiness and lessens their stress. 

2. Companionship

A dog can provide companionship especially to those elderly that are feeling depressed and lonely. Most of the time, they think that they don’t have a purpose anymore with their life getting slower and boring as the days go by. Without work to do and not strong enough to go anywhere, chances are an elderly person would feel this way. But, when they are with dogs, they won’t feel that they are alone anymore because there’s this cute dog that they have to feed and nurture like a child. There’s a sense of purpose and responsibility because the dog is dependent on its senior owners. If you want to heal, get yourself a dog and you will never feel alone anymore.

3. Active Life

A senior will be forced to go out and walk because a dog needs to have daily exercise. And the good thing about this is that a senior will get to move their body a lot. Exercise will produce hormones that can make a senior happy and feeling satisfaction. In addition, an exercise will give them a sense of fulfillment of the productivity done on a daily exercise. A senior will stay fit and they get to have a new perspective in life once they walk around the neighborhood to give their furry friends walks.

4. Protection

A dog can guard and watch the house, they’re very reliable in keeping it secured. A lot of bad people take advantage of the fact that a senior can’t protect themselves in their own homes. That is why they’ll have the courage to steal and go inside the house. If a senior owns a dog, it will be hard for a burglar to go on with their plans because dogs easily sense danger. They’ll bark constantly and they are so handy whenever there’s fire or snakes in the house.

5. Responsibilities

A dog has needs and as an owner, you have to tend to those needs. Dogs will give a senior something to do like regular brushing, exercise, baths, nail cutting, vet check-ups, and more. If a senior can’t do all these things they can accompany the dog to a professional grooming service so that they are maintained. In addition, a senior should also keep in mind healthy foods for the dog as well as to buy its toys.

5 Factors To Consider if a Senior Is Fit To Own a Dog

To avoid dogs being left behind in shelters, there are factors to consider before owning one.

1. Animal Lover

If a senior is not a fan of animals then there are chances that they wouldn’t care for the dog. They won’t tend to their needs and would leave a dog very depressed and unhealthy. But, oftentimes some people were changed because of their willingness and discipline to do so. It also involves the ability of one person to receive love to enable this type of wonderful friendship.

2. Pet Experience

It is also crucial to consider if a senior has prior experience in taking care of dogs. The experienced ones will have more patience, greater knowledge, and care to own one. They have more advantages than the inexperienced ones but if a senior is willing to learn, adjust, and determined to have one then it’s fine. Everyone can learn and fail, the important thing is they are responsible. 

3. Disabilities

A senior that has disabilities will most likely not be able to care for their pets. They can’t walk them outside or send them to the vet when there are emergencies. However, when there’s another member of the family that is around the house it’s fine/ But, if there’s none it would be better to own low-maintenance pets like birds, cats, or rabbits.

4. Therapeutic Dogs

A senior might be more inclined to have therapeutic dogs if they are impaired. These dogs can help in assisting around the house as well as in giving comforts for the older people. The dogs are specially trained thus it would be beneficial for an older person to own one.

5. Age of Dog

Dogs need to be mindful of what age they are buying or adopting the dog. Puppies tend to require more attention and care from their owners. A senior must be willing to do all these things so that the dog will grow up trained and not cause trouble.

All of us will get to reach a certain age wherein we have to retire because we are too old. When the kids aren’t at home anymore, it’s kind of lonely and depressing. Nevertheless, if you own a dog, you won’t feel lonely anymore. You’ll be going to be happy and alive because you have a dog that is going to be there for you no matter what happens. If you want someone that gets excited when you go home, consider owning a dog for yourself despite your age. In addition, if you are worried about all the shedding, check out the dogs we’ve listed above to minimize chores for elderly people. Also, if you are not convinced to own a dog, think of the benefits that they can provide to you. You’ll be happier and alive when you are taking care of them.