Do Cane Corsos Like to Swim? 4 Ways to Make Them Like It!

Being natural swimmers, Cane Corsos definitely don’t just like but love swimming! They are one of the most athletic breeds, therefore, paddling and splashing around in the pool or river won’t seem like an exhausting daytime activity. With their owners’ consent, they might decide to swim for hours, especially during summertime when they need to cool off.

However, is this the case for every Cane Corso? If so, how would you be able to make him like the feeling of being in the water? All that and more below!

Are Cane Corsos Good Swimmers?

Some people might think that the size of the Cane Corso might pose a challenge in keeping himself afloat in the water. Contrary to this misconception, the massive strength of this Italian Mastiff paired with proper swimming lessons can make him not just a good swimmer, but an excellent one.  

Undoubtedly, this big boy responds well to several pieces of training when it is done in a good way. With the right type of owner, firm and authoritative, your expectations from him will be duly met. Let’s not also forget that the American Kennel Club (AKC) puts this Mastiff breed under the group of working dogs. He will take swimming as a sort of “task” he’ll truly enjoy. 

4 Ways to Make a Cane Corso Like Swimming

Every Cane Corso has a unique response to almost anything. In the case of swimming, it’s possible that your puppy might end up ditching the pool scene in a jiffy. Avoid this early on by following these 4 simple easy ways to make your pet instantly fancy swimming:

Let Him Start at a Young Age

This is always the first essential step after adopting your Cane Corso puppy. During puppyhood, the dog will exhibit a teachable attitude and owners need to take advantage of this. Subject him to important routines and lessons you would want him to remember until he grows up. 

With that, introduce him to a shallow tub of water and let him realize how fun it can be to play with it. Not only are you letting him enjoy a certain moment, but you’re also instilling a valuable life lesson for your beloved pet. Each year in the United States, thousands of dogs end up becoming the victims of drowning. But, with a skilled swimmer such as the Cane Corso, you won’t have to worry about his safety at all.

Practice in a Kiddie Pool

One primary thing you must avoid is traumatizing your Cane Corso. Introducing the water can be a make-or-break experience for him, so be sure not to rush the process. A kiddie pool is one of the best grounds for dogs who are still learning how to swim. You have all the control in whatever might happen and you can help him in figuring out how to balance his body and paddle in the water. 

You can gradually increase the difficulty such as causing waves only if you see him progressing in learning.

Give Him Treats

Let your Cane Corso earn treats through performing tasks. Also, he will associate swimming with receiving positive rewards, so the next time you ask him to go with you to the pool, you won’t be facing a reluctant dog, but rather an excited canine who would even try to get to the pool before you!

Of course, regulate the number of treats you throw at him once in a while, so that his weight won’t be negatively affected. Other forms of rewards include praises and affection.

Have Fun in the Water!

One thing you should take note of is that Cane Corsos can be notoriously hard-headed. Whenever you are both in the pool, make sure he’ll actually enjoy the moment! A bored dog will have no motivation to move nor follow what you ask him to do. Throw his favorite ball in the water and let him retrieve it!

For How Long Can a Cane Corso Swim in the Water?

This largely depends on the level of stamina your Cane Corso has. Remember, each dog may exhibit different activity and energy levels, so be sure to consider these aspects. Additionally, if your Cane Corso is a good swimmer, expect him to last around 20 to 25 minutes in the pool. Avoid leaving him there for too long or this can cause detrimental effects.

If it is your dog’s first time to actually have a longer time in the water, start with a short duration first. You can let him swim around for 5 minutes and then 10 minutes the next day. This will gradually condition his body and develop more endurance.

3 Reasons Why a Cane Corso Loves Being in the Water

Most dogs we encounter love being in the water! In the case of a Cane Corso, it is worth questioning why he’s very fascinated by it. Here are 4 reasons why:

He’s Buoyant for a While

With a mass that can reach over a hundred pounds, moving can be hard work for him. This causes certain limitations. However, if he’s in the water, this massive dog can move freely! He’ll forget about his weight and mainly focus on enjoying his time in the pool.

It Helps in Mental Stimulation

Swimming has various benefits for anyone. Help your dog relieve mental stress by letting him go into your pool. This also helps in stimulating him, therefore, keeping him preoccupied. If he suffers from arthritis, this is a surefire way to help him forget about the pain for a while. 

It Keeps Him Fit and Active

The feeling of being weightless in water doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t exert much effort in swimming. Being in the water activates and improves his muscles and joints which is great for his overall health. 

What to Consider Before You Let a Cane Corso Swim

It’s all fun and games with your Cane Corso until a mishap happens. Do your best to avoid accidents by following certain precautionary measures before letting him swim freely in a body of water. Check what these are below:

Avoid Getting Him Too Exhausted

Limit your Cane Corso’s swimming time. If he ends up getting worn out, he will not be able to get out of the water at the time he needs to. This is highly unsafe, so be meticulous about time and make sure he’s never out of sight.

He Has to Be Supervised

One thing an owner should never do is to leave their dogs alone. More precautions must be made if your pet is playing in a river or beach. Various kinds of dangers and currents can put your dog’s safety at risk, so have someone trusted to watch over him if you can’t.

Stay Away From Unfamiliar Waters

As much as you can, stick with safer places. Unfamiliar bodies of water have possible dangers that can jeopardize your entire trip with your Cane Corso. If you are both swimming in the sea, poisonous snakes might be swimming around with you. In the river, sharp rocks and strong currents will be your dog’s foes.