What Is the Lifespan of a Cane Corso? All the Facts You Need

On average, a well-raised Cane Corso can live between 9 to 12 years according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). The sheer size impacts longevity since other dog breeds smaller than the Cane Corso such as the Chihuahua and the Dachshund live for a few years longer. The set expected range for Cane Corsos regarding their life years is in no way definitive, however. Depending on how you care for your pet, this Mastiff from Italy can surpass the marks or pass away earlier than anticipated.

What Determines the Length of a Cane Corso’s Lifespan?

Each Cane Corso is built differently. To list a few, activity level, health status, and genetics vary a lot. With these in mind, it is just reasonable to conclude that every individual would enjoy different life expectancies. Caring for your Cane Corso is your topmost priority, so below, we will discuss several factors you should know about as these will help you in granting your pet long, fruitful years.


If you think you don’t have much time to train a Cane Corso, it’s probably best that you reconsider your decision on getting one. This is because the breed is deemed dominant and powerful. If he poses a threat to your community, he can be put down. On another note, if he lacks training in identifying threats, the Cane Corso is placed at a very vulnerable position regarding predators around, especially if he works as a farm dog.

Weight and Body Size

Concerning humans, overweight and obese individuals have a large decrease of up to three years in their lifespan. Underweight ones also die early. Dogs can suffer from the same fate if their owners don’t keep track of their pet’s weight. A few pounds over or under their ideal mass can welcome several diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, and respiratory problems. 


Reputable breeders keep track of their dogs’ family history. You can ask regarding the health status of the puppy’s parents so you’d know what to expect. There should be health certificates proving that the puppy is free from certain illnesses. Puppy mills won’t have these documents and most dogs you’ll find from there are highly unhealthy and have low chances of living a long life. 

Overall Health

There is not one dog that’s free from diseases or health issues. At one point, your pet can develop a certain complication. However, regularly having him checked and promptly provided with medication can save him from losing a few years. Any concerning signs and symptoms need to be diagnosed and treated early to help improve your dog’s lifespan.


Keeping your Cane Corso fit will surely make him live longer and healthier. This is because his joints, bones, and muscles are in a good state. In this case, the dog will have low chances of developing osteoporosis, cancer, and diabetes. Meanwhile, those who are couch potatoes are at high risk of developing health issues and these will prove to be inimical in the long run. 

Is There a Relationship Between Hair Color and Lifespan?

Korec and a few fellow authors from the Czech Republic have published a research paper in 2017 indicating that there may be some sort of correlation between the Cane Corso’s hair color and lifespan. What they noticed are the differences regarding life-years among Cane Corsos of different coat colors. Let’s check them out on the table below:

Coat ColorYears
Fawn 9.01
Grey Brindle9.84
Black Brindle10.30

As the table suggests, black brindled Corsos enjoy longer life expectancies compared to the rest. The study further claims that there is no significant difference between whether the dog is a male or a female. Researchers explain that the reason behind the correlation of coat colors and lifespan has something to do with the genes each one holds. This further supports the idea that genetics play a major role in each dog’s longevity.

Do Mixed Cane Corsos Have a Longer Lifespan Than Purebred Ones?

Yes, mixed Cane Corsos do have longer lifespans. Thanks to their wider genetic pool, these canines have a higher capability of fighting off certain diseases. This case is described as “hybrid vigor”. So, if you want your Cane Corso to live longer, go for mixed ones, especially if you don’t find this as an issue at all. Of course, this doesn’t mean that purebred ones die early. Genetics is just one among countless influential factors that determine a dog’s lifetime.

Does “Fixing” a Cane Corso Add Up More Years?

One study shows that there is one great advantage in spaying or neutering your Cane Corso. In an observation, spayed female dogs usually live for about 14.35 years compared to the 13.77 years of sexually intact dogs. Meanwhile, male dogs live around 13.77 years and neutered ones have an average lifespan of 14.15 years. 

4 More Tips to Extend Your Cane Corso’s Life Expectancy

Although it is already a fact that large dogs live considerably less long than smaller breeds, it’s still possible for you to grant your beloved pet a lengthy lifespan. Starting a healthy lifestyle and providing him the right environment, as well as care and attention, are a few of the basic keys to achieving your goal as a Cane Corso parent. 

To put things out in detail, keep yourself informed through significant facts below:

Provide Him a Healthy Diet

It’s a no-brainer that a Cane Corso who receives healthy meals every day has a higher tendency of living a longer lifespan. Complete and balanced nutrition paired with essential supplements equips his body in fighting off illnesses common to the breed. Make sure the dog food is age-appropriate and is not packed with chemicals and fillers. 

Regular Vet Visits

Even though Cane Corsos are generally healthy dogs, they can still suffer from various health issues. Diagnosing them early will prevent further complications, so if you have the resources to bring him to the clinic weekly or monthly, do so without hesitation. If not, a yearly visit will still make a positively huge difference compared to a dog who has not seen a vet at all. 

Form a Genuine Bond

Emotional health also impacts a dog’s motivation to live. Make sure you have enough time to spend with your lifelong best friend! Take him out for a walk or play a game of fetch with him to keep his happiness at a high level each day. Dogs that are close with their humans will ultimately live longer. When they are stressed, they will find comfort from their family, therefore, easing their pain and discomfort. 

Store Away Hazardous Objects

Being careful about storing dangerous objects and hazardous chemicals is one thing owners should bear in mind too. In choosing toys for your Cane Corso, make sure they won’t cause choking hazards. Go for larger toys to be on the safer side. Moreover, detergents and other liquids considered to be harmful must be out of reach. Limit your dog’s space through training him or putting barricades.