Do Beagles Like to Swim?- Guide Into Making Them the Best Swimmers

So you own a Beagle, and for any particular reason, you haven’t tried to bring him on the beach, lake, or pool for his entire life. Now, you’ve seen a Golden Retriever enjoying & having the time of his life in the water. As a beagle parent, you wonder, Does my Beagle likes to Swim or Do Beagles, in general, like to Swim?

The definite answer is this:

Beagles don’t hate swimming because they can swim. However, they don’t fancy swimming as well. Some dogs are natural swimmers, but Beagle isn’t one of them. However, there are instances that they can swim when they realize they are not on the surface. They will try to swim and get used to it afterward. Others need to have training in swimming to prevent them from drowning. 

Do Beagles Like Water?

Yes & No. Why? Because there are beagles who love water, and there are beagles that don’t like water. Many people have claimed that their beagle enjoys water, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they love swimming; they love being wet or playing in the rain. Others have claimed as well that their beagle hates to be in the water. They even try to get their toys in the kiddie pool, but their beagle takes a nap instead. 

Beagles are dogs that are bred to be hound dogs. The very purpose and core objective on why these dogs were bred was to run & chase in the land. They are not water dogs but very prey-oriented dogs. Compared to these following animals that according to American Kennel Club, were the ones that are born with the love for water and are excellent swimmers:

  • Labrador
  • Spaniel
  • Boykin Spaniel
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Spanish Water Dog 
  • Standard Poodle
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Otterhound
  • Basset Hound

These are a few of the breeds that will enjoy that summer beach trip of yours. Anyhow, you can’t just abandon your beagle for another dog breed just because it isn’t a natural swimmer. This article will give you ideas on how to get your beagle to have the most fun swimming in the water.

Why do Beagles Hate Water?

There are other causes as to why your beagle hates water. It could be a traumatic experience; the lake & beach is unfamiliar to them, that’s why they are afraid or they are anxious dogs. Like most of the dog breeds existing in the world, Beagles have their personalities. The things that are true and acceptable to the other dog might not be a similar experience for the other one. Thus, we have to consider all other causes that make your beagle hate bodies of water.

1. Traumatic Experience

Remember it’s beagle puppy days, and ask yourself if your dog encountered a traumatic experience. Specifically on the body of water, making it the apparent reason why your dog steers clear for any warm water swimming activity in your home.

It doesn’t have to be an impactful trauma because as simple as taking a bath, with them not liking the experience and feeling being forced to be in the water is acceptable. It’s either they got trapped in the water for floods or stayed wet during the heavy rain, and they already considered it a bad experience.

2. Unfamiliar Surroundings

Another particular reason they hate water is that these water bodies are not familiar to them. Possibly this is the first time they’ve seen, smell, and felt it. The beagle might think that this is harmful to them.

3. Anxious Dogs

There are naturally anxious dogs, so they don’t try to do any new activities, because of fear. This is part of their personality & identity; it’s best not to force this type of beagle but to accompany and guide them the entire time.

Swimming for Beagles

Beagles are active breed dogs and love the outdoors. These canines are also fun, affectionate, and loving. They love to have constant activity & plenty of exercise. However, beagles could be stubborn and not too obedient because they are hound dogs. Meaning,  they are dog breeds that are for hunting while using scent trails.

How to know if your Dog can Swim

You can test if your dog knows how to swim by putting him on shallow water and allowing him to swim independently. Always keep in mind that beagles may not bear to swim. Thus you have to be there and support your beagle. Once they are on the water, observe if your beagle starts to dog-paddle. If not,  and he starts to drown, then it’s best to train your beagle how to swim because swimming has excellent benefits for them.

When should I train my beagle?

Train your beagle while it is still a puppy. Puppies are more flexible in learning new things. This practice will allow them to be a strong swimmer in the future. However, if you have an adult beagle, then training is a must for them. 

How to Train Beagles to Swim

If you have the patience and determination to train your dog how to swim, then start with the following steps:

1. Buy a Life Jacket

Since prevention is always better than cure, buy a life vest fit and able to withstand your beagle’s weight.

2. Find a Place to Train

You need an excellent place to start training with your dog. It’s either a pool, in a lake or a nearby beach. But if these places aren’t near, then best start with a kiddie pool so that the beagle will overcome the feeling of unfamiliarity.

3. Let them go near the water

Now that you’ve found a perfect place for your beagle’s training. Bring your beagle with its dog life jacket and let your dog explore the site and the water. Observe how your dog will react and if you see that he is not interested, then best not to force your dog. You need to have a lot of patience because it might take a while, and you might need to go back to the beach or the lake a few times. 

4. Playtime during Bath Time

As you continue to let your dog be familiar with water, you can make bath times at home more fun and enjoyable as well. Most beagles don’t like water, making them hesitant and uninterested in swimming. Incorporate bath times with yummy treats and toys. This bath time will build thought in your beagle’s mind that it’s fun to stay and play in the water.

5. Accompany your Dog

The essential thing you could give to your beagle is support. While your dog is now comfortable in the water, you can join your beagle and let the dog swim to go near you. It will boost the beagle’s confidence because they are sure that you can help when things get wrong.

6. Teach them how to Swim

Beagles might panic when swimming without a life jacket as they will not float. They can’t continue wearing it because you have to make them learn how to swim. At the start, they will panic and will try to move their feet, wanting to get out of the water. But water doesn’t work that way. Keeping them do it will lead them to sink because of the panic and by only moving the front feet. The goal is to let the front and rear feet paddling. Support your beagle’s tail side so that he will move his hind feet. Do this repeatedly until he learns to swim with its front and rear feet.

7. Bring Rewards

Teaching is most effective when the students get a delicious reward. Have a treat for your dog for a job well done. 

8. Toys to Chased

Because beagles like to run and chase, bring the toys and throw them in the water to go paddling without realizing that he is swimming. It will make your beagle an excellent swimmer.

9. Bring a Model

You can always bring a dog that is an excellent swimmer that will motivate and inspire your beagle to have fun, swim, and play in the water.

10. Teach Water Commands

If you repeatedly say a command with a treat, your beagle will eventually catch up. Say authorities like “Shore” to let him understand he needs to go to the shore. It could be “swim” to know that it’s time to swim or “Not swim” because the water might be dangerous.

Safety Precautions in Training

You can’t just train your dog and not be aware of the following precautions:

  • Don’t leave your Beagle unattended around the Lake or Pool.

Possible accidents might happen, and we don’t want to lose our loving beagles. As a dog owner, you must be responsible.

  •  Don’t Overtrain

Keep training short because, as beginners, they will get exhausted quickly. 

  • Don’t let Beagles drink Pool Water

The pool contains chemicals that can harm your dog. While training, also make it a habit to provide drinking water for the beagle.

  • Don’t prank your Dog.

Sometimes it’s fun to let your beagle think that you are drowning for them to save you, but it’s a big no, no! It might harm your beagle, and we don’t want that.

  • Don’t forget the Life Vest & the Sunscreen.

At the beginning of the training, always bring a life jacket. Also, to protect the beagle’s coat, apply some sunscreen.

  • Avoid waters with strong Currents.

Not advisable to humans, how much more on beagles. Stay on the calm and warm water wherein it is safe to swim and there’s no danger.


Benefits of Swimming for Beagles

Beagles can get a lot of benefits from swimming. That is why they should learn and enjoy this skill.

  • Effective Exercise

Swimming is a full-body workout that is fit for beagles that love to exercise. The ten minutes of swimming is equivalent to 30-40 minutes of walking, and this is a great exercise to keep your beagle’s respiratory and cardiovascular system healthy. It is practical and will prevent heart and lung problems on your beagle.

  • Stay away from Obesity

Obesity is widespread in dogs. Beagles can be obese even though they are known to be active breeds. Swimming can help maintain your beagle’s weight. Also, it will keep them in better shape because the exercise can make them lose extra pounds.

  • Health Benefits

Swimming regularly will offer a lot of health benefits. Swimming can strengthen your beagle’s muscles. Help improve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Also, it is accessible on the joints and bones. Perfect for dogs with arthritis and other joint problems.

  • Rehab for Injuries

Swimming is a great help to rehabilitate your beagle’s injuries and help them gain strength and recover.

  • Relaxation

It is essential to take the heat away from your dog when summer days are present. One way to do that is through swimming. It will offer coolness and relaxation for you and your beagle.

  • Bonding & Adventure

The ultimate benefit of swimming is your bonding and playtime with your dog. You can now go on an adventure without the fear of beagles being afraid to drown in the water.

Drawbacks OF Swimming

  • Exhaustion

Your beagle will feel exhausted and can only stay swimming in the water for 10 minutes.

  • Drowning

Drowning is an accident that will occur when you force your beagle to swim while panicking and when you leave your dog unattended. Thus, you must be knowledgeable for pet first aid to revive beagles that got drowned. In addition, have your vet’s phone number saved on your phone.

  • Skin problems.

Chlorine, seawater, and algae can cause damage to your beagle’s skin; thus, you have to be careful in washing your dog’s coat after a tiring swimming activity.

  • Ear Infection

Your beagle will probably experience this because of the beagles floppy ears. It’s best to check your beagle’s body and check for infections after swimming.

The misconception of the idea that all dogs can swim is proven wrong through this article. Not all dogs can swim, Yet even though dogs like beagle can’t swim, they can learn swimming as a skill. As a dog parent, you need to have the determination and extra patience to train your beagle how to swim and love water.