Is It Possible for Cats & Dogs to Have a Baby?

Two of the most known pets in the world are cats and dogs. Their breed was widely experimented with and breeders were continually seeking  ways to create new breeds that they could introduce to the world and compete on dog & cat shows. Not just that, cats and dogs capture every pet owner’s heart. They were curious if they can have the best of both worlds, just like how the horse and a donkey created a mule. So is it really possible for Cats and Dogs to have a baby?

The answer would be a big no! I know the possibility of them having a baby is wonderful but this possibility couldn’t come true. Quit fantasizing and learn the science of why both cat and dog can’t have a baby. 

Why Cats & Dog Can’t Have a Baby?

Both breeds can’t have a baby because they are not genetically compatible. Remember in your biology class that inside each cell it has Chromosomes that were made of protein and DNA that carries the genetics of each species. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, a total of 46 chromosomes in each human. If someone has extra chromosomes or missing one then there are abnormalities that might occur like down syndrome.

Furthermore, Plants & Animals have different sets of Chromosomes than humans. Specifically, dogs have 39 pairs of chromosomes, a total of 78 chromosomes while cats have 19 pairs of chromosomes, a total of 38 Chromosomes. Therefore, because of the difference in chromosomes, different species like cats and dogs can’t breed together because the chromosomes won’t match up. In addition, the different sperm and egg won’t recognize each other thus creating a baby is not possible for cats & dogs. The genetic differences between them will not allow a hybrid of cat & dog.

Although over the years there is a lot of news on the internet claiming that a cat and dog baby happened, a lot of people believed it because it is natural for people to believe in impossible things.

Cat Gives Birth to Dog

There was news that an owner from China, Zhou Yun, found out that his cat was pregnant. Of course, it would be normal to find kittens and when he looked he found two kittens but unfortunately, the other one was dead. But on a closer look, he was shocked to have found out that the other kitten looks like a dog.

The cat owner, Zhou Yun living in Yangshan, Eastern China in Jiangsu Province has been interviewed by the reporters and He told them that He has a dog pet that loves to be with his cat and he thought that it might be the reason why he found a puppy. However, these assumptions were corrected by the president of the local pet clinic, Lai Xiaoyun, because upon inspecting the kitty puppy, he said that it isn’t possible. He concluded that the cat of Zhou Yun might have found a litter of puppies and possibly took one home because the cat lost its other kitten. That’s why it’s possible that she took one for herself.

Lai Xiaoyun added that it is impossible because dogs and cats are very different species. 

Kuppies the Cat-Dog Hybrid

Another popular story on the internet is the Cat-Dog Hybrid Katpie. The picture was posted at as Cornell April Fool’s prank. Even though it was clearly a prank many people still believe in the Impossible Hybrid.  

Without proper information, many people still want the cat-dog hybrid to happen. Everyone searches for information and despite the lack of proof they still choose to believe just like how people believe in aliens and the secret underground world. However, believing in impossible hybrids is not bad, it’s just people’s way of getting their childhood fantasies back in this problematic and stressful world. Plus, reality is sometimes boring, and unreal things are interesting.

Can Cats Mate with Dogs?

No, is the answer to your curious minds about cats mating dogs. Although, a strong bond can occur between the both of them if they live in the same house. It’s common that cats & dogs will fight if they are not familiar with each other but they can also be friends and cuddle in the corner of your home.

Dogs have the tendency to mount on furniture, objects, or on cats and it might be mistaken for sexual activity on them. No matter how it looks, your cat and dog were just playing. In addition, mounting for dogs is a sign of dominance, it will be common for aggressive dogs that like other animals to know that they are the alpha and the boss.

On the other hand, your dog might be experiencing a lot of stress and it’s best that you provide proper attention to your dog if they are mounting any objects or animals frequently. Your veterinarian can help redirect the dogs’ energy to something else.

Why Dogs & Cats make Babies Healthier

Whenever you have dogs & cats in your house, it seems that your babies or children are healthier, it’s because the microbes and pet dander they carry can help in the early development of the baby’s immune system. Your babies need to be immune from the outside bacterias & viruses that your dog & cat would carry from the outside so that when they are finally exposed they will be immune to the environment.

It’s good to have pets around your baby because it makes your baby more prepared, a lot of experts said that it’s not good to keep all the things around your baby sanitized because they might not be prepared for the things outside. Cats & Dogs are also helpful in keeping your baby from allergies and respiratory illnesses. 

Dr. Eija Bergroth conducted a study on 397 children born in Finland around 2002-2005, and the study aims to find out if the babies with pets in their family are healthier than babies without pets in their home. The baby’s health was recorded every day by their parents, even noted all the illnesses the baby got. Later on, the study resulted in 44% chance that babies with pets will be less likely to experience ear infections and 29% of babies will be less likely to receive antibiotics.

How to Prepare Your Dog and Cat When Expecting a Baby in the House

When you find yourself pregnant and you are worried about the set-up between the baby & your pets, then you have to prepare your dog for the coming blessing. Here’s how you should do it so that your baby will not be harmed by your pets.

1. Take Training Seriously

If your pets were not properly trained then during your pregnancy is the right time to train them not to be aggressive and to take your commands right away. Also, the demands of your pets should not be encouraged because your pet should learn that the baby is the priority.

In addition, since the baby will be loud and your dog might react to it then train your pet to be familiar with the sound. Play a recording of the baby’s cry then play it around your pets so that they will be familiar with the sound. And when the baby comes, the cries and noises will not be new to your pets.

2. Create Boundaries

Pets should learn that there are things that a baby owns that are not allowed for them to bite or to use. For instance, train your pets to stay clear of the baby’s blanket or shirts and even the baby’s toys. Also, train your dog to not bite, scratch, or push your baby.

Patience is needed to be a pet owner and a mother. Always remember that if you have a pet, you’re raising your child with a best friend and also the values of respecting and loving animals.

Cats and Dogs may not be able to have a child but it is proven that these animals are good around babies. Breeders and pet owners must be content with what the world has right now. However, do not stop believing for there are still things that are possible. Again, the world has so many problems and adulting can be very hard so it is still nice to believe in the possibility that our loving cat and dogs can create a hybrid maybe for the next 100 years. In addition, it is also helpful to watch dogs and cats getting along together and cuddling in your home. Raise both of them to complete your home.